Advanced mod: Revived is a Home World 2 modification that specializes in taking the 2 existing races and expanding upon them. The idea, is to add in multiple different new ships, re-arm every ship in the game, and specialize each ship with a blended, but still clear role. By giving the player more options, and doing it in a professionalized manner the mod "advances" the gameplay of Homeworld 2 into something different, something more fun, and yet still tactically fulfilling. Read More...

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Below is a list of what has been done, followed by a list of what is to be done. The reason that this list is so extensive is that after some extensive playing, and examination, I've come to the realization that a lot of the ships, specifically cruisers don't fit there races design philosophy, are drastically over powered, and blend there roles too much to be properly used. After extensive tinkering, editing, crunching numbers, and play testing, I have come to the difficult decision that cruisers should be pushed backward in there design philosophy to just a couple of choices with highly specific roles.

I wanted to provide the community this list so that you can see where the mod is right now, where its going, and to ask you, what you think about it, and how you feel these changes should be done. This is my current design philosophy, but is in no way shape manner or form in a finalized state, so, any ideas, complaints, praises, or offers will be taken to heart, and the next version may very well take shape into a different direction because of your input.

- Interceptors replaced by multirole fighter (model and specs).
- Multirole Fighter removed (Both sides).
- Vaygr Interceptor Model changed (TFS Model).
- Vaygr Heavy Fighter Model changed (TFS model).
- Hiigaran Heavy Fighter Model edited.
- Defender removed (Both sides).
- Strike Corvette Removed.
- Vaygr Assault Frigates turrets redone (TFS model).
- Vaygr Assault Frigate renamed to "Flak Frigate" to better represent its current role.
- Gun frigates and assault frigates now have visible point defense locations/turrets. (both sides)
- Heavy Missile Frigate now has visible point defense locations.
- Hiigaran Pulsar Frigate added.
- Vaygr Lance Frigate added.
- Hiigaran Plasma Projection Frigate now has fire FX for its pulsar turrets.
- Gun turrets now fire proper flak weapons and have been renamed to "Flak Platform" as well.
(both sides)
- Hiigaran Pulsar platform added.
- Vaygr Lance platform added.
- Destroyer/Escort Destroyer turret locations repositioned. (Both sides)
- Decreased size of Hiigaran Destroyer Ion Cannons.
- Replaced Hiigaran Light Cruiser role with Strike Cruiser model, and rearmed turrets.
- Replaced Hiigaran Cruiser role with Odies Cruiser model as used in "Complex Enhanced", and
rearmed turrets.
- Removed Hiigaran Assault Carrier
- Removed Hiigaran Missile Cruiser
- Removed Hiigaran Strike Cruiser
- Increased size of Hiigaran Ion Cannons
- Added Siege Cannon Module to Hiigaran Battlecruiser. (As from PTV)
- Changed Torpedo Module on Hiigaran Battlecruiser to a new spinally mounted model, that is
much better.
- Moved Hiigaran "Additional PDS", "Spinal Torpedo", and "Siege Cannon" modules to the sensor
menu to better show they dont build on the module points.
- Created new Anti-Strike Craft defense suite for Vaygr Carrier. (Sensor slot)
- Changed name of old Vaygr Carrier "Defense Suite" to "Anti-Frigate Defense Suite".
- Added Vaygr (now named) Assault Carrier to build options.
-Removed AI bomber spam once cruisers arrive. (In AI build file)
-Created custom Artillery projectiles.
-Siege weapons have there own size projectile.
-Rapier effects reduced significantly

