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  • If you have any suggestions for the mod, where it should go, small problems, ideas youd'e like to see implemented, then please, by all means, post on the forum, I would love to hear from you.
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  • It is located here:
  • Also if you have downloaded a version where the Hiigarans start with the Assault Cruiser in skirmish, please re-download the mod. The issue has been addressed.

What is Advanced Mod: Revived?

Advanced mod: Revived is a Home World 2 modification that specializes in taking the 2 existing races and expanding upon them. The idea, is to add in multiple different new ships, re-arm every ship in the game, and specialize each ship with a blended, but still clear role.
By giving the player more options, and doing it in a professionalized manner the mod "advances" the gameplay of Homeworld 2 into something different, something more fun, and yet still tactically fulfilling.

The history of Advanced Mod: Revived.

Advanced Mod: Revived in a nutshell is the mutated, basement slave, finally freed, version of Advanced Mod.

Shortly after Homeworld 2 hit store shelves I began work making a mod. I wanted to add more options to the game, and make the capital ships not so... well sadly armed.
I started off by changing the turrets on the destroyer into ion cannons, because I missed watching destroyers grind ships into pieces with beams of plasma. Next big thing I did was change the battlecruiser, by adding in more turrets to it.
After that the changes began to rack up, and up, and up, until a couple months after the release of HW2, I released Advanced Mod.
Back then though, there were nearly no frequently used models to choose from, and I had, and still have nearly no model making skills. So all of the ships reused the already available models.

It wasn't more than a couple years later that I joined the military and suddenly had another life I had to take care of before modding, so Advanced Mod, got left in the basement for a bit, while I did my job.
This of course left an unprofessional and incomplete modification.

The evolution of Advanced Mod: Revived.

Always having a copy of all of my mods stored, and backed up in my computer systems I would occasionally over the next 5 and a half years during my free time open up said archives and work on my mods.

It was during these times that I worked to further see to the dream of what I once hoped Advanced Mod would be. Fixing errors, streamlining items, and re-balancing until I literally couldn't crunch the numbers anymore, and doing it not for a release, but for my own enjoyment. I had somehow made this old unfinished mod into a nearly complete project.
Nearing the end of my tour in the military I was provided with some free time which I used to finish polishing up the mod and decided to release to the world as "HW2 Advanced Mod: Revived".
Still clearly with some kinks, I couldn't let the mod fall once more to the wayside without properly being shown to the world, so over the last year, I have been hard at work making the mod better.

This is what Advanced Mod, has turned into:


These are the sources from which the current version of Advanced Mod: Revived has used models from.

  • PDS Mod Team
  • Complex Mod Team
  • TFS Mod Team
  • FX Mod Team
  • Pirates Mod Team
  • PTV Mod Team
  • Mothership Warfare Mod Team

This is 5 years of tinkering around with my mod. So if I have used something from your mod, and have not credited you, I am sorry, please PM me, so I can fix the problem. Thank you.

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Hiigaran BC Missile module redux Hiigaran BC Missile module redux Hiigaran BC Missile module redux
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5 comments by Dondelium on Aug 14th, 2013

Below is a list of what has been done, followed by a list of what is to be done. The reason that this list is so extensive is that after some extensive playing, and examination, I've come to the realization that a lot of the ships, specifically cruisers don't fit there races design philosophy, are drastically over powered, and blend there roles too much to be properly used. After extensive tinkering, editing, crunching numbers, and play testing, I have come to the difficult decision that cruisers should be pushed backward in there design philosophy to just a couple of choices with highly specific roles.

I wanted to provide the community this list so that you can see where the mod is right now, where its going, and to ask you, what you think about it, and how you feel these changes should be done. This is my current design philosophy, but is in no way shape manner or form in a finalized state, so, any ideas, complaints, praises, or offers will be taken to heart, and the next version may very well take shape into a different direction because of your input.

