The 'official' name is Eyes of War: Ivory-Gate, but we like to keep it short, so we will refure to the mod as simply Ivory-Gate, or IG.

Ivory-Gate is a Sci-Fi War mod. It will be a First Person Shooter which will concentrate on Story and Character Development as well as game play. IG will offer a uniqe form of game play as we hope to just have one large continuous map. Players will be able to grab rides from passing vehicals, as well as drive jeeps and man stationary weapons. Battles will take place in many locations from Jungles to Cities, from Trenches to small towns, valley floors to mountin tops - this will add an interesting aspect to the gameplay as no 2 battles will be the same.

The mod will take place on Ivory-Gate II a semi-tropical planet in the Ivory-Gate system. The game takes place during a time of war between the Terran Empire and the Demok. The Demok are a ruthless species who wish to destroy the Terrans. On the front lines of this war men and women are dieing holding every inch of ground but the Demok apear to have a never ending supply of troops, all of which are born warriors.

Will Ivory-Gate fall? That may not be in your hands to decide.

~Ivory-Gate Development Team

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