To Do:
- Redux fighter combat. Make flight physics smoother, and faster, more like TFS, and less like an
awkward turn battle.
- Change Vaygr Strike Fighter model. It doesn't fit in well with current deign philosophy.
- Add Command Frigate. (Model from REARM mod)
- Amplify anti fighter/corvette damage on anti-fighter/corvette Frigates.
* Increase fire rate and damage mildly on both accounts.
- Decrease anti fighter/corvette damage on non-anti-fighter/corvette Frigates.
* Reduce fire rate of all non-essential PDS.
* Remove "Magic" hull points that fire without proper representation.
* Reduce number of PDS on ship designs.
- Add Hiigaran siege platform. (Model from PTV)
- Add a Vaygr long range platform. (Unsure of how best to implement this).
- Change Vaygr "Heavy Destroyer" into "Siege Destroyer".
* Redesign by replacing sensor towers on the front of the side platforms with Siege Cannon
muzzles. Do after designing BC's Siege Cannon module to stay in same design philosophy
* Then remove laser turrets from side "wings" and make bottom turret into a smaller turret,
like a laser turret, or a heavy kinetic.
- Remove Vaygr Artillery Cruiser.
- Remove Vaygr Heavy Cruiser.
- Remove Vaygr Assault Cruiser.
- Replace Vaygr Ion Cruiser model with a suitable model/Armament that follows proper design
- Replace Vaygr Light Cruiser model with a suitable model/Armament that follows proper design
- Make new spinally mounted Ion Cannon Module for Hiigaran Battlecruiser.
- Make new spinally mounted Laser Cannon Module for Vaygr Battlecruiser. (Acts like a 4th
barrel on trinity cannon)
- Make new spinally mounted Heavy Missile Module for Vaygr Battlecruiser. (Fires 4 ultra heavy
- Make new spinally mounted Siege Cannon Module for Vaygr Battlecruiser.
- Reduce anti-fighter/corvette damage on all cruisers.
* Reduce fire rate on all non-essential PDS.
* Remove "Magic" hull points that fire without proper representation.
* Reduce number of PDS on ship designs.
- Add Hiigaran Battleship. (Model from Complex).
- Add Hiigaran (now named) Assault Carrier (bishop version) to build menus.
- Find a suitable Vaygr Light Carrier.
- Fix icon for Vaygr Heavy Fighter
- Fix icon for Hiigaran Cruiser
- Battlecruiser to destroyer ratio is too weak, while destroyer to frigate ratio is too strong.
(Amp Frigates/Cruisers and Nerf Destroyers a little.)
- Revamp weapons
* Further standardize fire rates/damage/size with its model representation, and not the ship.
* Class level ranges. (No 6km being standard for all basic weapon systems)
* Reduce fire rate on heavy weapons, and increase damage, 150%-200%. (Increase range of
"long range" weapon systems [Mildly]) Ion, Missiles, Artillery, Siege, Plasma, Lasers.
- Once all ship changes have been made, repair single player campaign.

On the Vaygr cruiser changes I was thinking I would use the pirate cruiser as the light cruiser, but shrink its size 10%-15% so that it fit the role better. Then for the cruiser I am in between editing the Artillery Cruiser, or Ion Cruiser model to make it fit its role better.

Version 1.5 Released!

Version 1.5 Released!

3 years ago News 9 comments

The last planned serious content release for Advanced Mod: Revived. This update includes a new ship, new subsystems, edited missiles, streamlined effects...

Teaser for upcoming release.

Teaser for upcoming release.

3 years ago News 3 comments

A drastically improved balance with ship prices and build times is not even close to the only thing that has been updated in the newest version. A full...

Gameplay Re-balance

Gameplay Re-balance

4 years ago News 4 comments

So its pretty much public knowledge that after every massive re-armament or gameplay change, that re-balance is in the pike before any decent release...

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.3 Released!

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.3 Released!

4 years ago News 1 comment

That's right, version 1.3 is out, downloads already approved, a few new pictures, with more to come, and even a brand new trailer, complete with proper...

RSS feed Downloads
Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 LUA

Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 LUA

3 years ago Full Version 5 comments

Another update to the mod. Lots of edits, mostly to the Vaygr.

Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived V1.5 BIG

3 years ago Full Version 6 comments

Another update to the mod. Lots of edits, mostly to the Vaygr.

