Hello, sir.I'm just new modder from Thailand. It's my first mod . Let's get some fun. If something haven't not work , please comment for me. Thank you. detail mod like this - upgrade - GDI upgrade Chip ArmorVehicles(Vehicles) upgrade Ammo-Explode Rifle upgrade Titanium-Gold Armor(Aircrafts) - NOD upgrade Platinum Armor(Vehicles and Aircrafts) - Scrin forceshield Harvester, Devourertank, Seeker upgrade Tiberium Armor(Vehicles and Aircrafts) - support power - GDI Satellite railgun - NOD Seedtiberiumblue - Scrin Shocktrooper Swarm Superionstorm IchorSeedTiberium - new units - GDI Defender Mammoth MK.lll Thor Giga Kodiak AAHover Titan - NOD Dread Redeemer SpiderMech ScorpionKing Leviathan - Scrin King Queen Lord DestroyerTank BattleShip - ability wormholepack(Scrin) - new structure - GDI Hi-TechHub - NOD HighWarFactory - Scrin FinalWarp

Review RSS Feed DD92 says
7 DD92

Jan 3rd, 2011 2 people agree 0 people don't

Becouse it s good but u can make this better

rocky210420 says
8 rocky210420

Nov 7th, 2010 1 person agrees 2 people don't

well,well,well this a pretty good mod, i just played it and thought i was just a knock off but its actually good. i like the new type of units in this mod plus the smalls changes to units and add some new powers.The new units need a lot of work for the model texture though but i have a good feeling that this modder knows what he is doing.

senjuy14 says
1 senjuy14

Jan 26th, 2012

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Jun 20th, 2011

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ComradeWinston says
5 ComradeWinston

Jan 27th, 2011

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maxcheese3 says
8 maxcheese3

Nov 22nd, 2010

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skull-4- says
9 skull-4-

Nov 11th, 2010

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este says
7 este

Nov 9th, 2010

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xHarakirix says
5 xHarakirix

Nov 9th, 2010

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peterpatat says
10 peterpatat

Oct 30th, 2010

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