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"The battles are furiously chaotic... This is NWN as I have never experienced before."

"Great storyline, cutscenes, dialogue. All round a great play." -morgwin

"Total crap." -Rndl99

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Imagine your heart slamming against your ribcage like a war drum as you sprint down a blurring path of screams and embers. White knuckles grip the sword in your hands, raised and battle-ready. Ahead of you, the squad of marines you were sent to rescue empties round after round against enemies the likes no human warrior has ever stood their ground against. Except you.

Your vision is split with the arrival of the silver edge of a war axe. You duck into a somersault, the blade whisking over your head by a fiber, and raise to face your enemy. The orc snarls at you through two mighty obelisks of fangs, and raises his axe for another blow. You react, a left hook to the orc's jaw knocks him off guard, and a stab to the side ignores the creature's armor. Another kill. But more mythical beasts surround you. This fight has just become a war.

Adrenaline races through your system, killing the fear and offering you cold hard instinct in its place. You await the first strike. A rakshasha is the first contestant, rushing at you with twin Fire Wheel blades. You try to act first with a stab, but the monster is quick, catching your sword between his blades and yanking it out of your hands. The rakshasha is foolish to think you're unarmed. You take advantage of his confidence, launching a low punch to the gut, followed by an uppercut to the chin as the rakshasha reels in retreat. A gnoll swings his halberd at your flank. You spin, grab the blunt end of the blade and yank the gnoll towards you, greeting him with the sole of your boot to his face. Stolen halberd in hand, you twirl and drive the crescent blade of the halberd through the skull of an advancing slaad. You try the same move on a towering ogre, but he catches the halberd with one mammoth fist and snaps the staff in pieces. The ogre struts towards you, unarmed save his fists. He heaves one heavy swing, but you duck and answer with a brutal hay-maker to his jaw. The ogre fills with rage, and flies at you in a viscous tackle. You shift your weight back and grapple with him, you and the ogre spinning along the ground until you end up on top with your left hand seizing the ogre's throat and your right fist hammering a flurry of blows, bashing the beast's nose into a bloody pulp.

You rise from the circle of defeated enemies, but your triumph is silenced in a flood of screams. Ahead of you, you observe with horror as a menacing black dragon descends upon the squad of weary marines. They fire at the monster with every weapon they have, but there's no stopping the torrent of flame the dragon pours onto those poor souls. All that remains are some ashen skeletons in burnt kevlar.

The dragon spots you, the last living human in a hundred yards, and digs its tree-trunk claws into the ground. It has chosen its next prey.

You gaze at the corpses of your fallen allies in the dragon's shadow, and a rage swells in your heart. You crack your knuckles and look the dragon dead in the eyes. You too, have chosen your prey.

This is the Dyarodian Era. This is the reality of fantasy.

July Anarchy Prologue is the first chapter of an epic urban-fantasy saga in which the real world is locked in a dire war with creatures of myth. You are a Nomad, somebody who takes the fight to the mythic horde by any means necessary. Your war has brought you to the uneasy American-Mexican border, where dragons are said to be making their way to the American city of San Antonio. What awaits you is a challenge like nothing you've face before, both physically and emotionally. Do whatever it takes to survive as you make your way through a massive real-time battle and piece together the beginnings of a terrifying conspiracy that threatens everything you once knew.

July Anarchy Prologue aims to change the gameplay of Neverwinter Nights as much as possible. Featuring a plethora of new content and one of the largest battles ever rendered in the Aurora Engine, this mod changes Dungeons And Dragons dice-rolling into a furious contest of survival in a completely new universe that combines fantasy, sci-fi and the modern world. If you have hated every NWN game you've played so far, this is the mod for you.


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2 comments by ABJECT_SELF on Feb 2nd, 2015

Way back in 2010, I put out a little-known mod for an old game called Neverwinter Nights. The engine was outdated and the community was evaporating, but still hundreds of man-hours went into this mod with the aim to do something completely different: take this notoriously hard-coded dice-rolling RPG and make a third-person action game out of it. With a concept based on an idea I had for a novel, the mod took the combined efforts of the D20 Modern content team, the CEP haks, and loads of new scripts to try to craft an experience unlike anything NWN had seen before. We had the dialogue, the sound effects, the music, the story, then we got to the battle and... kinda hit a wall.

To give you an idea of just what we were trying to attempt, let's look at how battles play out in regular Neverwinter Nights. You've got your character running down a hallway in an area that's mostly devoid of life until you step inside a special trigger called an "encounter", which creates a set of enemies randomly selected from a palette based on your level, your area, etc. You and your party mop up all 4-8 of these encounter enemies and go on your way until you trigger the next encounter and take out the next 4-8 scaled enemies. So battles are pretty much stop and go. Even in the areas where there are supposed to be massive battles going on, it's really just you walking over more encounter triggers than normal.

July Anarchy Prologue was designed from the start to be an all-out assault on the senses.

