Insurgency is here! Modern Infantry Combat on Valve's Source Engine. Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion of Half-Life 2 focused on tactical gameplay.

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In the following days your installation of Insurgency 2.x will be automatically updated through Steam. This patch affects mostly the maps Ins_Samawah, Ins_Sinjar and Ins_Almaden (please check the changelog for additional details).

Posted by Dr_Spielmann on Dec 9th, 2008

In the following days your installation of Insurgency 2.x will be automatically updated through Steam. The patch affects mostly the maps Ins_Samawah, Ins_Sinjar and Ins_Almaden (please check the changelog below for additional details). If you don't have Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat 2.x installed you can download it over here.

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Update Changelog:


  • small player clip fixes


  • Fixed a map bug at the Alpha spawn area
  • Fixed car collisions
  • A lot of small fixes and updates throughout the entire map


  • Removed main street fences
  • New balcony above the Pharmacy, covering the B objective
  • Other minor tweaks throughout the map
  • MG position underneath the second Marine spawn towards the Mosque is open

Other changes:

  • Some additional sound updates (secondary sound effects)
  • Fixed a minor issue with vehicle LODs

The changes in Ins_Sinjar are only the first round of fixes from a larger update: a lot of work is being done, particularly on the redesigning of Objective Delta - so there's plenty of reasons to be excited about future versions of this map. Other interesting updates are already being tested and scheduled for release in the upcoming weeks. Among those, we have new player movement sounds (crouch, moving while prone, etc...) and several important code-related fixes. Stay tuned for further news and updates and don't forget to visit the Official Insurgency Website if you want to know more!

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awesomepossum Dec 10 2008 says:


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grantelicious Dec 10 2008 says:

What I hate is the fog int he background and wish they'd let us see as far as the eye could see instead of seeing the map slowly pop up as you run forward.

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ChestyMcGee Dec 10 2008 replied:

I think it's partly to simulate the fog and dust that is often kicked up in such dry, desert conditions. I've seen photos of Marines in conditions much worse than those portrayed in the game.

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me+moddb=awsome Dec 12 2008 replied:

i think it would be awsome if they just made some dust flying around that would be cool.

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feltorn Dec 10 2008 says:

oh joy, another desert map...

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Mastix Dec 10 2008 replied:

What other maps do you expect to see in Iraq? Snow? Spaceships?
Just wait for INS 3.0 if you hate deserts.

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nuclearbanana Dec 10 2008 replied:

ya 3.0 is gooing to be great

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MuffinSoldaat Dec 11 2008 replied:

What? A new campaign coming in 3.0?

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Mastix Dec 12 2008 replied:

Yea, it's called Kosovo and It's between british forces against Serbian Liberation Army (fictional conflict of course).

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nuclearbanana Dec 10 2008 says:

hey ins team, gove us back are custom content man, just because you can't or don't want a skin on you're gun doesn't mean no ells can, god
you don't have to make a coded skin finder, as far as that goes, you're the only game ( yes i'm referring to all games) that has this on.

and really you have to balanced the bloom (fog )and how far u can see on almost all maps or most atleast

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Dr_Spielmann Author
Dr_Spielmann Dec 10 2008 says:

The fog settings in Sinjar are the best we can achieve with the current engine. For 3.0 we'll be able to increase the draw distances and performance of outdoor maps.

Our mod doesn't block custom content. What it blocks at the moment is the unfair use of optics on non-optic-intended weapons, as well as many cheats & hacks that had been reported by our community. We're far from being the only game that has this kind of anti-cheating protection enabled.

With every release we try to tweak and adjust those filters better, so that only unfair use of custom content is blocked.

Enjoy the updated maps!

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oWn4g3 Dec 11 2008 says:

Great job as always, small changes and improvements are very much appreciated.

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grantelicious Dec 11 2008 says:

Yeh but the whole draw distance limit thing isn't good for when the two sides meet at A and you can't see the top of the cliff face with the huts but when you turn around they pop up in the corner of your view. It just really breaks the map for me and makes it unplayable.

I don't remember ever seeing things like that in Valve made games... but then again that could just be the skybox beign used in the background to good effect.

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Dr_Spielmann Author
Dr_Spielmann Dec 11 2008 says:

Smaller maps and less ambitious design would help us get better draw distances on Source. However we think the result is good for most of our maps. In future upgrades of INS to newer versions of the engine those limitations will be overcome.

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Mastix Dec 11 2008 replied:

Well, I prefer better maps on such a minor issue such as fog... So keep on the good work ;)

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008 says:

I do like the game but the problem is theres better more polished products out there and new ones coming out each year so you have to fight against them. I feel like there are too many problems with Insurgency that need to be fixed but the current Insurgency community on the forums just flame everyone who wants changes, which are for the better.

- The game menus are cumbersome to use like how you have to switch class by going through chosing a side in the team again is really annoying. I don't get why it doesn't let you choose a class sometimes and gives no indication to why.. obviously it's because the team is full but why couldn't it have said that to me before?

- The character models, animations and voice acting is just terrible and that puts most people off that I know because they are sooo bland looking and very low detail. I hate how the eyes don't blink too, for some reason that always bothers me and I hate how they have no idle animation when they are standing there theres no life to them. The voice work is just terrible and what I don't get is why your character says reloading randomly? I'm trying to sneak behind the enemy and yet him going "reloading" just gave me away! The whole way they hold the gun and reloading animations aswel are just not good.

