Explore the world and unravel the past. Keys tells of islands, painters, and pilots.

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This mod is great for people who like exploration/story-driven games like Dear Esther. I didn't really understand the story that well, but I felt that was the point-the developers did a good job at giving an ambiguous plot that could be translated by players to suit their own emotions and so they could find their own meanings. The music is superb and although the puzzles aren't particularly difficult, they do get the old grey matter working a little bit. I feel that the mod could benefit from voice-acting.
Overall, 8/10 for pretty water effects, a great experience and excellent score.
(P.S. the real 'keys' is still car-poral keys :D )

It was such a interesting experience. I had NEVER played anything like that before.

Just 10. Wow, that awesome, I've seen some what the f***, but at least, It's what the mod I prefere this year.

i have seriously have no idea what was happening in the mod, but the black and white scenes and the music is freaking awsome combo.
some subtitles are quite fast, and the mod is quite short.

What a spectacular conjure between game design, play-ability and narrative!

Although the final release feels rushed, with its poor transitioning, miss-spellings of English words, grammatical errors, environment design causing technical errors and the poorly executed suspense; 'Keys', for HL2 brings to the table a new and adventurous narrative that reflects that of a novel, or perhaps an off-hand book.

The isolated 2-points for this 8/10 score is due to the rushed final product, poor online representation and very bad product management.


TommyGun00 says

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I personally dislike these types of games. The story only surprised me that my character was actually dead, nothing else. I later just wanted to breeze through the mod so I wouldn't look back, sorry but this isn't my type of game and this is just my personal opinion.

I really loved this game, I mean really what's not to love about this game!! The story was pieced together throughout the game very creatively, the almost creepy vibe that I got though the game was a nice touch!


Rokth says

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This mod was amazing. Truly a uniquely crafted experience provided by talented developers of this mod. The plot, the music, the amount of work put in, I don't like tossing out 10's but 'Keys' deserved it. So many times playing through it I would say, "Well played developer, well played..." It worked my head with the light puzzling but so much more with the story. Thank you for this, Valve should hire you guys.

Brief but beautiful. This is exactly the kind of mod I love.

That's all. Now I just need to make the review 150 characters long for ModDB's stupid new rule.

Good mod, I saw some other opinions about a voice acting and I think It could really be great for the mod to have voice acting. But I really liked the mod, Some parts of the maps were abstract and the story was a bit complicated to understand. However it was absolutely worth the time playing this mod!

(Sorry for bad english,I'm from Argentina)

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