Imperial Splendour attempts to create the best Empire: Total War experience possible without destroying the essence of the game, with an eye towards expanding and enriching the experience, while adding to the game's realism whenever possible. IS 2.2.1b focus on Britain and France, adding two periods so as to allow an evolution of the uniforms. IS made also a large rework on the visual and sound aspect so as to make ETW as enjoyable as last TW games. The CAI and BAI are totally reviewed, the Great Campaign is now really more challenging, and it will be difficult for you to impose to the World your imperial splendour.

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Great mod


Perfect, this mod is just perfect!

It makes such justice to the 1700's era!


The classical music that has been implemented into this game is simply amazing.


Klarum says

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This mod is over-hyped. It is a very nice visual mod with new and changing uniforms. As for the rest of the modifications regarding BAI, cost, and unit balancing it is bad. It doesn't really change the AI in any way. It just makes everything more expensive for the player and gives the AI lots of money.

it needs some units in my opinion,also the costs are very high for everything,like it s not the only way to make a game hard,also am i the only one that never notices any change in the BAI sure i sometimes loose some battles because i get melee rushed by the overwhelming enemy numbers,but that s about it...

Gameplay is not perfect yet but uniforms are xd(uniforms that are done already, still waiting for caroleans)


Not sure what people praise about the balancing. Its so horrible it is nearly unplayable. Some of it make no sense in the campaign. AI seems to earn more money than you so you are really nerfed as a player.

Uniforms look cool tho

Great Mod!


Amazing mod. It is a major shift from the random large scale chaos of Darthmod, through high unit prices and different units for each faction. You know care about preserving units, and not just throwing them into hopeless situations since a major loss on the battefield represents a HUGE loss of money on the campaign map (6k gold to replenish units, and that was a victory!)

Solid mod for Empire, has a lot of potential for some really positive changes to the game, please keep up the good work, can't wait for the official release of IS III!

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Great mod

Aug 6 2012 by villbey