this mod theme homeworld 3 with the participation of keepers garden of Kadesh

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battle balcora before and after the capture of sajuuk



Looks nice but cince the Complex mod there is hard to make something good.

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Pouk Online

I haven't downloaded it, but that was rude.
Firstly, don't do that, just don't. We should support new mods and there are more than a few proofs that any new mod can shine even now.
Secondly, because there is something you think is good, it doesn't mean that something else cannot be good as well. Read again what you said, the sentence doesn't even make sense -and I'm not talkning about the grammar, I'm talking about the logic.

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I understand where you are coming from, but he wasn't rude, just politically incorrect. in any case, he is kind of correct, but that's only because Complex is so well developed and tested. it's like comparing a book to the movie based from the book. of course the book is better, but there are better ways of saying so.

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Pouk Online

I could understand your point of view (and I'm actually interrested in what are you trying to say), but not from this example. In this case the book is the game and each mod is the movie. Complex is the movie which is the biggest and richest (and longest in a way), but for example by far not the best looking one, definitelly not an art movie. And very incorrect in referrence to the book.

Complex is the best known and most complex mod out there, but it really doesn't say anything about the other mods. Someone might not like the slow tempo and someone couldn't stand the crimes against the race designs. So it's definitelly isn't hard to make for example better looking mod or more correct mod after Complex, since Complex is lacking those features.

Someone may create a quite different movie based on the Homeworld book and a lot of people may think that the book is being reflected in the movie much better. The movie doesn't need to be big, it may for example be only tastefull, aesthetical, exciting, it may have a different features than the "Complex movie" and it doesn't mean that any of those "movies" is worse or better, it definitelly doesn't mean that the other movies aren't worth watching just because we already have one mainstream movie.

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i get that. and i suppose i partially fell into the same trap. I think what i was trying to say was that a book has to be reviewed and edited lots of times, whilst the movie based off the book is often modified to so suit the screen. but i think my analogy was incorrect to start with. the original game is the book, and all the mods are the movies. or in some cases, like this mod, manuscripts. I think what I was trying to say was that Complex can be considered like a baseline, kind of, for the bigger mods yet to come. because whilst mods like rearm and galactic council are more aesthetically beautiful, they don't have the in depth-ness (i suppose) of complex.

so to sum this all up, i think that complex is the movie that made it - and to some extent warlords too - and the other mods are still the manuscripts.

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Very rude you just can't say that about any new mod you have no idea how it's going to turn out later when it's finished.

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