A huge compilation of the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat mods. Graphics, sound and gameplay overhauled.

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May 16th, 2011 7 people agree 6 people don't

I have found this mod to be hit-or-miss on certain aspects.
I love most of the gameplay changes enough to keep the mod, but there are serious problems with the rest.
-The game frequently crashes when I load a save.
-The new weapon textures are horrendous. This is particularly funny because there is rust all over polymer and rubber components of the guns. I bet someone opened up the texture files and took no longer than a few minutes to carelessly splash a rust effect all over them. It doesn't even look like rust. It's like half blood half spaghetti sauce with dirt.
-The new sleep mechanics are nice, but Deg. has become downright narcoleptic. I've had him pass out 6 hours after waking up from 12 hours of sleep. COME ON!
-Most of the weapons weigh a full KG more than they should for no reason whatsoever. This isn't "realistic". Look up the makes/models on world.guns.ru and you'll find a SIG 550 does NOT weigh 5.5 KG and you must go by UNloaded weight because that's how the game counts it.
-I don't know if this was changed by the mod or if it is a game bug (I've never run into it playing vanilla) but if you die during an emission and load the "emission" autosave it'll reset the emission kill timer to a totally RANDOM value. This means you can reload the save, have a full minute to find cover, fail, reload and find that you now have 1 SECOND so you die instantly, reload, find that now you have 2 minutes, find cover, die for some other stupid reason, reload to the emission save because it is the most recent, NOW YOU GOT 5 SECONDS MOFO, die, reload, game crashes.

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