A faction mod that adds a some new twists and a few throwbacks to the gameplay mechanics of Homeworld 1.

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Feb 28th, 2013
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Phew! Been quite some time since I've had a chance to work on this, but here's a new version. Quite a few changes have been made from the last version, which you'll find below. Happy Hyperspacing!

v0.41 Changelist:

  • Added additional explosion damage radii entries for ships
  • Added additional research and research prerequisites for a few ships
  • Added the cloaking probe:
    • Primary Sensor Range: 3km
    • Secondary Sensor Range: 6km
    • Cloaked Detection Strength: 4
  • Added higher-poly meshes for the UI blobs
  • Added the research ship which is required for all research
  • Added Hyperspace research requirement
  • Added an additional weapon upgrade for capital ships
  • Adjusted Paktu hyperspace effect slightly
  • Adjusted firing patterns and behaviors of many weapons
  • Adjusted price and build times for a few ships
  • Adjusted prices and build times for a few research entries
  • Adjusted several missile and torpedo attack families
  • Adjusted fighter fighting tactics; They will now break into squadrons of 4
  • Adjusted radar ranges and cloaked detection strengths for all ships:
    • Carrier, Dockyard & Research Ship:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 5km -> 3km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 6km
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 1
    • Scouts:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 8km -> 5km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 8km
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 2
    • Scanning Probes:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 9km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 9km -> 12km
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
    • Destroyers:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 2500m -> 1500m
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 3500m -> 3km
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
    • Frigates:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 5km -> 1km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 6km -> 1500m
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
    • Harvestors:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 1500m -> 1km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 2km -> 0m
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
    • Platforms:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 1km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 1km -> 0m
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
    • Vanguard:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 2km -> 1km
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 2km -> 0m
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
    • Fighters:
      • Primary Sensor Range: 500m
      • Secondary Sensor Range: 1km -> 0m
      • Cloaked Detection Strength: 0
  • Changed a few visual effects
  • Changed attack styles for destroyers
  • Changed defense field behavior for anti-munition platforms
  • Changed some AI construction behaviors, AI will now build platforms more often
  • Changed Scanning probe model, old model is now used for cloaking probe
  • Changed a few weaponfire effects
  • Changed global collision damage modifier to zero for time being
  • Enabled Friendly Fire for all ships
  • Fixed bug of Dockyard and Command ship SDWs not inflicting damage on enemy ships
  • Fixed low level-of-detail issues with Paktu capital ships
  • Hiigaran and Vaygr interceptors no longer show up on secondary sensors
  • Made some changes to the strikegroups menu and in-game gui
  • Modified the behavior of some subsystems and changed a few names
  • Overhauled collision meshes for all Paktu ships
  • Reduced armor penetration values for fighter missiles
    • Light: 0.95 -> 0.77
    • Medium: 0.83 -> 0.55
    • Heavy: 0.55 -> 0.12
    • SubSystem: 0.33 -> 0
    • Turret: 0.34 -> 0
  • Reduced improved manufacturing bonuses
    • Carrier: 60% -> 30%
    • Dockyard: 85% -> 30%
  • Ships will no longer fire before moving to clear obstructions from line of fire
  • Renamed a few things and overhauled some descriptions
  • Removed enhanced shaders for the time being
  • Switched Hyperspace Inhibitor Frigate to use a seperate class of missile instead of using the fighter class missiles; These new missiles are better geared for self-defense
  • Hyperspace Inhibitor Frigate will now properly deny hyperspace travel
  • Vastly improved parade formations for the Command Ship and Dockyard

Current Bugs:

  • Paktu AI will incessantly build rediculous amounts of Shipyards, making them near-invulnerable if left unchecked
  • Cloaking frigate animations currently do not work
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Kiith Paktu v0.41 Alpha
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moddlord1 Mar 1 2013 says:

waz up! much thanks

+1 vote     reply to comment
Forloftol Mar 1 2013 says:

Thank god the destroyers now move :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
BigFoot1 Mar 1 2013 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Hell_Diguner Mar 4 2013 says:

The AI seems to build tons of shipyards if it has excess resource units. This is an issue in vanilla HW2, and shows up in mods every now and then.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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