        - Interceptors replaced by multirole fighter (model and specs).
        - Multirole Fighter removed (Both sides).
        - Vaygr Interceptor Model changed (TFS Model).
        - Vaygr Heavy Fighter Model changed (TFS model).
        - Hiigaran Heavy Fighter Model edited.
        - Defender removed (Both sides).
        - Strike Corvette Removed.
        - Vaygr Assault Frigates turrets redone (TFS model).
        - Vaygr Assault Frigate renamed to "Flak Frigate" to better represent its current role.
        - Gun frigates and assault frigates now have visible point defense locations/turrets. (both sides)
        - Heavy Missile Frigate now has visible point defense locations.
        - Hiigaran Pulsar Frigate added.
        - Vaygr Lance Frigate added.
        - Hiigaran Plasma Projection Frigate now has fire FX for its pulsar turrets.
        - Gun turrets now fire proper flak weapons and have been renamed to "Flak Platform" as well.
            (both sides)
        - Hiigaran Pulsar platform added.
        - Vaygr Lance platform added.
        - Destroyer/Escort Destroyer turret locations repositioned. (Both sides)
        - Decreased size of Hiigaran Destroyer Ion Cannons.
        - Replaced Hiigaran Light Cruiser role with Strike Cruiser model, and rearmed turrets.
        - Replaced Hiigaran Cruiser role with Odies Cruiser model as used in "Complex Enhanced", and
            rearmed turrets.
        - Removed Hiigaran Assault Carrier
        - Removed Hiigaran Missile Cruiser
        - Removed Hiigaran Strike Cruiser
        - Increased size of Hiigaran Ion Cannons
        - Added Siege Cannon Module to Hiigaran Battlecruiser. (As from PTV)
        - Changed Torpedo Module on Hiigaran Battlecruiser to a new spinally mounted model, that is
            much better.
        - Moved Hiigaran "Additional PDS", "Spinal Torpedo", and "Siege Cannon" modules to the sensor
            menu to better show they dont build on the module points.
        - Created new Anti-Strike Craft defense suite for Vaygr Carrier. (Sensor slot)
        - Changed name of old Vaygr Carrier "Defense Suite" to "Anti-Frigate Defense Suite".
        - Added Vaygr (now named) Assault Carrier to build options.
        -Removed AI bomber spam once cruisers arrive. (In AI build file)
        -Created custom Artillery projectiles.
        -Siege weapons have there own size projectile.
        -Rapier effects reduced significantly

To Do:
        - Redux fighter combat. Make flight physics smoother, and faster, more like TFS, and less like an
            awkward turn battle.
        - Change Vaygr Strike Fighter model. It doesn't fit in well with current deign philosophy.
        - Add Command Frigate. (Model from REARM mod)
        - Amplify anti fighter/corvette damage on anti-fighter/corvette Frigates.
            * Increase fire rate and damage mildly on both accounts.
        - Decrease anti fighter/corvette damage on non-anti-fighter/corvette Frigates.
            * Reduce fire rate of all non-essential PDS.
            * Remove "Magic" hull points that fire without proper representation.
            * Reduce number of PDS on ship designs.
        - Add Hiigaran siege platform. (Model from PTV)
        - Add a Vaygr long range platform. (Unsure of how best to implement this).
        - Change Vaygr "Heavy Destroyer" into "Siege Destroyer".
            * Redesign by replacing sensor towers on the front of the side platforms with Siege Cannon
                muzzles. Do after designing BC's Siege Cannon module to stay in same design philosophy
            * Then remove laser turrets from side "wings" and make bottom turret into a smaller turret,
                like a laser turret, or a heavy kinetic.
        - Remove Vaygr Artillery Cruiser.
        - Remove Vaygr Heavy Cruiser.
        - Remove Vaygr Assault Cruiser.
        - Replace Vaygr Ion Cruiser model with a suitable model/Armament that follows proper design
        - Replace Vaygr Light Cruiser model with a suitable model/Armament that follows proper design
        - Make new spinally mounted Ion Cannon Module for Hiigaran Battlecruiser.
        - Make new spinally mounted Laser Cannon Module for Vaygr Battlecruiser. (Acts like a 4th
            barrel on trinity cannon)
        - Make new spinally mounted Heavy Missile Module for Vaygr Battlecruiser. (Fires 4 ultra heavy
        - Make new spinally mounted Siege Cannon Module for Vaygr Battlecruiser.
        - Reduce anti-fighter/corvette damage on all cruisers.
            * Reduce fire rate on all non-essential PDS.
            * Remove "Magic" hull points that fire without proper representation.
            * Reduce number of PDS on ship designs.
        - Add Hiigaran Battleship. (Model from Complex).
        - Add Hiigaran (now named) Assault Carrier (bishop version) to build menus.
        - Find a suitable Vaygr Light Carrier.
        - Fix icon for Vaygr Heavy Fighter
        - Fix icon for Hiigaran Cruiser
        - Battlecruiser to destroyer ratio is too weak, while destroyer to frigate ratio is too strong.
            (Amp Frigates/Cruisers and Nerf Destroyers a little.)
        - Revamp weapons
            * Further standardize fire rates/damage/size with its model representation, and not the ship.
            * Class level ranges. (No 6km being standard for all basic weapon systems)
            * Reduce fire rate on heavy weapons, and increase damage, 150%-200%. (Increase range of
                "long range" weapon systems [Mildly]) Ion, Missiles, Artillery, Siege, Plasma, Lasers.
        - Once all ship changes have been made, repair single player campaign.

On the Vaygr cruiser changes I was thinking I would use the pirate cruiser as the light cruiser, but shrink its size 10%-15% so that it fit the role better. Then for the cruiser I am in between editing the Artillery Cruiser, or Ion Cruiser model to make it fit its role better.

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Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 LUA

Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 LUA

Aug 14, 2012 Full Version 5 comments

Another update to the mod. Lots of edits, mostly to the Vaygr.

Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 BIG

Aug 14, 2012 Full Version 6 comments

Another update to the mod. Lots of edits, mostly to the Vaygr.

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.4 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.4 BIG

Dec 22, 2011 Full Version 18 comments

Rebalanced ship prices, armaments, damages, and build times. Updated Homeworld 2 campaign to Advanced Mod standards. Made custom new UI for menu, and...

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.3 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.3 BIG

Nov 21, 2011 Full Version 1 comment

1.3 Brings in a new era of more effective weapons, to include new missile types, brand new, custom, Advanced Mod created turret systems, and weapon projectiles...

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.2 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.2 BIG

Nov 16, 2011 Full Version 0 comments

Finally got a .BIG version of 1.2 for you. New release with effective bug fixes, new armaments, and more balanced gameplay. All (noticed) turrets have...

Post comment Comments  (70 - 80 of 146)
Drenghul May 25 2012, 1:19pm says:

Cool mod but I have a few questions.

1: Will you add nuclear weapons to the game? Nukes are awesome.

2: Will you create an alternative Super Carrier since the REARM models are off limits?

3: Will you add an option to turn off research and speed up construction? Some times I would rather have a fast paced game.

4: Will you add any new races? That would be cool.

5: Some new maps would be cool. See about using the backgrounds from Star Wars Warlords. Those are pretty good. Sometimes I like the less colorful backgrounds.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium May 25 2012, 3:37pm replied:

Thank you,

1: I don't intend to go any bigger than I already have.
2: Uhhhhh, don't count on it.
3: Sounds like a good idea actually, I will think about it.
4: No, I am not going to add any more races.
5: I agree, the mod does need more maps. I will look into this after, or during the creation of the new campaign.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Drenghul Jun 11 2012, 1:55pm replied:

Have you thought about including the Homeworld Territories mod into this? That would be pretty cool.

+2 votes     reply to comment
z741 May 24 2012, 10:49pm says:

this is a great mod, im happy its still going. i had hw2 back when it was released beat the campaign and got bored with the skirmish. so i started looking for mods and found this one. in its original incarnation and enjoyed it along with a few others.

great job, want to give the fans an idea of whats coming up for 1.5?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium May 24 2012, 11:01pm replied:

Excellent! Another Advanced Mod veteran!

I actually just updated my post in the forums on here of my current progress. Although I haven't got to the campaign yet, I plan to make a small release in the next couple weeks sometime.

P.S. On a side note, I just want to point out, I played against other players in the original version of the mod online... and I always lost... 0_o

+2 votes     reply to comment
z741 May 26 2012, 8:06am replied:

yeah i kinda suck online vs people. i tend to be slow to start

+2 votes     reply to comment
Burnhardt May 24 2012, 2:24pm says:

Another issue that came up for me was the player vs CPU was broken in my download, I have both BIG and LUA versions. Adding -luatrace to the command line resulted in a log showing the fallowing, Error: loading research file (data:scripts\Building and Research\Invalid\research.lua) -- FATAL EXIT -- (you get a CTD at the game load screen when you start a skirmish game at about half a load bar). I was able to fix it buy removing the race Invalid from the race script. This however had the undesirable affect of making it imposable to switch races. Default was Hiigaran but selecting vayger resulted in never being able to switch back because vayger was the only option in the drop down. My second attempt was via adding a folder and dummy research script for invalid in the research folder (script was copied from the bentusi folder, I reasoned you cant play as Invalid or bentusi so who cares what they can research). This has resulted in skirmish games working as intended with one exception. Hiigaran CPU's will not build anything other then Fighters, bombers, carriers and shipyards (I don't know if this has anything to do with my modification to get skirmish to work or not). Vayger CPU's will use the full array of units including the new ones, especially strike destroyers and strike bombers, though on smaller maps they can get discouraged after a big push and get lethargic. Based on after battle scores I think the issue with the Hiigaran is that they are not researching anything as there research score is nearly nothing. Its not uncommon to see them with 3 shipyards 3 carriers (meaning they are building modules) and the mothership, they are just building nothing but bombers and interceptors though.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium May 24 2012, 10:30pm replied:

Hummmmm, after further re-reading, that does seem odd... you could try reinstalling the mod (LUA style) and replace the "random" option in "race.lua" in the scripts folder, with this:

{"Random", "$3226", "", "", 0, Playable, ""},

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium May 24 2012, 9:31pm replied:

I have heard of this problem before. I am unaware of what is happening to cause it, but I know leaving any of the players blank before going into a match will result in the game pushing "invalid" to the handler, instead of random, and that in turn makes the game wig out. Your problem may be more in-depth than that, but it sounds like you may have went to far in trying to fix it.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium May 24 2012, 9:41pm replied:

Ok, I have made "random" a usable race again, I don't know why, when, or how that changed, but its fixed now, hopefully I will not get any more issues with this.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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