Commander Keen 10: Mirror Menace is the first part of the "Dimensional Chaos" trilogy following Keen 9: Battle of the Brains.
In this episode Commander Keen must fight his evil counterpart, Collapser Keen (aka Benny Blade), and save the defender of the mirror universe, Martinez McMeyer (aka the Grand Intelligence).

Misc. infos:

  • 11 levels (10 level + 1 unreachable)
  • new worldmap: Zenux
  • Artist(s): Szemi (and now Levellass as well)
  • Patching: Levellass

NOTE: version 1.0 will be uploaded immediately as that's already done, but we're working on version 1.1 due to some bugs and changes, moreover (for version 1.1) we'll make an external help file!

Mod Deleted

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