The point of July Anarchy Prologue's gameplay was to put a heavy-metal spin on the Neverwinter Nights formula. It would feature a battle that absolutely would not stop, with the screen constantly filled with enemies and allies duking it out all around you. The problem is, we were trying to build this in an engine that only recognizes single-core processors and can barely handle more than two-dozen characters onscreen. Originally we tried to get around this with huge triggers called "battle zones", that worked kind of similar to encounter triggers, with a few big exceptions. We weren't spawning 4 or 8 creatures, but closer to 30, on specifically-designated waypoints with each waypoint spawning its own creature of a different faction and strength index. So as soon as you enter this battle zone, all of a sudden you see a huge mob of monsters and soldiers start fighting each other, and every time one got killed, another would respawn after a short delay somewhere within or on the edge of that battle zone. And if the player leaves this battle zone, all spawned creatures are erased, clearing the table for the player's next visit.

Now, this was fun in small doses, but there were more than a few flaws with this system. For one, spawning so many creatures at once in the NWN engine causes massive frameskips no matter what CPU you have, so it became very obvious to the player exactly where these battle zones were. Second, leaving the zone erases all creatures which meant that anything chasing the player would vanish before their eyes, which kind of saps out the challenge, not to mention looks plain weird. Then we had a huge issue with enemies resorting to "spawn camping", where if one side gained a huge advantage over the other, they'd just dogpile on where new units spawn in and beat the hell out of them before they could taste fresh air. But the worst thing of all was that this system was predictable. The same number of enemies and the same number of allies would spawn in the same place every time you walked in range, and I hated that. I wanted a game that felt truly organic, something that would ebb and flow as you played through it, something that would surprise me even as I'm the one making it. And I think we finally got there.

Our new procedural-generation system allows for more units onscreen than NWN was meant to handle without dragging the engine down.

Introducing July Anarchy Prologue 1.3 REMIX edition. We're calling this the Remix because almost every single aspect of the mod has been changed or even entirely rebuilt, with a whole new spawn system and gameplay features that NWN has never seen before. Not only does 1.3 play so much better than any previous version of the mod, it plays so differently from standard NWN that it feels like you're playing a completely different game, thanks to some revolutionary new code that stretches the Aurora Engine to its limits.

The combat maps in 1.3 are larger, more detailed, and more optimized, giving you much more to do in them while running smoother than ever before.

First up, the spawning. As you can see, we completely eliminated the need for battle zones, spawn points, respawn points, the works. What we have instead, is a system that procedurally generates combat units wherever the player is on the map. If you tried the demo for the now-missing Celeritas Eos mod, you have some idea of what to expect, as the code for that game's procedural generation was a prototype for this. As you run around the battlefield, the new game script is finding valid places to spawn a new creature about 90 times per minute while simultaneously erasing units too far from the PC to matter anymore. So if you run from one end of the map to the other, you'll still find a screen full of characters fighting each other. This means that we're no longer just giving the impression that a huge battle is taking place, we're actually making one happen.

The biggest challenge that this new system brought was game balance. With the old "battle zone" system, it was simple to determine the challenge the player would face because we were creating creatures with specific strengths in very specific places. Now we have no idea what is going to spawn where. To combat this, we assigned each area a "budget" on the kind of creatures spawned inside it. The higher a creature's level, the more expensive it is for the area to spawn, and once the area's budget has been reached, no creatures that exceed it will be allowed in the area. For example, it "costs" an area the same amount to spawn one White Raptor Dragon or five Gnoll Warmongers, so you can encounter a handful of viscous dragons or an army of snarling gnolls, but not both at the same time.

"We really want to drive home the impression of a modern-fantasy universe with a grungy, late-90's MTV aesthetic."

You still have a choice of whether you want to participate in the battle or just accomplish your own objectives, but the previous versions really didn't offer much of a reward for helping out aside from XP points. In the REMIX edition, the player has an actual impact on the battle surrounding them, thanks to the introduction of territorial warfare. Scattered throughout the army base are special nodes called Command Zones that enemies and allies will fight over. These Command Zones function similarly to Control Points in a Battlefield game: the faction with the most units near it will gradually flip it over to their side. The twist is that these Command Zones also represent control over the entire base. The faction with the most Command Zones in their possession has the most units on the battlefield. If you go about capturing Command Zones from the enemy, you'll see more and more human allies fighting by your side. It's even possible to recapture the entire army base and eliminate the Mythans completely, for the first time in this mod! That's easier said than done though. Capturing a Command Zone on your own is almost impossible, so you'll want to team up with and protect your human allies if you want to have the manpower to capture territory.

Capturing and defending Command Zones is challenging, brutal, and a whole lot of fun!