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.4 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.4 BIG

3 years ago Full Version 18 comments

Rebalanced ship prices, armaments, damages, and build times. Updated Homeworld 2 campaign to Advanced Mod standards. Made custom new UI for menu, and...

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.3 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.3 BIG

4 years ago Full Version 1 comment

1.3 Brings in a new era of more effective weapons, to include new missile types, brand new, custom, Advanced Mod created turret systems, and weapon projectiles...

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.2 BIG

Advanced Mod: Revived 1.2 BIG

4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Finally got a .BIG version of 1.2 for you. New release with effective bug fixes, new armaments, and more balanced gameplay. All (noticed) turrets have...

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Drenghul Aug 7 2012 says:

Do you think you could add a battle carrier for both sides? Maybe the Hiigarans could use an upgraded Kushan carrier. It is more bulky so that could have heavier armor and better point defense guns. Also hold more fighter squadrons.

Not sure what the Vaygr could use.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Aug 8 2012 replied:

I currently do not have any intent of making a battlecarrier, but I have made a module for the Vaygr carrier that can be built instead of sensors that gives the carrier the firepower of a heavier frigate.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Cysta Aug 9 2012 replied:

you! that's...! my favorite Tulwar frigate. and it has been modified! ='(
good mod tough.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Aug 9 2012 replied:

Lol, that modification to the tulwar is only for Captain Soban. :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
GrimSheeper Aug 6 2012 says:

Well, mission 1 is utterly breaking me in half as of now. Guess I suck at this game, but two squads of interceptors plus two squads of bombers against that huge blob of Vagyr is more than tactically fulfilling for me.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Aug 8 2012 replied:

Lol, everyone finds there own way of defeating a mission. If you notice, after the drones are done, while the first group of bombers come in you can now build multirole fighters. These are FAR more useful in the dogfighting aspect of the mod due to their missiles. I suggest building a few wings of these, probably 2 or 3, maybe a couple bomber wings, then some more multiroles.

+1 vote   reply to comment
GrimSheeper Aug 9 2012 replied:

It was quite a lot easier using more than just the suggested 2 wings of interceptors. Multiroles chewed threw the Vagyr assault while the bombers managed the frigate.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GrimSheeper Aug 7 2012 replied:

The solution: amassing ridiculawesome amounts of squadrons before the attack. Awesome mod, I love the new ships.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Jul 20 2012 says:

I recently had to reformat my computer. No worries I saved all the work I have done, like the trinity corvette, but it will back me up alittle bit.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Jul 20 2012 replied:

I actually lost quite a bit more work than I thought, the virus I had actually ate my recent backup while I was trying to back it up.
Luckily I have a backup of AMR shortly after finishing work on the Hiigarans for the new release, so now I have to go back, and redo the entirety of the Vagyr stuff, to include the battlecruiser refit, which took me quite a while -_-...

+2 votes   reply to comment
Stuart98 Jul 26 2012 replied:

What's left?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Jul 26 2012 replied:

A large portion of the newest version. I have redone most of the edits to the Vaygr I made, still need to refit the Vaygr battlecruiser... again -_-...

After that a few edits here and a change or two there, it will be ready for release.... problem is getting the battlecruiser, its modules, and all the other little stuff I did with the battlecruiser to be as effective, and epic as it was. It in itself took me a few days to do.

And with finals coming up, and another semester starting immediately after, gonna be hard pressed.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Drenghul Aug 3 2012 replied:

Need any help? I can edit ship files, wpn files, and family lists. Hell if you want I can help add new races. I don't know hoding, modeling or that stuff. I am still learning my way around LUA files.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dondelium Creator
Dondelium Aug 4 2012 replied:

Well as of current I don't need any help, but once I get to working on the campaign, I could probably use some help with maps, audio, and possibly a couple more things here and there.

+2 votes   reply to comment
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