Starting out as an experiment in story telling, this itty bitty installment is a prelude to what will likely be more stories to come.

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Ignorant people don't have the patience for art in a simplistic design. It's not meant to be a ****** map meant for PewDie, it's unique in its atmosphere and people can't wrap their heads around it. Don't be mistaken by the reviews. For a short story, it has a better story than most of what is on the forums today.

And it is NOT MEANT TO BE SCARY. Don't give it a bad review because it wasn't all jumpscares and crappy mapping. I'm getting tired of all the great campaigns being neglected and all the pieces of **** getting all the attention. Get a brain, or don't comment. God damn.

Superb! This was piece of art.


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I didn't expect much of a prelude, but this just tops it. The mapping was stunning, and the music fit well with the atmosphere. I know it wasn't about scaring, but that ending did get me. I don't understand why so many people dislike the map.

I will admit that I got confused at some parts. I died of the thorns because I thought that I was supposed to fill the glass jar with water from the basins, then touch the statue.

The only issue I had were some slightly misplaced objects. Otherwise, I loved it.

It was really nice and i enjoyed it, but i rate 10 because of I think like the dev, CSes shouldn't be all about scaring, and because, that your custom content is freakin' awesome! how did u get them? or made them? didn't find tutorials on actually creating objects, and the music was a very good add to the astmosphere, which was great.

looking forward for your main piece of work :)

Short but perfect as the artwork it is! :)


This was great, it deserves more attention, and 80% of the people who reviewed this are dumb bitches. nuff' said


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