Iron Europe is a World War I mod for the Mount&Blade; Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC. Our goal is to immerse players in the brutal battles of WWI. Players will have the opportunity to fight it out, for France or for Germany, in the trenches and in no man's land. Play as an expendable rifleman grunt, a brave officer leading from the front, an artillerymen supporting your comrades from afar, or an elite assault trooper, spearheading attacks.Use bolt-action rifles, machine guns, and pistols to take down enemies from a distance or close in and engage in brutal hand to hand combat with knives, clubs, and the trusty bayonet. A host of features, including whistles, bleeding, bandaging, and grenades have been added to bring the WWI experience to life.

-Two Factions: French Third Republic, German Empire. Fight for the French Third Republic or the German Empire. These mighty titans of Europe have different strengths and weaknesses which players can discover and use to their advantage.
-Wide variety of classes: Each class is unique, with it's own advantages, disadvantages and equipment sets. Apart from typical, expected classes such riflemen, officers, and artillerymen, you'll have the opportunity to play as a support trooper, helping your comrades with ammunition and bandages. Or instead, be an elite Stormtrooper, serving the Vaterland by overrunning enemy defenses and striking deep into their territory. Yet more opportunities await you as a French trench sweeper, a Chauchat gunner or an armored German sentinel.
-Tons of New Weapons: A wide range of killing instruments are at your disposal including bolt-action rifles, revolvers, semi-autos, machine guns, sniper rifles, knives, clubs and bayonets.
-Grenades: Use grenades to assault enemy positions. There are several different types, including both fuse and percussion grenades. Each has unique characteristics, for example, the M16 Stielhandgranate has long range but is awkward to carry while the F1 grenade can be carried in great numbers but cannot be thrown very far. Several Stielhandgranates can be bundled together to form a concentrated charge. There are also place-able grenade launchers and rifle grenades.
-Medical System: Taking a large amount of damage causes bleeding which can be stopped with bandages, carried by support troopers and medics. Medical classes can provide treatment with morphine.
-Ammunition Crates: Support troops can carry ammo crates around the battlefield, allowing comrades to resupply.
-Heavy Machine Guns: Heavy machine guns can be carried around the battlefield and are highly effective in holding positions. Cut down advancing enemy forces with automatic firepower.
-Whistles: As an officer, rally your men and sound the charge with a whistle.
-Binoculars: Binoculars come in handy when you're a sniper, artilleryman or officer. Locate enemy positions and plan accordingly.
-Artillery: Rain fire on your enemies with infantry support guns, field guns and trench mortars.

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Installation Instructions
To get the latest version of the mod, first install 1.0 and then install the 1.21 patch.

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WIP New French Troops for 2.0 Gas Masks French Sentry Uniform & Armor
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8 comments by Rigadoon on Jun 8th, 2015

Good news from the front. Although we are choosing not to show any eye candy to you yet, we thought we had better let you know what’s going on. The remnants of the developer team are on leave from the busy time of school and work has recommenced on Iron Europe 2.0.

As eluded to above, the team is very much diminished, with several members needed elsewhere. Therefore, the developer team is looking for people with useful skills such as:

bbc_standard_quote wrote:
  • 3d Modelling
  • Mapping
  • Texturing
  • Coding

If you’re interested, please contact us via the people below. We are both contactable on steam using the names provided below.

bbc_standard_quote wrote:
  • NA contact: j12_19 (Rigadoon)
  • EU contact: rusky87 (Baillie)

We will bring you exciting news and evidence soon, but for now, hold tight. In the mean time, please advertise this mod, and tell all your friends of the aforementioned news.

The last released news from the team can be found here.

IE 1.21 events are still running, and can be found on the FSE board.

Thank you, as ever, to those who continue to support us,
IE 2.0 Development Team.

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Patch 1.21

Patch 1.21

Apr 20, 2014 Patch 37 comments

Patch 1.21 fixes some issues in 1.2 and adds a couple new animations.Install 1.0 before this patch.

Patch 1.2 (OLD)

Patch 1.2 (OLD)

Mar 29, 2014 Patch 24 comments

Patch 1.2 is here. We apologize for the long wait for the patch. We have identified and fixed what we believe was the main issue causing the serious lag...

