Killteam is a 5 player co-op hero defense mod similar in concept to The Last Stand. A group of 5 heroes must survive 40 randomly generated waves of progressively increasing difficulty and overcome powerful bosses to survive.


  • Up to 5 player co-op
  • 18 custom heroes
  • New models and textures
  • New abilities
  • Randomly generated waves
  • Boss fights
  • Customizable difficulty
  • Playable on any map, including any custom ones you wish to download or create
  • Simple drag and drop installation. Does not replace any default files.
  • Use the Steam group to find people to play with, now with over 300 members!

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The three phase seer council boss has been added and a video of the fight has been uploaded describing how it works. This boss fight comes at wave 41, replacing the librarian boss fight which is now at wave 21, so you'll now have two boss fights to mix things up between the waves.

Shuma, who does most of the custom models for the mod, has come up with a fantastic looking chaplain, who, in addition to a tactical space marine from the "angry marines" chapter, will be the next two heroes to join the roster.

Not only did Shuma make a model for the chaplain in power armor, he also made one wearing terminator armor:

The terminator version of the chaplain will either be added alongside the power armor version or, if not, during the version immediately after.

For those looking to find others to play the mod with, the Steam group now boasts over 300 members:
The group privileges are public, so any member can schedule events.

Killteam v1.72

Killteam v1.72

Full Version 6 comments

Added the Chaplain, fixed some bugs with the Seer Council fight and tweaked some heroes. Full details included in change log. Killteam is a 5 player co-op...

Killteam v1.71

Killteam v1.71

Full Version 1 comment

Killteam is a 5 player co-op hero defense mod similar in concept to The Last Stand. A group of 5 heroes must survive 40 randomly generated waves of progressively...

Killteam v1.7

Killteam v1.7

Full Version 0 comments

Killteam is a 5 player co-op hero defense mod similar in concept to The Last Stand. A group of 5 heroes must survive 40 randomly generated waves of progressively...

Killteam v1.62

Killteam v1.62

Full Version 7 comments

Killteam is a 5 player co-op hero defense mod similar in concept to The Last Stand. A group of 5 heroes must survive 40 randomly generated waves of progressively...

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ok now that i have played the mod as well as DoW2 i'd like to add on to what i said/correct it.
1.Wraithlord with wraithcanon/sword wargear choices
2.Though it isnt really a normal hero Tyranid Guardian with abillities as follow:
-Bunker down (major reduce in damage taken (heal)
-distracting bunker (major reduce in damage taken *larger than first
skill, with a stronger heal and taunts everything within a large
vicinity for the duration.
-Charge (rush through a number of enemies with a small aoe knockback
at the end as well as knockback to anything it hits.
-seismic roar (stun and damage aoe *same as hive tyrant)
-Seismic stomp (strong forward damage ability *similar to captain)
-Biobomb(charges up and after 5 seconds guardian bunkers down and
emits a massive aoe doing damage over 3 seconds before coming out
-Will of the hive (Heals Guardian for 30% of its health, increases
its speed by 50% as well as it's damage output, increases attack
rate by 20% and reduces damage taken by 50% for 15 seconds
Still think deff dredd would be cool, but chaos dreadnought might be
unnecessary because of the roll the ven. dread. takes
* im not going to go into detail about wraithlord because iv obviously taken up too much space. I just wanted to cover Guardian cuz Tyranid are teh bomb!..and need to be covered

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i know people will hate on me for this. but could you make necrons both as a hero and as an enemy?

