In 1993, a team of British scientists discovered a way of genetically incubating a dinosaur. Using a technique which involved extracting genetic material from viruses that had been around since the Jurassic Era, scientists found that they could create and breed dinosaurs. Once the scientists had proven their theory, they were quickly funded by a private organization called DinoTech. DinoTech was purely interested in the scientific benefits of the project, never planning on marketing the dinosaurs, nor did they ever contemplate creating a theme park. DinoTech decided that the best way to study dinosaurs was to let them roam in a natural environment, thus DinoTech constructed a base on a small Island of the coast of New Zealand called Malculey Island.

In 1997, construction was completed and new personnel began to arrive on the island. The founding scientists of the project had gone from a small team with great ideas, to an organization with even greater ideas. The island contained many facilities built for the scientists to study the dinosaurs. These buildings were isolated from the rest of the island by towering electric fences. The island was the most modern design of man to date, incorporating the most recent technology known. High-powered electric facilities, radar sensors, and life support systems were only a fraction of the islands capabilities.
By 2001, the scientists had created most dinosaurs known to man and began to not only watch and observe them, but also test them.

This afternoon, raptor broke out of a top security medical lab and escaped into jungle, killing several employees on his way. A few hours later, a majority of the velociraptors, roaming the island, started to behave in a demented fashion. Scientists suspect sabotage and food poisoning. They blamed worker incompetence, and low-level security. Security personnel accuses scientists of ressurecting a prehistoric virus. The sun has set, and all communication has gone offline...


Jurassic Rage is an episodic, team-based, dinosaur infested modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. We are undertaking the challenge to incorporate fun gameplay with a realistic world and an evolving storyline into one well-tested and balanced package released every 30 days. Every month a new version will be released, each one with as many new features as possible, exposing new story plots and allowing you to experience them ingame.

Fun and gameplay are top priority in JR:Evolution, therefore if some element isn't fun enough, we'll keep working on it until it will be good enough. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we will consider any and all ideas you post.

Jurassic Rage merges single-player and multiplayer. We have multiplayer gametypes that can be played like missions in a single player game, except that you can play them on any map that supports it, not just one. They are entrenched in the Jurassic Rage storyline, can be played both offline and online with, versus or without bots and real players. Evolution I contains the first "mission", next evolutions will contain more. Eventually you will be able to play the gametypes just like missions in a single player campaign, advancing from one to another.


Q: When will Jurassic Rage be released?
A: Every 30 days. Next release is on 20th December 2006.

Q: What kind of dinosaurs will there be?
A: We have plenty of dinosaurs modeled, though not all will make it into the final cut. Naturally you'll be hunted by several species of Raptor and stomped underfoot of Tyrannosaurus, and this will be accompanied by a diverse and interesting set of creatures to contend with.

Q: Can we play as dinosaurs?
A: Currently we have no plans to let players play as dinosaurs.

Q: What about the maps? What types will there be?
A: We hope to have several styles of maps, although the primary focus is on creating a vibrant and realistic jungle, teeming with life. In addition to this, we intend to have other designs such as gloomy internal areas, waterlogged caves or dusty coastal villages.

Q: And the weapons?
A: There'll be the usual assortment of handguns, sub-machine guns and automatic rifles. Jurassic Rage is set in the near future, so don't expect any pulse-blasters and light-shows!

Q: Why are there futuristic weapons in Jurassic Rage: Evolution I?
A: We decided that first evolution of Jurassic Rage will contain an fast-paced "arcade" version of the gametype, using Unreal Tournament 2004 weapons. The realistic weapons are about 80% ready, we're working hard on making them both realistic and fun to shoot. Future gametypes will be based on realistic weapons. Expect them in Jurassic Rage: Evolution II, coming out on 20th December 2006.

Q: When can we expect more content?
A: With every release. We have lots and lots of weapons, vehicles and dinosaurs nearing completion.


You can find a plethora of Jurassic Rage inspired fiction over at the writers' lounge in our forums

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We figured that since we've been kinda quiet lately, why not show off some of what is being accomplished for Evolution III. First thing you'll notice in this screenshot is we've really been kicking a load of custom vegetation, 88 models so far. This screenshot is also from a custom map that Switch is working on (when he's not programming) to suit our needs for Evo III's new features. What are these new features, well, you'll just have to wait and see.



8 years ago News 0 comments

Well, as many of you will already notice the link to the forums now leads to a different forum. This is due to our changing web hosts. We are now sponsored...

Jurassic Rage hits newstands in the UK!

Jurassic Rage hits newstands in the UK!

8 years ago News 0 comments

That's right, for those of you lucky enough to live in the UK you can swing on down to your local newstand and pick up this months copy of PCGamer...

eSportsTV Interview

eSportsTV Interview

8 years ago News 0 comments

eSportsTV has just posted an interview with Switch`. He hints at some things in evolution III so be sure to check it out! Here is the direct link to the...

Evolution III delayed

Evolution III delayed

8 years ago News 0 comments

We're sorry to anounce that we have delayed the Evolution III release. Due to personal and technical problems it's not possible currently to create another...

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Jurassic Rage: Evolution II ZIP (Manual Install)

Jurassic Rage: Evolution II ZIP (Manual Install)

9 years ago Full Version 0 comments

MD5: 5cf56473a906e5a2e480ec7a6311cadb This file is meant for Mac, Linux or dedicated servers. Everyone else should download the EXE installer instead:

Jurassic Rage Evolution II

Jurassic Rage Evolution II

9 years ago Full Version 7 comments

Jurassic Rage: Evolution II released ! It has been a day since the velociraptors broke out of their high-security pens from Medical Lab 2A. Security forces...

