2 Years after the release of "Klingon Academy II: The General War" comes a multiplayer/instant action expansion, "Klingon Academy II: Empire at War". KA2: EAW takes the enhanced combat gameplay of KA2: The General War and adds a rich, detailed 'Empire Building' element to it. No longer can you quickly build up your forces. Now you must dedicate time and resources to research and development. This detailed system of hull, conversion packs, systems, weapons and other miscellaneous research also sheds light on the backstory behind KA2. Learn about the Klingon Empire designs her warships, how the Federation developed the massive Yamato Class, and discover the history of the Interstellar Concordium and the Tholian Assembly. Each side has an expanded set of ship classes, and a mysterious new power has entered the galaxy. The Federation's worst fears are about to be realised...

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I enjoyed looking at this.

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Ahh, the ever changing world of Star Trek. Anyway, like the look of this version.

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SquireJames Author

Yeah, I looked at my last version the other day (done several years back) and realised that it needed a bit of a redo even if it was just tidying up the graphics. I decided to change some of the geography a little too, again just to tidy up. I'll upload a circa 2364 version later, but I already added a few "Lost Era" and TNG landmarks here. Notice Narendra, Foxtrot Alpha, Devron, Wolf 359 etc.

Oh also, small note. In "my" view of this universe, Enterprise never happened. Not because I hate the series, but because it just doesn't fit in with the SFB/SFC feel. I've gone with the Starfleet Museums view of events, so basically if you want to know what happened prior to 2266 in this universe, read up on the Starfleet Museum :)

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Since they make so many references to First Contacts modified first contact, I look at Enterprise as a sequel to TNG and a prequel to a different Original Series... just my view anyway. :-p awesome BOP map!


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Not intended to be considered "canon" in any way at all, and readily violates it in several ways, but anyway here is how I envisage the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as of 2292 (actually I lie, it's more circa 2289, just before the ISC War of Pacification)

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