Three years to the day past Jacob's unspeakable act, his calamitous repudiation and disownment from his own familiy, and finally his unjust arrest and sentence to life imprisonment, he awakes alone in his cell beneath the depths of the Isle Morgentod, to an unfamiliar absence of din...

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A wonderful custom story with a stellar way to weave a tale. The build up was spot on and I really enjoyed the revelation towards the end - this is definitely a must play of the Amnesia custom story community.

great map design, simple Amnesia gameplay, and a good story. just wish it was a bit longer

Perfect custom story, can't say anything bad about it other than it was quite short, but that's about it, everything else about it is perfect really, worth a play.


StevenTasiopulos says

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Liked it.


Was indeed.

|Level Design/Music/Sounds|:
Enjoyed it.

The ending one...

|Scary Aspect|:
It wasn't.


Was ok.

|Voice Acting|:
Just a couple of quick lines so i won't count this in the review.

Just 20 minutes.


Not bad, kind of short but it definitely has it's moments.


This mod was incredible. I deeply loved the storyline and how it flashes back to his life before he was imprisoned. I have tried one mod before for the very first time but it was terrible and I did not want to try another one but this mod got me back into mods now. Well done!

- Wonderful mapping, detailed mostly flawless.
- Good atmosphere.
- Interesting story to follow.

- Simple to progress.
- Mostly Key puzzles.
- Unsettling but not one of the scariest CS unfortunately.

Conclusion: I liked this story overall. The maps were really nice made i liked the intro were you appear in a prison area and unsettling roars comes from somewhere. Builds the tension up early, nice! But as i ventured abit more in this story i began too see some flaws in the story. Like the simple progressing it was basically find a not well hidden key and move from point A to B most of the time. It didnt really hit jackpot with scariness either a few unsettling potensial build-up scares but climax was not satisfying. Since the story was so short it could had more done with the notes and prob flashbacks since the story seemed interesting but too little material.

8/10 Good!

way too easy and way too short.

but really beutifull

+Great story
+Great writing
+Great level design
+a sword?

+Light on scares but reasonably well placed

This is one of those mods that if the author had made it longer it would be in my favorite list most definitely

This was a very interesting mod. I loved the tracks used in here. The one thing I didn't like was that it ended very short. I hope to see it go futher in another mod. Plus the voice acting was really good too, even if it was just a little bit of it.

Overall, a 9/10 fits here, for me at least. Can't wait to see more! :D

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