A huge compilation of the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat mods. Graphics, sound and gameplay overhauled.

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Its good needs a bit of work,but its been alot of fun =D

IWA's graphical updates, minimalistic hud, reworking of terrible English dubs and increased difficulty do wonders to produce a richer game-play experience.


Great, you put a really great work on this mod. I think it is so far the best mod for any Stalker game, I like the option to take and put objects anywhere you want it, to sleep, to get stalkers to your group ...
Only thing I dont like is the "spaghetti" on weapons :D but its realistic, thought some weapons might be clear, like Fn F2000 or some sniper rifles, but i hope you will repair it in v. 1.3. and please remove the compass and leave only the objective mark ;)

excellent mod, after I got it working. I dont think I have a single complaint, visually stunning, the audio is excellent and I do like the rusted or bloody weapons, they add a very nice touch.

Looks amazing and great textures, i can see alot of work in it all :DDD


Very good mod

Amazing, the only cons are the Textures (sky and guns)(replaced with Smrter gun textures and atmosfear 3 on my machine) the game is much more believable now i love it even more!

this is one of my favorite call of pripyat mods, along with complete mod.
id highly recommend it.

An amazing mod but i have encountered a few problems, one of them being not being able to put the game on Enhanced Dierctx11 Dynamic lighting without it crashing at the load screen but besides that a amazing mod.

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