Killing Floor is a survival horror total conversion set in London, England. In a laboratory under the city, a series of human experiments in cloning and biological augmentation are being conducted by the employees of "Horizon". Horizon is a BioTech corporation formerly employed by the government to do the R&D on a top secret series of synthetic combat drugs which would enhance the effectiveness of soldiers in the field. Horizon's funding was cut, when their practices were deemed too immoral even for such a controversial project, but the research didn't stop. Funded by private money from the deep pockets of Horizon chairman and research scientist Kevin Clamely, tests continued in a more...private location. That was until something went wrong. There were reports that the lab had been comprimised; that the subjects were behaving abnormally...then, silence. Several days later, twisted shapes began to emerge from the confines of the lab into the city above.

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Killing Floor 2.51 is on the horizon! A "Boss" enemy is in the works! Donations are now being accepted! Donation "perks" announced :)

Posted by AJ_Quick on Sep 14th, 2008

Well, it's been a couple months since the release of 2.5, but Marco(.:..:), Zynthetic and Myself (Alex) have been hard at work on updating content, adding features, and correcting the bugs and issues that were present with the last version.

I think we've been pretty successful in all those areas.
This is NOT a release post, just a heads up / update to let you know that Killing Floor is *still* in development, and that the 2.51 patch will be coming out soon.

For a frequently updated log of the fix / additions check this thread over at the forums.

one of the major additions for the 2.51 patch is the new "boss" enemy nicknamed "The Patriarch". You can find more info about this badass over at the forums.

In other news !

over at the site there is now a "donation" button. Hopefully it speaks for itself. But there may be abit of ambiguity about certain details, so i'll clarify here -

If you're a fan of the mod, or you've played it before and enjoy it i sincerely hope you decide to show your appreciation. To those who donate, there are "perks!"

To clarify --> You are not BUYING the "perks" which accompany larger donations. So if you receive the content stated, and it doesnt impress you , or isn't what you thought it would be - That's not my problem. Donations are just that. Money freely given to show that you are a fan of the mod , and you appreciate the time and effort that has been put into continuously making it better. You can donate one dollar , or one hundred. That's your call. That having been said, if you are at all intrigued by the notion of receiving extra "goodies" to make KF even cooler, well.... maybe you should have a look at the Donations page, and err on the side of a larger donation ;) To whet your appetite, here is an image of a high-definition version of the "Clot "enemy for generous donors who reach the "Character Pack" donation bracket. More high resolution enemies / characters will be completed for this "pack" .

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Darkenneko Sep 14 2008 says:

Amazing new High Resolution stuff Alex, its amazing.
I'm looking forward to finally reaching the age of Donating. Its well worth it.
Anyways You and Marco are doing a Amazing Job keep up the great work man!

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Squeebo Sep 14 2008 says:

Love this mod! That boss concept looks sweet... Must kill it.
I don't really have any constructive critism or anything. Sorry.

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Mischa_Silden Sep 14 2008 says:

Great mod but it still needs more objective based maps like the hive. And I'm not going to donate before I know how the system works. (I'm not trying to sound bitchy but I want to know do I really get what I'm supposed to as a donator)

Anyway, it's a great mod and don't stop climing the mountain even if you have already reached to the top :)

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Arxae Sep 15 2008 replied:

ooh great advice :D
but mischa is right, what do we get when we donate
i mean, "perks" is just to general
dropping money when pressing the use button is a perk to :p

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Gregs2k2 Sep 15 2008 replied:

If you go to and click on 'donate' you'll get a window that gives you a gauge on what you get for donating certain amounts. Simple.

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zynthetic Sep 15 2008 replied:

I think you must be confusing "donate" with "purchase". Nothing is for sale.

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suurikikkeli Sep 16 2008 replied:

Donating is giving without expecting anything in return.
Offering something in return and even setting limits for it ("gimme £20+ or I won't give you this free thing") is mockery of the concept.
Though I do understand the legal background of the situation. KillingFloor easily has graphics and polish worth an small independent game, but since it's tied with UT2004 and Epic's licenses they can't really sell it. Heck, even claiming ownership is a tricky deal since Epic's EULAs probably say things like "all mods for UT2004 are property of Epic and Epic has unlimited right to redistribute all of it."
Nevertheless, I'll be "donating" once 2.51 is out. I Wouldn't like to miss the goodies. :-)

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Gregs2k2 Sep 15 2008 replied:

Not much to say on the donation system really. It's basically your way of saying you appreciate the hard work and countless man hours that have gone into making the mod. And in return, Alex is showing he appreciates the token by giving back HD content to people who donate a certain amount. That's all there is to it.

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NullSoldier Sep 14 2008 says:

God I hope all the bugs are fixed, including all the inventory bugs where you can pick up infinite items, and being able to light up entire rooms by forcing the flash light decal to stay creating duplicates.

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Gregs2k2 Sep 15 2008 replied:

Yes, all fixed.

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BunnyKinx Sep 15 2008 says:


love the idea of donations. i may donate my self. but i want to know is it possible that you exaplain what makes this legal. I created a mod for UT99 "banned mod" and accepted donations (for no extras) and was told by many many people to close it down as its illegal.

I really think donations should be alowed. and I really hope you do make a little bit of cash for all your hard work.

I just wanna know (for a mod im making) where the line is drawn.

thanks :)

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AJ_Quick Author Subscriber
AJ_Quick Sep 15 2008 replied:

The mod is free.

There is no payment being received for the game proper (including work based on epic's source). Donations are freely given, with no fixed amount enforced. Any "benefits" (which might legally be seen as purchases) are 100% artwork created by myself and have nothing to do with epic or unreal engine. Think of it as tipping a street painter.

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MrTambourineMan Sep 15 2008 says:

Thumbs up, great additions for one of the best mods ever.

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myles Sep 15 2008 says:

Ahh cool, you really should update the mod webpage on your ModDB profile :)

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Dra6o0n Sep 15 2008 says:

Will the boss have certain special moves? Like he will grab you or an ally and you gotta do enough damage to drop them? If he can do some sort of special moves like that, then it would push the game more to teamwork.

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suurikikkeli Sep 16 2008 replied:

Well, judging from the flamethrower-like weapon in the patriarch's hand the thing he'll drop isn't going to lift the team spirit. It's more likely to cause brown trousers time.

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Gregs2k2 Sep 16 2008 replied:

Brown trouser time indeed!

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DOLBYdigital Nov 30 2008 says:

Gah this mod devoured my soul for the last 5 months. I finally pulled myself away and now you are pulling me back in ;)

I was unaware of the donation system but I will donate since you have created something very special. Glad to see that you are going to continue to build on this great game!

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Mr_Cookies Aug 4 2009 says:

It's the better mod ive seed in my life !
its beats every game and mod !
Its a classic and will not be forget it in the life of us !(and my life its so short !12 years !)
thanks for the mod,its the greatest mod !
just waithing for the 2.51 for beat the patriarch present in the retail and for the single player mode too !,i love this mod,so i buyed the retail too !
my note is : 11/10 excelent work,very well,GOOOOD NICE MOD !!!

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