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Patch 1.1 (OLD)

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Patch 1.1 (OLD)

Feb 15, 2014 Patch 30 comments

- Added some active and alive agent and players checks to a few client side events - You can no longer attach bayonets to the Chauchat - Fixed the bandages...

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Released! 1.0

Iron Europe - WW1 Mod Released! 1.0

Feb 14, 2014 Full Version 64 comments

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To get the latest version of the mod, install this file, and then install the 1.21 patch. Greetings everybody! The day you've...

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SamTebbs33 Jun 29 2015 says:

Can you make a download link for the raw mod files that can be place inside the "Modules" folder? Making an installer just adds an unnecessary level of complexity and makes life harder for those running non-Windows operating systems and those who cannot run .exe files.

+1 vote     reply to comment
raxi1414 Jul 1 2015 replied:

i'd say you gonna have to survive it

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rigadoon Creator
Rigadoon Jun 30 2015 replied:

Sorry, uploading the raw mod files would be illegal because the installer has a CD-key check for Napoelonic Wars.

+2 votes   reply to comment
raxi1414 Jul 1 2015 replied:

okay but how come that
all the M&B mods work like you DL the files put into Mudules folder chek the module in the launcher and have fun
or is it like going to change the game so you cant use the typical game anymore therefore it wont be a module but a complete game source change so you have to use a exe?

-1 votes     reply to comment
Rigadoon Creator
Rigadoon Jul 1 2015 replied:

The mods you're talking about aren't for NW.

+2 votes   reply to comment
raxi1414 Jul 1 2015 buried:


that DLC is **** and srewd ******* undertsand it finaly i dont want to play Multiplayer Only!!!

-7 votes     reply to comment
Avatar_Aang Jul 10 2015 replied:

If you do not want a mod for Napoleonic Wars then please answer this one question:

Why are you on this mod page? Iron Europe is a strictly Multiplayer Only mod that uses guns, thus needed to be used in conjunction with Napoleonic Wars.

Also, please do us all a favour and do not scream at the creator of the mod, he has been kind enough to take his time to message you and this is how you treat him? He made an amazing mod that the community waited to be released and then waited for it to be revived again and now he's back you treat him like this?

It took him years to make this, the amount of time and effort to make this mod is astonishing, I am ashamed that this is how ungrateful and spoilt some people can be.

You're ungrateful and you need to get your priorities straight.

Rant over.

- I posted the original post, I just forgot to log in.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Valerian Jun 26 2015 says:

There are no multiplayer servers out there. ITS DEAD. Anyone know about any server or group thats active in Europe location?

0 votes     reply to comment
Rigadoon Creator
Rigadoon Jul 3 2015 replied:

The Official EU server should be up. Also, this event( was going on for a while with 50+ players but they are taking a break currently. I would keep an eye on that for future events.

+2 votes   reply to comment
raxi1414 Jun 16 2015 says:

Nobody does make a good WW1 SINGLEPLAYER MOD i **** the multiplayer i want a singleplayer WW1 Mod

+3 votes     reply to comment
megatimebomb098 Jul 19 2015 replied:

You're a pirate aren't you

+1 vote     reply to comment
raxi1414 Jul 20 2015 replied:

"Pirate"? okay... i know 2 Forms of Piracy
the one is the Real Life Ship Piracy capture/highjack Ships on Hight Sea, Happy to tell you i never expirenced that elsewhere then in Games like AC: Black Flag.
The other is the so called "Internet-Piracy" which is basicly a more detailed word for Hackers that hack to steal Data;
Happy to tell you i'm NOT A HACKER, if you got hacked or the Servers got Hacked or anything got Hacked recently it wasn't my!,besides why would i steal data that is avalable to Download?

if you mean...
A Player comes to youre Server and joins the Match...
It's a Multiplayer Match...
instead of normaly Playing he begins to do bad things...
Like: Jaming the Server-Connection,Overping the Server,Deroot the Party-Game-Internet Focus-connection and such things... well that isn't "Piracy" there is another Vocabulary used for this: "Troll" or basicly "Hacker"...
Again i'm not a Hacker i'd even lack at knowledge to Hack a Multiplayer Server and do something of the up shown things i mean i have some knowledge but not enough

If i didn't match what you ment to...
Then please go ahead, reply my Comment...but this time define what exactly oyu mean with "Pirate" what the hell you think i'm doing when you call my a "Pirate"

0 votes     reply to comment
Avatar_Aang Jul 31 2015 replied:

The most common form of Piracy is stealing things that require purchase before use, i.e a game (Many people do this) or music.
Hacking is stealing data, piracy is not.
If you are a pirate you steal things for free that you are supposed to buy, if you are a hacker, you HACK into things to steal data and many other things.

