JA2 1.13 Mod (Named as such because it's an unofficial upgrade to JA2 GOLD version 1.12) is an enhancement to the game engine for Jagged Alliance 2. It's a community project and has been in an Open Beta phase since June of 2005, with new updates being released regularly through our public SVN. We also have official releases that are downloadable Install packages every few months (Which will be posted here as they become available). Key features can be read by going to the homepage or the wiki, but here is a rundown: The AI has been vastly improved, and a new difficulty level, INSANE, was added. Enemies will now lay down suppression fire to make your mercs drop to the floor and waste AP's. They'll flank you, and they will set up sniping positions complete with spotters and they'll even climb on the roof tops to come after you. So much data has been externalized, it's hard to keep track of it all. Just about everything dealing with items has been externalized,...

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A Multiplyer option for Jagged Alliance 2 never made it into the release of the game, many fans felt let down, even though JA2 turned out to be a great single player game. Now, with 1.13 breathing new life into the game, Haydent from the Bear's Pit has finally done it. It has some rough edges and it's no where near perfect yet, but the Beta release is playable and fun as hell!

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As the 1.13 team works towards a stable release, focusing primarily on fixing the bugs that ruined the last public release (version 1080), there are a growing number of "Beta" features waiting to get thrown into the mix *After* the next public release, and after they've been fully field tested (We've learned our lesson).

Here are a few of note:

- The New Inventory project, which has completely renewed the game for many. This project has redesigned the inventory system from the ground up. You're no longer limited to big pockets and small pockets, there are not only more pocket sizes, but the type and shape of the pocket also determine what it carries. (It may sound complicated, but there are many visual indicators that take out most of the guess work). In the new system, you generally get to carry less items in quantity, but you get to carry a much larger variety of gear. They've added new items called LBE's, or (Load Bearing Equipment) these are pocketed carriers such as vests, thigh packs, holsters, backpacks, etc... It's a ton of fun, and it's very stable

- The 100pt AP system, which has been planned for a very long time, now is available to test in Beta form. The whole purpose of the 100pt system is more diversified Weapon stats and a more balanced AP system. Currently, the 100pt AP system is a seperate download, but is also built off of the "NIV" (New Inventory) project, so all of the above features are contained herein. Both of these projects are also built off of the latest version of the bug-tracking Beta (Overhauls Beta 24.2 currently), so they continue to be very stable.

- The Multiplayer JA2 project is also built on the "NIV" code. Currently, there are two modes of gameplay, 4 teams against the computer co-op, and FFA Death Match. Haydent is doing a wonderful job fixing the bugs and adding new capabilities. As players connect, they can hire mercenaries, shop at Bobby Rays, get transported to the sector, equip their team with the newly purchased gear and then Blow %$#@ up! No more loading up Deadly Games for a JA multiplayer experience. If it never goes any further in development (and it definitely will) I'd be playing it as is for a long time to come!

 In addition to the two major Beta projects, there are several other "Mods" to 1.13 in the works and available for download, including a mod that externalizes the "Ship-to" section of Bobby Ray's shop, allowing your gear to be shipped anywhere, and a mod that adds onto the NIV Code and rebalances many weapons, attempts to make pistols more worthwhile, changes the rooftop sniper skill to just "sniper" and provides a much more accurate CTH calculation.


wow, when will the download be available!?

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if u wanna play online just instal hamachi and join
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