in this mod you are play as resistance against Israel Occupation on Jerusalem .

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Nov 21st, 2013 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

I would really wanted to rank it 8.5/10 but really the game seemed pretty short...but I have to give the guy some credit for putting out a good amount of npc and also for how good he placed everything! I really owe the JFDev group much thanks they are still putting out help even after a year of making the game. There were missing textures on my game and he put along an entire month of helping me work out the problem! and now its fixed. I have never seen this much dedication or help form mod group. so for all there help i'm putting my score at a 9/10 score for there help but truly main reason for not a 10/10 is just how it ends when you finish the seems they could have put something there that would give it a point other then just starting over to play again.

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