Let me make this straight to you:
HACKING is not the same as PIRACY.

+1 vote     reply to comment
raxi1414 Aug 3 2015 replied:

More or less i was trying to explain that to you!
Yes Piracy in the Internet means to Steal Data but to do that you have to Hack (Access unaloved Territory/Break Security) that's my definition of Hacking but we'll let that be for now.
i told that with the "Why would i Hack/Steal Data that is avalable to Dowload"
I ment it would not make sence to steal things that are free!
with that i wanted to tell you i did just not steal anything but it wouldnt even make sence to do so!
yes i know you mean things that are not Free but there is nothing you would have to Pay for in this Mod so why would i have to steal heere anything?
If you mean elsewhere...well why didn't you sayed that earlier

Let's get straight to the point!
I wan't to know how you come to the Idea i would be a "Pirate" and it seems you where meaning Internet-Piracy!
That means as you say it "Steal Data that is required to pay for in order to gain access legaly.

Now that would mean you think i'm doing that now i wan't to know what makes you think that...

just by the way that kind if Pirates who steal Game-Data in order not to have to pay for a Game well i like to call those Game-Pirates "Cracker's" coming from the vocabulary crack which means a Ilegal-Copy because Game-Data are basicly a Ilegal-Copy from a bought one Game that somebody either stole from the Game-Publisher/developer Server/Data storage or somebody bought and copied it and uploaded it so others dont have to pay for it.
And yes i know Crack is also a vocabulary for a Ilegal-Drug but i'm not talking about that now!

I have always bought my Games in the Store or on Steam no matter but i always payed for my Games
even though friends always asked my to crack games to spare money...

The only thing i do is looking Streams of Films and Series in the Internet which you normaly would have to pay for but you can find sites which give you links to video like streams where you can find almost evry film and serie depending on the language you want offcourse English is never a problem but i use German cause its my mother-language
I dont know how that exactly works but i'd say that Pirates steal the Vids from the people having the Film on Video on PC and upload it to sites like "Shared/Flashx..." those sites like to have their Servers in Russia or China in theese country's its not ilegal to offer Data for free which is actualy not free and the people who actualy own the Data in the West ad the US can't do a **** to change that
i like that fact cause i find it ridiculous to pay for things like Films...but that doesn't mean i never was in Cinema it's cool but also a bit i'm to lazy to always go into the Cinema it's not even a matter of those 10 Eur. iut's a matter of comfort why go 3 Km. to a cinema if you can just make a few clicks and look it home and i dont have to see it on a huge screen for my 1920:1080 is enough!

BUT I NEVER STOLEN DATA MYSELF for that my knowleedge in this area is to low! because i'm not a Hacker


+1 vote     reply to comment
Avatar_Aang Aug 4 2015 replied:

I've no argument against that but there's one thing wrong in this.

It's pretty easy to pirate games, you don't really need to bypass huge networks you just download a torrent like uTorrent and then go to a page like Piratebay (Most of them have been shut down now) and then you and pirate any games you want, I mean sure, you've got the chance of being arrested but still...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Epilone Jun 20 2015 replied:

Why do you **** the multiplayer, that's messed up!

+2 votes     reply to comment
randomcode Jun 19 2015 replied:

Don't be so mean. The develop team is very hard. I want to do a WW1+WW2 mod, sadly, I can't model and texture.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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From my time with the press copy, I've found that this game is absolutely next-gen. Taking the already astounding M&B engine and taking it to all new heights. This includes the DirectX11 beard physics. I found the opening cutscene very emotional, it struck my soul and immersed me into the story-driven world of Iron Europe. The only downside to this game so far, is the lack of a download link. Edit: Download link has been released, as well as an update to the game platform to enable Oculus Rift…

Feb 14 2014 by IllusiveCam

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