New Menu Options (1.0 Release) The new menu options will allow you to turn double jump on and off, and also set the time it takes to earn a point. This can be found in the gametype's rules tab. A semi new hud. Features less cluttered space, and new textured interface. The chat system is modified to be located in the top left corner of your screen, and now public messages are all one color, while team messages appear as your team's color. The new enemy notification system moved the enemy's name to the upper part of your screen, instead of the middle. It also changes the color from green to red. And it says Enemy: at the start. It will also beep when your aimer is over an enemy, and is a lot more accurate, as it goes away as soon as you take your crosshair off the enemy. This lets me take out the annoying shoulder lights. The physics have greatly changed, and it was made to be more realistic this time, slightly slowing the player, taking out double jump and double dodge. It...

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1.2 Released.

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—————Updates from 1/30/03————— · 2 New maps · Changed welcome message · MISC bug fixes and tweaks, very small ones —————Updates...

King of the Hill: HQ - 1.0 Released.


The release of 1.0 is here. Thanks for all the feedback from the Public Beta 3 testing. You may go to the mod's profile and download it now!

Progress Report 2.


First of all, I dropped the online tab idea, because I believe the next ut2003 patch isn't too far off. Now that thats out of the way, here is whats goin...

Progress Report.


First, I updated the About Mod section to detail all the newly planned features. Also added were various freshly taken screenshots so be sure to scope...

Upcoming 1.0 Features.


The two main features I have added have to do with the menu. These are the ones I will talk about here. The rest of the bug fixes and tweaks will be explained...

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