A Quest For Understanding: The Last Beacons of Hope

An Immersive lore story line expansion, with Role Playing Game infused in its very core!

While we all enjoyed Oblivion, I think we can all agree that there was something missing from the formula. Choices and Consequences, memorable and interesting characters, quest diversity,more than one perspective, and a multitude of RPG elements. However with this mod there exists these beacons of light. They may be hidden by adversity, politics, stereotypes, fear, and hatred but.... If you can find these beacons and nurture their growth you can bring the light of diversity, intrigue, emotion, and understanding back to Cyrodiil!

This is a quest mod which takes elements from lore, past elder scrolls games, and quality western RPGs to bring you a completely new and improved questing experience!


1: Proper implementation into your game world. No giant buildings suddenly popping up in populated areas of cyrodiil, no sudden quest updates, no NPCs hunting you down to tell you about some grand opportunity. This mod will have no immediate impact on your world, there are countless things for you to do in this mod, but they are all for you to discover... not be forced on you.
2: New join-able guilds with quests and advancement systems unlike any other Oblivion guild.
3: More than 15,000 lines of dialogue
4:New, and interesting characters to meet, and develop alongside through dialogue, quests, and their reactions to both. Also we understand that aesthetics important like dialogue and gameplay; as such seeing as how the mod centers around the characters you meet we offer several facial options so you can customize your new friends and enemies to your liking. :)
5:Massive replayability thanks to a very non-linear and responsive quest and story structure.
6: Dozens of quests with diverse objectives, and ways to achieve them so the mod remains fresh all the way through, and even after.


The Shivering Isles DLC. Nothing else!

The topic for the non-integrated version


Download Integration: The Stranded Light


Possible isolated plugins with their own unique features and expansions on story/characters

Details, and background of features

Version 1.0 has been released as 4-11-11, with this the mod is finished, any further updates will be bug fixes, isolated add-ons, or technical updates.

In total, Integration: The Stranded Light offers more than 80 quests, five guilds, although of course not all quests are part of guilds. Additionally a whole lot of features, that will enhance Cyrodiil greatly.

An important aspect of Integration: The Stranded Light is discovery. A lot of mysteries and surprises are waiting for you to be found and solved. Over eighty quests. Five guilds, of which two are in direct conflict with each other. Choices and consequences. Very dialog heavy, including dialog trees, arguing and a lot more you won't see in Vanilla Oblivion. Use of the "Telvanni Tileset" and other resources for some unique places. The riddle of a lost city will play a role.

Changing the face of Cyrodiil sounds easy - just take a look at the smoldering ruins of Kvatch. How about changing the world for the better, for once? Every organisation begins small, with just a little headquarters somewhere. Though if you succeed in helping a guild to grow, attracting new members, an expansion may happen. Maybe an outpost here or there? What if their goal goes even further? There's enough unclaimed land on Cyrodiil's map for experiments!

Third-party optional add-ons:

(These are for the version with requirements, but they can easily be used with the Integrated version by changing the masters with Wrye bash)
As an additional gift there's also an Unique Clothes AddOn for EC available. Make sure to read the readme.

There's now another module: If you're unhappy with my faces, LazyMonk contributed an alternative to them. Use Wrye Bash's "Import NPC Face" feature for it. (Now if you're unhappy with both my faces and LazyMonks alternative faces, then I fear you'll have to edit the NPCs yourself .)

The Highly recommended Ohmes-Raht voice pack which gives Ohmes-Raht players and NPCs their own voice for greetings, combat grunts,etc.

3 small changes by Rylasasin. Read the readme for more info.

Better Telvanni normals by ishmaeltheforsaken. Improves tthe graphical quality ofthe telvanni tileset. (Alternate DL)

A dialogue mod by rylasasin adding race recognition and other such recognitions to the normal Oblivion quests. (Discussion topic)
Thread VIII
Thread IX
Thread XI
I like to thank everyone who refrained from doing bloody frustrating things. It was you for whom I created Integration: The Stranded Light. I hope you'll enjoy the mod. And especially I like to thank everyone who had contributed resources, most importantly Bleral! !

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The No requirements version is now......

Get it from here!

The quests, resources, installation, etc. are all reported to be working perfectly. All you need is Shivering Isles and the above download. Included in the above package is an installation option which will allow you to enjoy the quests, gameplay, stories, characters, and every amazing facet of Integration with NO impact on your game's core-gameplay experience!