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008 says:

- The character customization is a pretty lackluster feature and people playing an FPS don't care for it, even if you add in more features. I really don't understand why you didn't emulate what Valve has done to good effect with all their games and had 4 different character models per side.

- Theres alot of really poor maps and the standard of some is really inconsistent because some maps will looks really great and others will just look terrible. You even have some parts on really good maps that are nasty and need to be redone. Keep Baghdad, Hillah, Ramadi, Samawah and Abdallah but ditch all the others because they arn't good enough and arn't fun to play. I love the night version but wheres the night vision?

- I also find the class system to be very flawed because it punishes me for joining the game late by making me pick the crap class noone wants to play. I still don't understand why there isn't a medic support class and why the current support can't give out ammo to team mates to encourage teamwork and get rid of ammo cache. I don't understand why they're split into 2 squads aswel because in a public game you and your friends will always be split up. I just don't get what you're going for here and it doesn't work well for public games atleast. I'd much prefer a COD4 style system... well I really like the whole CS buying guns but I don't spose that would make sense in Insurgency. I just want choice of my class and not be restricted and I want choice over the weapons I can carry and use. Like I said before where is the night vision for night maps?

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008 says:

- My other problem is for the average user they want feedback to how they died or else they find it frustrating. In Insurgency it is very easy to be taken out and not even know how or where and you don't know its coming. That might be great in real life but in games it just becomes annoying. I'm not saying put in a kill cam, though that would be kool but do something to give you more feedback. What would be kool is if you get hit in the leg then you limp or if you get hit in the arm then you lose accuracy. IF you get hit in the chest you go down and have to call for a medic to come drag you away and heal you.

- Why is there an RPG class when theres no vehicles? Seems rather stupid... give the Marines the ability to call in Helicopters or something and then straight away theres a use for it.

I like the game and it is my fave multiplayer Source mod but theres too many things wrong with it to make it attractive to people.

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Dr_Spielmann Author
Dr_Spielmann Dec 12 2008 says:

Jesus Christ, man... that's a long rant well outside the limit of reasonable lenght for a ModDB comment! 3 consecutive posts? That's probably enough to open your own Insurgency blog!

In any case, your points would be really interesting if you were reviewing a commercial game, which is what you seem to be doing over here (we actually feel glad for that). All your concerns are in the Insurgency Developers' minds, and those which have to do with technical limitations will be addressed in Beta 3, when not before. There are, however, some points where you simply question the very foundations of this mod: 1-shot-1-kill dynamics, separate classes, tactical gameplay... and quite honestly we don't have any intentions of adding airstrikes and helicopters.

It seems that a triple A commercial game like Call of Duty 4 is more suitable for you.

You're talking about a free 5 year-old mod based on an old engine. Thankfully Valve have constantly been improving the Source Engine - what gives us the possibility of creating a better, "next-gen" version of Insurgency. Even though changing engines and improving the game sounds like the logical progression for this mod, you would be surprised to know that some people still want INS to stay using the current engine with all its limitations, and complain (quite heatedly) any time we talk about taking advantage of newer versions of the Source Engine.

We appreciate constructive criticism, but in my honest opinion you shouldn't be looking at mods with the same eyes you're looking at multi-million dollar triple-A commercial titles. Believe me, give us a third of the budget of any of your favorite games and we'll pull out a fantastic first person shooter with mind-blowing graphics and enough character customization options to create a separate game of its own named "Littlest Terrorist Shop: Design Your Own Insurgent (TM)"

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008 says:

I feel like my complaints are reasonable and really the only real currency in the world is Time... aslong as you have money. People who play mods though have money so they can go out and buy these big budget games. I feel like Insurgency is in direct competition with games like COD4 and I don't like COD4 myself but it has done some things right that it doesn't hurt for mods to build upon. What I'm trying to say is people arn't going to play Insurgency just because it's free if theres a better game out there because we only have a limited amount of time so we choose it to play the best games.

I don't think any of the things I've said are hard to do... I'm not asking anything you havn't already done. Like making better character models isn't hard as I see tons of amazing models for source games all the time on fpsbanana. Improving the voice acting work is something that is done by what you did before but getting better actors. Making the menus are intuitive and improving the class system so it doesn't punish you for joining late or make your time unfun by pushing you to play something you don't want to do is just a matter of changing some mechanics of the game.

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grantelicious Dec 12 2008 says:

What you're saying to me is this is a mod so don't expect it to be as good but all the things I see wrong with the game have nothing to do with that. Counter Strike was a mod and yet it was amazing and so was TFC and weekday warrior.

The thing is if you're going to create a multiplayer FPS that doesn't do anything new then do it well, polish it up abit and make things better. You don't have that Luxury of not being polished because you arn't a mod that is trying to change how things work. Modding used to be about giving something to the players that they don't have like multiplayer in GTA:SA or doing innovative things like Garry's Mod.

Theres tons of mods like Insurgency and it'll get lost into the crowd and die with the rest of them if you don't make certain changes. If you don't want helicopters in the game then thats fine but don't have a useless RPG class in there then. That is something that shouldn't have gone live in the first place.

Insurgency is a fantastic mod but would I play it over whats already out there? No. I dunno maybe I'm looking at things differently because I'm thinking about popularity and maybe you're just creating the mod to improve your skills and being creative or trying to get into the industry as a paid developer like the Minerva guy.

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