Invasion Site is a indie game from family of CORE12. This mod does not have a release date yet so it is TBD (To Be Decided). History of Invasion site: IS was announced on 21st August 2011 and at july this year this mod started to be produced by E12Dev team... Story: You are in a big city... its year 2040 and everything is destroyed by apocalypse in 2030... You need to survive... ----------------------------------- Big thanks for Dave (tufst1.1) -----------------------------------

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Anywhere [OLD] Flowgraph scripter for Cryegnine 3 at E12REBORN

flowgraph scripter for cryegnine 3 e12reborn anywhere programmers we (e12dev) are looking for someone who can make good flowgraphs in cryengine3... if you want to help (no paid). sand me mail... e12dev is working on one indie game called core12, and from 1st august 2013 we are also working on mod called core12: invasion site ... we need your help! we need someone: -who will stay with us in the worst days - who will make his own flowgraphs you must be 15 or older... (only if you have good work you can be younger...)

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