Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus (JJ2+) adds countless features and bug fixes to both Single Player and Multiplayer gameplay within JJ2, and is used almost universally by most serious players. It has much better network code than the original game, adding console commands to online games, fixing most major game-crashing errors and connection problems, allowing permitted clients to log in as "remote administrators" in someone else's server and control the gameplay, and adding several new multiplayer gamemodes. It additionally fixes or enhances many of the events in the game, and allows level designers far more power than in regular JJ2 through the addition of an easy-to-use scripting language. JJ2+ takes everything great about JJ2 and adds so much more on top of it; it is truly a must-download.

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus updates for the first time in two and a half years. Introduces a new enemy, a new old gun, tab completion for console commands, scripting support for level designers, and much more.

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Following the transferal of JJ2+ development by BlurredD in July 2012 to the 1.25 Council, a new version of JJ2+ has been released for the first time in roughly two and a half years. Historically JJ2+ has been very much focused on adding features to online gameplay, with comparatively little attention spared for level design options or single player mode; the new developers come from somewhat different backgrounds, and so improvements are now spread much more evenly throughout the JJ2 experience. We look forward to future releases once we've all had a few days to cool off and browse through incoming bug reports, which we certainly hope will be few in number, and in the meantime, we eagerly hope to see players and level designers taking full advantage of all the new options and opportunities available to them.

Jazz 2 Plus
Enhanced CTF Interface Custom Boss Fight

A small sample of some of the new features, bug fixes, and other changes introduced in this latest JJ2+ revision:

  • Implemented the AngelCode Scripting Library (AngelScript for short), allowing level designers to inject large sections of code into their levels and dramatically alter gameplay. This is so big a deal we had to give it its very own readme file, filled with detailed instructions for how to use AngelScript in your own levels, plus a complete API.
  • All destructable blocks may regenerate after being destroyed, creating many new level design options. Various other bugs have also been addressed related to destructable blocks, including the instant game crashes created by trying to make a flipped animated tile destructable.
  • Enemies and spikes now work in online play for all players, not just the host.
  • Added the potential for infinitely looping maps, reverse gravity gameplay, in-game palette changes, sucker tubes that can carry players through walls, and much more.
  • JJ2+ now offers 3D Display modes for 3D TVs and other monitors.
January 28th 2013 Release

As ever, you can go to the JJ2+ home thread for further information and discussion, or check out the online readme for the full list of the latest changes. Thanks for your patience over the last two and a half years; keep on Jazzing!


Aww MAN, now I wish I didn't sell my copy...

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Who would sell a great game like this anyway?

Keep it as a relic!

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my friend is goingto be super happy

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P.Rex Online

This is incredible... about time someone has picked up the gauntlet and made a real mod for JJ2. I just hope you'll add support for The Secret Files and some new enemies and bosses.

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Violet_CLM Author

Hi, P.Rex, this reply is a little delayed, but hopefully you'll get notified about it somehow. :) JJ2+ does support The Secret Files and always has, and the focus right now is on making it more possible for level-makers to make their own enemies using the scripting language, although we did add a Butterfly enemy from unused data, and may do the same for a boss for the Psych/Wonderland levels at some point.

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