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will the over the shoulder view be available or can server choose what view you can play with

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defragen1 Author

The most common feedback to the mod was people suggesting a different camera mode. With everyone wanting a different camera mode, its pretty obvious to allow it.

First, its not discriminating to allow other camera modes since you can already see players around corners or behind cover anyway.

Second, you will be able to choose any of the default camera modes(FPS, thirdperson,top down, cinematic angles, detach and attach camera) including being able to make your own custom presets. Fog distance will depend on the pitch of your camera angle, so FPS view wont have the advantage of being able to see further than other camera styles.

We are going illuminati style with all these cameras everywhere lol

You will be able to move your camera into a different room or enemy base to observe the enemy. However, not everyone will have this "remote viewing" ability unlocked. It will be part of the spiritual class and one of its psionic abilities.

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Interesting decision. I have to be honest; the top-down view was what I thought made this mod unique. If people are going to ask for that to be cut out then it'll be basically the same as every other modern shooter.

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defragen1 Author

1st and 3rd person modes are kind of novelty. I personally find it more difficult to play this way since people run so fast in our game. Also people in top down camera can see you behind walls easily and just prefire you through cover, while you have a hard time seeing them. sooooOoo if you are that hell bent on playing in FPS mode, so be it ILL BE TOP FRAGGING lol

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Some of you might remember the map hyp_skygrounds from hyp 0.1, here's new look at the updated version of the map for the upcoming 0.2 release.

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