Jedi Knight Galaxies is an immersive, competitive and innovative multiplayer shooter, played out in the Star Wars universe. Currently a full conversion mod (soon to go standalone), the project was originally based on and modified from Raven Software’s Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Jedi Knight Galaxies is available completely free of charge. We aim to develop the project into a Large Multiplayer Online game, crossing traditional RPG (role playing game) elements with the fast paced excitement of an FPS (first person shooter). The game is supported by its community and developers, contribution is encouraged and newbies are welcome. The current development team comes from a variety of backgrounds, countries, and age, united by our desire to make a great game. Welcome to Jedi Knight Galaxies, where we break the limits!

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JKG - Fire Damage & EFX Diary #27 Showcase

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Jedi Knight Galaxies Fire Damage & Effects Showcase for Developer Diary #27

This is a pretty raw video of the intense combat in JKG, pitting developers BlasTech and BobaFett against droid NPCs (PvE) and each other (PvP), with a focus on showcasing the new fire damage type and effects. You will also see quite a few weapons that have never been revealed by us before, so buckle up for the ride and enjoy!

This gameplay video was filmed by BlasTech on Dantooine, one of the planets featured in Jedi Knight Galaxies.

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