Age Of Change II

Our idea is to make a mod where story and plot is integrated more in the new factions and new Calradian continent.

*The age in focus will be 1450-1620, the transition periods just at the end of the medieval ages, into late Renaissance, along with some interesting factions from earlier periods that will further increase the gameplay fun.

*Troops are organized to follow the development from earlier periods to the mod focus period, making the game much more challenging!
This give us the possibility to have firearm units, while still keeping infantry, archery and cavalry based on real historic factions placed in the new Calradian continent in mind.

*Our factions have nothing to do with Warband ones, we only left original factions names (to keep action in Caladria), there is no vanilla faction troop or piece of equipment left.

*Keeping action in Caladria allows us few important things like: interesting fantasy map, no geographic limits or very long time period.
All the factions are accurate and based on historic nations, but as we keep action in Caladria it would be very unnatural to use authentic nation names, so we used the old ones and added few new in similar (or almost similar ) naming convention .

*AOC II is a very low fantasy mod (if we can really call it fantasy), it's more of a real world aesthetics set in a fantasy world without a mystical or magical element.

*19 factions based on real historical ones, with all of the troops having unique and historically accurate equipment, that you will encounter and enjoy fighting for or against.

New generic, bandit, mercenary, manhunter, guilds concepts that will bring the gameplay to a more challenging level,
along with sea battles,
new trading system,
custom troops and kingdom management,
mysterious places on a huge strategically well thought map,
more then 700 new items are made specifically for this mod but the most important fact is that we tried to make them historically accurate as possible can it be,
ton of coding goodies which you will slowly discover while playing

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*Our factions have nothing to do with Warband ones, we only left original factions names (to keep action in Caladria), there is no vanilla faction troop or piece of equipment left.

Here is our faction list, the big guys that appear to run the world around you:
*High Porte
*Templar Order
*Hospitaler Order
*Teuton Order
*Societas Draconistrarum

All of them have specific relations toward different cultures, natural friends and enemies, but tides of war often change, it is up to you to influence the world politics, that is if you manage to get on high political position.
But this is not all, mod features wast array of bandits that are faction and area specific. So beware when you wonder around, they are definitely not the guys you want to mess around with.
And talking about mercenaries, there is quite a number of mercenaries specific for the map area and cultures.

It's worth noting that based on your chosen culture both mercenaries are bandits will act differently toward you, some bandits may even join your cause and mercenaries could decide not to join you at all.
Village recruited peasants and town recruited militias have their own troop trees, it is up to you how will you build your army, go to the end of troop tears of either first or second, or try to convert them to your faction specific troops, everything has it's on perks and downsides.

Your own faction:
you don't always need to play for the big guys, if you are strong enough, you can have your own kingdom, make it, name it, defend it, even make your own custom faction troops if you like, and equip them to your own preferences!

Rebels... you'll see that those peasant are not what they used to be, just think about peasant uprisings with militia grade armies, Calradia is not an easy place to survive for a harsh ruler, keep up those taxes carefully, build wisely.

Pirates, like a part of bandit scum they are, this guys will try to raid your merchant ships if they have a chance, thankfully there are your faithful sailors with their own troop trees to keep them at bay. On the other hand your enemies will have their own navy as well...

Man-hunters are a proper guild now, someone gotta keep those pesky bandits in their place, or at least try to, they are not organised army, but more of a harsh cold blooded opportunist, willing to cut some throats in the name of the king, for a coin or two.

Every action that you do, has the reaction in the world around you, and the world is quite big, with lot of surprises. Sometimes you will encounter some places that do not belong to any faction, shady looking guys that trade with lives and goods, keep in mind that they can look at you as a fellow scum or a piece of merchandise, it's all about reputation with guilds and their hidden houses, sometimes it is worthwhile to be a bad guy. Remember, in remote enemy areas, there is not enough support to buy the arrows, munition, lances, food and water your army waists. So you'll have to think wisely will you fight or flight based on your supplies and money available, you can find unlike allies in most unusual places, or worst, unexpected enemy, in a bad time, if you appear weak...

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I hope this mod is not dead

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Zimke_Zlovoljni Creator

Don't worry, it is not. Waldzios is coding and we are having an advance in scening department as well, sceners Nordous and bpopa27 have joined our team!

Reply Good karma+5 votes

I am waiting sinceI think 3 years...I hope it will come out soon :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Guys, the new equipment looks great! I can't wait for the release!

One thing I'd like to ask though, if I may, is that you please make the tunic underneath the Winged Hussar armor a uniform, richer blood red color without the blue sleeves. Historically, the hussars would have worn a regal scarlet since they were the elite, with few traces of blue since it isn't exactly an expensive color to dye velvets in (I've been reading on the topic for years).

Once again, it's looking great and I can't wait for the release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Excuse me, but isn't blue historically the color of kings and nobility because natural blue dye is so rare and expensive? Natural indigo had be imported from the orient and tropical regions (the only native European indigo source was woad), hence only the wealthy could afford it.

Am I wrong?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not really, woad leaves are a pretty common material for dyeing fabric blue. In fact, a lot of the Polish infantry of the 16th and 17th centuries which was recruited from the peasantry wore blue uniforms. It really depends on the shade of blue and what fabric the dye was meant to be used on. Darker blues were more expensive, but dark bloody reds were considered among the most expensive. At the time crimson dye was made out of the dried insects like the Kermes or the Polish cochineal (AKA: St. John's Blood). The process was very time consuming, but it gave a unique, deep red color that only the richest could afford.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zimke_Zlovoljni Creator

Can you send me pictures on my taleworlds account?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

No problem, tell me what you think, if you can :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zimke_Zlovoljni Creator

Not a biggie, can be adjusted ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks! Btw, what faction are the hussars for?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Zimke_Zlovoljni Creator

Poland based faction :)
Societas draconistrarum and mercenary racowie husar are having different equipment of course.

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