Unlimited_X MOD is a modification based on Homeworld 2. It will set up a new world for the players - new storyline and background infomation, new races, new maps and new effects.. etc. UXMOD will just has a develop team of one moder. It's somehow a "private" mod containing the moder's imagination.

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A brief introduction on recent mod development and the future.

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Well, it has been long since I posted news here last time. In these days, MANY early plans are delayed or changed but I AM STILL WORKING ON THIS MOD. I'm going to explain some issues about UXMOD's development these days:

1- What have you been doing these days?

-Well, I don't know whether you guys know something about Chinese education(especially the period of senior high , Age 16-18). I've been working on studies and exams this term. However, the coming year(senior 3, 高三 in Chinese) will be really tough since we're going to take unlimited exams and prepare for the final examination in order to get into a good university. That's why I use "STALL" on the mod development: To be honest, there'll be less and less time for me to spend on UXMOD from now on.

2- What about the V0.45 release? What have you done till now?

-Actually, I've finished the campaign [3 small intro campaigns and 1 special level of NIS(In-game render scene telling the main story)]. Most new units are finished but there're still many things to do:

-New GameMode
-Animations between each level
-Mod Database & Historical Briefing

These are the main concerns now. Each of them requires much time and I'm not sure when I can get all these done. But these things are the MINIMUM requirements for the first release, sorry for that.. I do want to get a good(at least "playable") start here.

3- Then what's your plan now?

-In June, I'll still prepare for the final examinaton this term. After that, during the summer vacation, I'll try to finish V0.45 and if possible there will be a release in August. I'm still not sure since that summer vacation will be extremely busy & important for the coming senior 3... Anyway, I'll try.

So in all, this news is to show that UXMOD is NOT DEAD but the future is still hard and tough. Just mark my words here: I'll NEVER leave Unlimited_X MOD here DEAD and after I've entered university, I'm sure that mod development will be really on track.

That's all I want to explain here, and just reply if you have anything unclear.
Thanks, -UX,2012 06 12


Thanks for the news, I started to think that you were only online once in a while without any progress to be seen.
I'll gladly wait.

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Nathanius Online


Good luck mate! Look forward to any releases you make ;)

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Inspiring words! Best of luck to you!

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yeah don't force yourself, good luck for your exams ! we'll wait you after that !

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RambosBodyguard Online

As said above, good luck. I'll gladly wait so you can get a better education.

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