Welcome to the Inanimate TC ModDB page. Inanimate is a Call of Duty Total Conversion inspired by the game 'Dead Space'. It takes place hundreds of years in the future, when the human race has created the technology to survive and live in space. However, something goes wrong, and you (a doctor on board) are left with the horrifying task of defending your life and the spaceship against the hordes of infected crew & friends who are out to kill you.

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Mission 1 Progress

Mission 1 Progress

News 2 comments

Progress on Mission 1 is coming along nicely. We've added new sections to the ship, and tested out a few of the built-in textures available. We will be...

Work begins

Work begins

News 6 comments

Work is starting to fire up and the mod is starting to move. We're well on our way to completing mission 1 of the Total Conversion.

Now the fun begins

Now the fun begins

News 0 comments

Well, we finally have a very talented mapper on-board, "TigerAce" who's taking care of level design, and I'm taking care of everything else (scripting...

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