Ever since I first heard about Integration I fell in love, so much so that any hoops I had to jump through to play it were not an issue, but what did disappoint me was how so many people were unable to play it due to some rather harsh and major game changing requirements. I liked the requirements, but I can understand the hesitation to try the mod with all that it required you to do, and I looked forward to the day that anyone and everyone could experience the pinnacle of quest/mission mods for themselves. Well that day has come. After roughly three months of development Integration: The Stranded Light Integrated is now available for all to enjoy. It's pretty much the same mod, just now with no requirements and no gameplay changes!

No requirements version now in final stages!

No requirements version now in final stages!

4 years ago News 0 comments

Testing for the version without mod requirements(Race balancing project, and less annoying magic experience) is now reaching it's release. Just one more...

Testers needed for a reduced requirements version! (No more RBP or LAME)

Testers needed for a reduced requirements version! (No more RBP or LAME)

4 years ago News 0 comments

Due to high demand a version of Integration that does not require the gameplay mods: Race Balancing Project(RBP) or (Less Annoying Magic Experience) will...

Integration: The Stranded Light version 1.0 released!

Integration: The Stranded Light version 1.0 released!

4 years ago News 0 comments

Just when you thought a diamond couldn't get any brighter the final polish has now been applied to Integration, but fear not there's still more to come!

Several new things, and an update!

Several new things, and an update!

5 years ago News 1 comment

Some minor updates being worked on by bg2408; adding more flare dialogue to some of the less talkative characters. The Ohmes-Raht voice pack has been...

NPC faces Refined/Revamped

NPC faces Refined/Revamped

2 years ago Skin Pack 0 comments

The primary tester/suggester/advertiser for Integration has also taken up refining the faces some. Phoenix1213 has created two additional options in changing...

Better Telvanni Normals Add-on

Better Telvanni Normals Add-on

5 years ago Textures 0 comments

Replacement normal maps for Jon Satriani's Telvanni Tileset.

Miscellaneous Rylasasin plugins.

Miscellaneous Rylasasin plugins.

5 years ago Other 0 comments

Three Small edits: One removes the 'Sexy walk' animation from the romanceable NPC, and the other two allow you to decorate all of the Stranded Light outposts...

Integration Alternate NPC Faces plugin

Integration Alternate NPC Faces plugin

5 years ago Skin Pack 0 comments

There's now another module: If you're unhappy with my faces, LazyMonk contributed an alternative to them. Use Wrye Bash's "Import NPC Face" feature for...

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Elana Jun 8 2010 says:

Hi. First, I have greathy enjoyed the mind challenging aspects of many of the quests in ItSL. I cannot see the walkthru videos... (public computer) so I am asking for some tips in specific quests from people who have already done them. I am stuck on a few. And not sure...


I have both Televani outposts established, and I visited each one later to check up. etc. Anymore to do?

help please ---->> I have key to, and been inside golden saint home in wall of Bliss, can't find journal....

help please ---->> same problem with house between the priory and hackdurt - found map, found her, but not find book...

I have a letter to deliver, and a poem to decipher to know to whom to deliver the letter. Somebody with a rose (not sanguine) and two men back to back...
---->>> What lore book(s)should I read? (My statue in Burma sports a rose - smile, was a surprise to me first time i saw it)

Finished medicine for the wife quest... was VERY HARD, but I analized to get the cure. Is a "meat Pact" and "Green Pact" something from Lore?

I did find a "date" for the guild guide, and completed the quest. Had three choices. Does it matter which one?

Thank you, whoever replies, in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuakeRiley Jun 8 2010 replied:

Have you used the walkthroughs?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Elana Jun 8 2010 replied:

Hi prokiller16. Yes, i have viewed some of the video walkthrus. They are very blurry on the public computer i use to get to the web. i don't have access at home, where my pc w tes4 is located. The videos only give me a vague sense of whats going on. I keep trying. Thank you for replying.... (smile)

+1 vote     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Creator
JC_Fenix Jun 11 2010 replied:

*spoilers obviously*
1: Gain fame, and read the spoiler file included in the mod

2:The journal is in the cellar, it's on a pillar across from where the bed is. You can either jump for it, or use telekinesis

3: The book is in between the urns inside the house

4: Truth is, I've never found the spot to deliver the letter. I could probably look it up it in the CS but I din't want to spoil it for me. The two men back to back is fighters and mages guild. The one in Cheydinhal fits that description.