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no hate bro, but it would be really hard to add in necrons,because nothing really exists for them in DoW2 and even if they did it would take them forever to develop the models, animation, and what nots for them. You might have to wait till the expansion which features them come out if u want to see em

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idk if this means anything, because i havent played dow2 or this mod, but here are some suggestions to build on
1. For those who wish for tyranid heroes unless they are part of the
waves try basing a hero off of a tyrant guard, being that it is big
and tanky aoe and cone based knock back abilities might be the best
as well as that regenerative ability where he hunkers down except a
mobile version.
2. Wraithguard/lord combo with an abillity to switch between sword and
wraithcannon, another could be a speed increase, attack rate
increase, a cone attack (based on weapon), a self repair, an aoe
channeled damage reducer/heal.
End note: these are just some skeleton ideas which can be built up on, but when i do get the game and dl this mod i'd very much like to see a wraithbeing because i love them. Also a death dred and chaos/ normal dreadnought (cant tell in the pic) should be added deff dredd tough cqb with mainly damage abilities and a few or a ranged attack. and the dreadnought should be a ranged tank with some cqb abilities for when enemies close in.

Apologies for taking up so much of your comment space

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Pleeaaase, can we get an imperial guard hero and a ranged dreadnaught... PLEASE! :P

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I might have an idea for a Tyranid Hero:
Tervigon: buffer (using carnifex model with Crushing claws and Scything Talons)
In the tabletop the Tervigon got some psychic powers which it uses to buff other fighters. It can use Catalyst to give Feel No Pain to a squad making it tougher and by use of Onslaught it can increase the movement speed of a squad. If a Tervigon has Adrenal Glands or Toxin sacs it will pass the effects unto termagants around him. Also the Tervigon is capable of spawning termagants.In the tabletop the Tervigon got a Toughness of 6 and 6 wounds (if this says anything to you) making it a very though character.

Hope you can use this idea.
Excuse me for my english.


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im getting that "no range" problem, however, the only other ucs file i have is the base one for english dow2. i have no idea how to go about this, but i will keep trying. any help would be nice.

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nevermind, your guys instructions were perfect. im im dumb. thanks for the great mod.

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Well,I downloaded it fryday and I have played during the weekend and yesterday. My opinion is....... "6/10" no more, no less.
Its fun, right but... Sometimes 40 waves can be tedious and Boss is way too hard in comparision to other waves. In adition I'm a tyranid fan so I'm not precissely glad for Marines having 5 heroes and 2 more on the way and the great devourer without a lone character. Thats why I think 6 is an adecuated note. And here come the advices:
1)Selectable number of waves
2)Nerf that librarian boss a little!
3)Some Tyranid heroes, have you thought on Alfa warrior? In tabletop its a good and versatile commander
4)Heroes in the selected color thats it not grey techmarine, black "relic" marine, or green plague lord

Review by Zeromus

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oneproduct Creator

I understand what you're saying about the lack of Tyranid heroes. It's something I intend to include at some point but there are just some things about Tyranids that make it harder to make heroes for them. Firstly, there's not really a way to make them stand out from enemy Tyranids since you can't really customize their appearance and there aren't any custom models for them. Secondly, when it comes to Tyranid abilities you basically get things related to acid/slime/poison/etc or summoning, so it's hard to design solely around that (though I plan to make one based around exactly this at some point). They also can't realistically fill out some more specific roles, like spell caster or healer like the Librarian or Apothecary can, basically the other races have more flexibility because they have access to technology and a greater variety of psychic powers.

Most of the heroes are space marines and chaos because that's what people tend to like, and the modeler who is responsible for most of the stuff in the mod (he doesn't work on the mod team, he's independent) had a lot of custom stuff for these two races and I tend to make new heroes based on whatever new models he releases.

The Iron Warrior is grey because those are his chapter colors while the Plague Lord is green for similar reasons. I only tend to force colors onto heroes when it's a part of their persona, except for the Relic force commander was mostly just for fun. However I don't necessarily find that coloring a hero a specific color is bad. I intended to let people customize the number of waves awhile ago but because of how the code is right now it would take some work to fix that up but I do hope to get that in sometime. If things are tedious or too easy, you can always up the difficulty. Things become a lot more interesting when you disable leveling, increase hero vulnerability to about 120% and enemy vulnerability down to 80%.

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