Iron Europe is a World War I mod for the Mount&Blade; Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC. Our goal is to immerse players in the brutal battles of WWI. Players will have the opportunity to fight it out, for France or for Germany, in the trenches and in no man's land. Play as an expendable rifleman grunt, a brave officer leading from the front, an artillerymen supporting comrades from afar, or an elite assault trooper, spearheading attacks. Use bolt-action rifles, machine guns, and pistols to take down enemies from a distance or close in and engage in brutal hand to hand combat with knives, clubs, and the trusty bayonet. A host of features, including whistles, bleeding, bandaging, and grenades have been added to bring the WWI experience to life. To get the latest version of the mod, first install 1.0 and then the 1.21 patch.

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Game Guide - Controls and Features

Game Guide - Controls and Features

Jan 30, 2015 Article 1 comment

A detailed guide on how to play Iron Europe including a list of controls and explanations on new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 30, 2015 Article 0 comments

Here are the dev responses to some Frequently Asked Questions. Ask your question below if you don't see it here.

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Released Feb 13, 2014
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