5: Green pact is a Bosmer thing. They have this insane love of nature, and they won't eat any plants. So they eat only meat, and part of that religion requires you to eat anything you kill... or something like that.

6:Dion is the correct one, and you need to tell him that "she's alright". There was a similar quest in the Morrowind expansion: Tribunal.

As for the 19 voids thing, it's not required, and the reward at the end is even just a novelty. There are some things related to that quest though (comments, small stuff in the romance, and a check in one of the art guild quests.)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Elana Jun 23 2010 replied:

Hi fenix, Prokiller, et al:

Having lots of fun w Stranded light. The romance is so realistic- and scary. Anyway, I was never able to deliver the letter via drop off, either. Giving it to him directly resulted in hom "dissapearing."

-->> Help please, *** SPOILER ALERT ****

I have experienced most of the quests. However, I have been stuck for four / five days now on the oceans elysium quest. Have the book, chatted up everyone, a few clues only, the book, color - coded, and king's name, also colorcoded. Guess i am lore deficient: read every book I can find.. over 200. Still clueless where to look. Tried circles, IC tower, IC walls, road, river around ISle, read road, broken by talos bridge, etc. Would you please give me some really dumned down clue or explanations of the the 5 cluese in the book? So I can cross the lines and find Elysium - get on with the story? Please... (not covered by u-tube, BTW). Tahnks, thanks, thanks,

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuakeRiley Jun 9 2010 replied:

Yeah, they sort of are pretty bad. I think a text walkthrough would be better.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Elana Jun 10 2010 replied:

Hi prokiller, migth you have help on this one: My game crashed RARELY, once every 5 or 6 hours of playing. However, when i go to 19 voids, and sleep TWICE on the bed, I hear bubbling water sounds and CTD. I have tried many workl arounds, come with very few items, save just before entering, and then shutting down PC. Restarting, and sleeping. Since the bed initiates the quest, i can't use the console to force the update past the crash point. DO you know how I might get past this? I hope it is not an essential quest, but optional, otherwise, I'm done... (sad...) Thanks ... elana

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuakeRiley Jun 10 2010 replied:

I had a problem like that were it just crashed, it eventually came to a stop but I'm still unsure why it happened and how it stopped. Totally clueless mate.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Elana Jun 10 2010 replied:

Thanks, PK for replying...trying (smile)

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuakeRiley Jun 2 2010 says:

Everyone from the mod now has nothing to say and will only say I HAVE NO GREETING which means I can't progress with any quests.

+1 vote     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Creator
JC_Fenix Jun 5 2010 replied:

That is a bug that happens if you leave (or enter) the Shivering Isles without the right variables being set. Go to the Shivering Isles door, and use it to enter/exit and the problem will be fixed.

There is also spell in this mod that allows you to teleport between different areas in the Shivering Isles, and in Cyrodiil.. Don't worry, it sets the right variables.

+1 vote   reply to comment
QuakeRiley Jun 5 2010 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
damius Feb 13 2010 says:

Will you ever release a version that doesnt need less annoying magic? Im already using a magic altering mod and they really dont play well together. I tried it and found it very awkward. The quests i found were good though. A Little unsettling without sound, im sure you could get a few volunteers to voice if you advertised the need a little.

0 votes     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Creator
JC_Fenix Feb 13 2010 replied:

What was the magic mod you were using? LAME works fine with SM(Supreme Magicka) the other popular magic overhaul. Did you try altering your load order? If you don't like LAME's changes to vanilla aspects(spells) you could load your other magic mod after it. To answer your question:
No there will not be a version without the current requirements. The best that could be done is if you go into tes4edit and edit out everything in LAME isn't needed for Integration.

Voice acting: bg(the mod author) already tried recruiting voice actors once and there wasn't much of a response. Very unlikely it will get voice acted. 24+ hours, mostly female characters... just doesn't seem likely.

+2 votes   reply to comment
ResolveR Feb 13 2010 says:

hmm if you have play morrowind this will be easy enough IMO

0 votes     reply to comment
Death8338 Feb 12 2010 says:

Finally on moddb... you should post the walkthroughs on the tutorials section

+1 vote     reply to comment
JC_Fenix Creator
JC_Fenix Feb 13 2010 replied:

I think tutorials is meant for technical stuff. I was thinking of just uploading the first walkthrough video here and then depending on how it turns out go from there.

As for tutorials, I guess maybe I could post this little introduction that bg wrote:

+2 votes   reply to comment
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