Gamers United Radio Interview with Jim Dow

Gamers United Radio Interview with Jim Dow

9 years ago Movies 0 comments

Jim Dow sat down with BlueWolf72 WooF Radio: Gamers United Radio Show for a quick interview about the project and recent release. Jim even released a...

Jurassic Rage:Evolution I

Jurassic Rage:Evolution I

9 years ago Full Version 4 comments

This is the installer for Jurassic Rage: Evolution I (for Unreal Tournament 2004 v3369). Please read the Readme for further instructions.

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kingofkong May 13 2007 says:

das anyone knows hwy the news posts don't appear any more there is always the same thing so weird

+1 vote     reply to comment
STRIKERALPHA May 8 2007 says:

Blaze hedgehog ever wonder why you think the mod sucks... maybe its because YOU SUCK

I rest my case

+1 vote     reply to comment
Switch` May 5 2007 says:

BlazeHedgehog: have you played it on one of the recommended maps? It's not very playable on some of the maps because of the problems you've mentioned, or because they're too big. Others can be solo'ed in survival mode (only one life) with some practice or finished in time.

Playing with team is harder, because players tend to make a lot of noise attracting more than usual raptors. You need to be stealthy or extremely proficient with guns and close combat evasion. Playing solo or with a friend or two is best in terms of stealth and firepower. I never play with AI team or large human team.

There shouldn't be any waves - raptors are spawned only once, before the game starts and kind of away from player starts. They shouldn't be running around either, unless they've heard/spotted you, or you killed most of them.

Evo I & II were designed to be beatable within timelimit by fps player with some experience and practice. The raptors can kill very quickly, but so can you, especially with JR firearms. The shotgun can kill at least 8 of them with one "clip", if you aim carefully. There's just not much time for hanging around and blasting in their direction. If your shots don't hit them, you will have to reload and that is fatal when raptors are nearby. Personally I tend to wait until the last moment before shooting. this makes aiming easier but there's no room for mistake and staying calm takes some practice.

Those raptors are very fast indeed, too fast for many players. We will include more adjustable difficulty settings in the next evolutions. In the meantime try BR-Slaughterhouse, solo and with JR weapons.

+1 vote     reply to comment
EvilSmiley May 4 2007 says:

6 or 7, man have some faith :) Good animations coming evo3!

As for the raptor speed, things like this are tweakable, they're settings we just have to play with. We actually appreciate feedback like this; mostly because it is hard to improve off of the same old feedback of 'omfg amazing' or whatever.

+1 vote     reply to comment
kingofkong May 4 2007 says:

sorry mi keyboard messed up :D now here is mi corrected post:

damn can't you guys understand that evo1 and evo2 are the first things the dev team managed to put in-game so don't expect good AI or incredible animations until evo6 or evo7!

+1 vote     reply to comment
kingofkong May 3 2007 says:

damn can't you guys understand that evo1 and evo2 are things are there first maneged so don't expect good AI or incredible animations untile evo 6 or evo7!

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlazeHedgehog May 1 2007 says:

I don't want to be a jerk. Really, I don't. I was anticipating this mod for the longest time, back before it made the jump to UT2004... and after downloading Evolution 2...

It's terrible. Granted, I only played it alone, but... the raptors move way too fast to aim at them. It would take a team of five guys just to survive two of those things, and that's taking in to account one or two guys would probably die playing bait while the rest of the team pumped away at it. Even Killing Floor, if I play my cards right, can be played alone, at least for a little while.

This, there's seemingly no hope. The wave starts, you hear them coming, you turn around just in time to see something pounce and you're already dead. No time to shoot, no time to even aim. Even if you got a shot off, chances are it wouldn't be enough to kill even one of the raptors making a meal out of your body.

Maybe the next version will be more fair. Again, I'm sorry. I don't want to sound rude, or inept or anything. This was the first mod I installed when I bought UT2004, and it was the first mod I uninstalled, too.

+1 vote     reply to comment
god_that_failed May 27 2007 says:

Quote:Blaze hedgehog ever wonder why you think the mod sucks... maybe its because YOU SUCK

I rest my case

Shut up, it's his opinion and he's entitled to it, and you have no right you stomp all over it because you've played the mod aswell.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Switch` Mar 30 2007 says:

Some obsolete virus scanners mark incorrectly any NSIS installers as infected. Maybe you have outdated virus scanner? If so, install latest updates and try again.

Here is a list of antivruses that used to do that:

+1 vote     reply to comment
EvilSmiley Mar 30 2007 says:

I just uploaded the uninstaller to an online virus scanning site (I'm uploading the installer right now, but it's 25mb so it'll take a bit longer). These are the results:

Scan taken on 30 Mar 2007 22:43:31 (GMT)
AntiVir Found nothing
ArcaVir Found nothing
Avast Found nothing
AVG Antivirus Found nothing
BitDefender Found nothing
ClamAV Found nothing
Dr.Web Found nothing
F-Prot Antivirus Found nothing
F-Secure Anti-Virus Found nothing
Fortinet Found nothing
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Found nothing
NOD32 Found nothing
Norman Virus Control Found nothing
Panda Antivirus Found nothing
Rising Antivirus Found nothing
VirusBuster Found nothing
VBA32 Found nothing

I'll post the results of the installer as soon as I get them. I don't think that this is where you got the virus dude, but we'll continue to look into it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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