Of course, territorial warfare isn't much fun without a good chunk of territory to fight over. Maps have been greatly expanded, some almost doubled in size, so there's a good number of command zones to capture before you make a dent in the enemy forces. And of course, you still have a two-hour time limit that decreases every time you get killed, which is even more of a pressing issue now that you have more to accomplish before the final battle. Rest assured, this is still a challenging game, and you're not likely to succeed on your first playthrough. However, version 1.3 eliminates as much of the unfair challenge as we could find. The Adrenaline system is still a key balancing component, but now we've removed the 100 AP cap on Adrenaline Rushes, which means you can build up above the maximum Adrenaline level, making Adrenaline Rushes last longer. There are also now regenerating supply boxes that can restore your health, ammo, and grenades just by walking into them. We even created an interactive training course that guides you through the new gameplay mechanics before throwing you into the heat of things, so nobody runs into this mod unprepared.

Taking over this Command Zone in Sector A is among the toughest moments in the game. Capturing previous zones and recruiting special units definitely helps.

A lot of the fiction and graphics have been overhauled as well. We really want to drive home the impression of a modern-fantasy universe with a grungy, late-90's MTV aesthetic. Music plays a big part of this setting, from the chugging guitar riff every time you level up to the screaming metal tracks that play when you hit an Adrenaline Rush. There's a more visceral feeling to the element of destruction, such as how fuel barrels now ignite the ground in flames when destroyed. The soundtrack has been revamped so that there's more variety (and also because I lost half of the original tracks while re-installing NWN one day) and Alex Meda himself has a new, darker portrait. Additional dialogue has been added, like how allies now occasionally give you props for kills. The backstory is also being reworked to reflect changes in the parallel novel: The game now takes place in the nearer future of 2085 and Alex now fights under the name "OutRapture" as opposed to "The Valor Legion".

The good news is a lot of this is already done. The new spawn system, Command Zones and AI tweaks all work perfectly and the game can be played from start to finish, including the new training area. The remaining work is going towards adding new weapons, new enemies, balancing out how the game gives out ammo and supplies, and rewriting all of the horrible dialogue from the previous versions. I'm also hoping to add more voice work, especially for Alex Meda, but that may have to wait for a later version.

Screenshots don't do justice to just how insane the battles in this mod can get.

A lot of this is going towards building the framework of a possible follow-up, which I've been talking about for years but finally have a solid foundation to build one on. If we can finally get July Anarchy Prologue up to the level we originally envisioned, and if we manage to get some people playing NWN again, then there's a more ambitious, story-oriented July Anarchy game on the horizon.

I'm absolutely thrilled with how July Anarchy Prologue REMIX Edition is turning out and can't wait to hear what you guys think when you play it. Sadly there is no solid release date yet. All I can say is that July Anarchy Prologue 1.3 REMIX Edition will be out soon. At least before July.

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July Anarchy Prologue 1.2.1

July Anarchy Prologue 1.2.1

Jun 1, 2013 Full Version 0 comments

Most recent version as of 6/1/13. Features a completely revamped boss fight, ending, and various fixes.

July Anarchy Prologue 1.2

July Anarchy Prologue 1.2

Jul 8, 2011 Full Version 0 comments

The MODDB debut version, most recent as of 7/7/2011. With loads of new content and endless gameplay changes, July Anarchy Prologue transforms the fantasy...

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beretta Jul 9 2011, 1:17pm says:

My only issue, I crash when i save. It could be on my end.

+2 votes     reply to comment
beretta Jul 9 2011, 1:53pm replied:

Crashing on loading a save seems to be due to the .tga files in the save games folder, could still me just having the issue though. If you remove the .tga files you can load the save fine.
Enjoying the mod tho. One of the best i've played.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 9 2011, 1:57pm replied:

I remember having that glitch with the original NWN a while back. I'll look into whether the loadscreens can cause crashing.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Xaizan Jul 9 2011, 11:23am says:

exelent work dude sadly i cant launch it as apparently there is a missing Hak file god i hate XP lol

+2 votes     reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 9 2011, 12:26pm replied:

Are you sure you have at least CEP 2.3 and D20 2.0 installed? There are links to both files in this tutorial. (

+2 votes   reply to comment
Xaizan Jul 9 2011, 4:31pm replied:

yeah it was just my comp being a bell end i have it sorted now its one hell of a mod kudos to the whole team just goes to show there is still life in the old girl yet

+2 votes     reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 9 2011, 6:58pm replied:

Thank you! This was actually a one-man project, though the team behind the D20 Modern project definitely deserves credit too.

+2 votes   reply to comment
beretta Jul 9 2011, 9:38am says:

Excellent work with the release Scion.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 9 2011, 12:07pm replied:


+2 votes   reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 8 2011, 5:04am says:

The file finally finished uploading. I'm afraid I need to sleep now, but get ready for a ton of new info tomorrow!

+2 votes   reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 8 2011, 5:12am replied:

By the way, for those who may not have noticed yet, this mod does require both CEP 2.3 or later and D20 Modern 2.0. Again, I will post info and links to these required files at the earliest possible time. For now, you can get D20 and CEP at

+2 votes   reply to comment
ABJECT_SELF Jul 7 2011, 11:57pm says:

Finishing up some file compressions, getting ready for the big upload...

+2 votes   reply to comment
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