With the revision of new models, and this new progress. It seemed best to revise the story too.

Since this is post HW 2, call it HW 3 if you will.

Story Concept

Time; 50 years post HW:2

PHW2 50
Mining vessel, Kun-Laan Ascendant approaches a deep space asteroid field. As they enter the field, their guidance and comm. array gets destroyed, fearing a collision from any of the oncoming asteroids, they make a blind hyperspace jump into the unknown. Once they emerge from hyperspace, they find them self surrounded once more. This time, by an ancient megalith. Deciding that this is as good a place as any to rest and get repairs, they settle in for the duration.

While repairs are underway, the Fal-Mar research vessel is dispatched into the eye of the unknown. Within days, the mining kith realize what they have stumbled upon. They dock with the megalith, and begin further research while the communication crew tries to establish contact with any of the outside worlds, which is proving hard to do from within the megalith.

Recent negations with the Hiigaran government has left a bad taste in the mining kiith, feeling more as the out casts, and receiving no praise for the glory of the beast days, they decide to keep the discovery to themselves, at least for now. Back on Hiigara, it is believed the Kun-Laan Ascendant has been lost in a mining accident. Pieces of the hull and guidance system are found in the asteroid field, rescue operations are called off, and they return to port.

Aboard the Kun-Laan, much has changed. No longer having the guts of a mining vessel, her resource storage tanks have been striped and retrofitted into a advanced research station. After they came upon the realization that the Gate had the capability to open a hyperspace port to another galaxy, they focused all their attention to getting it up and running.

With the possibility of endless resources to build their own empire on their mind, nothing would get in their way of powering up the giant Gate. During research, a second team discovers schematics for advanced propulsion, weapons and hull plating. With the rest of Somtaaw fleet gathering at the secret location, final preparation to start the gate are in progress.

2 long years after the discovery, finally, the Gate is about to open. Before them, a hyperspace event, dwarfing anything in known existence. First to go through, is the research vessel, "Khar-Sellim II". Approximately a week later, the hyperspace event is opened once more for the Khar-Selim II to pass back through for rendezvous and status report.

She brought back hope for the Kiith-Somtaaw. For on the other side lay an imaginable galaxy. All sensory data indicate it was rich with resources, and even more layered with abandoned structures, each containing remnants of the ancients. Preliminary scans did not show any populated region which was generating any radio signals which would be detected. If this galaxy had any life, it would be primitive, or so they thought.

PHW2 100
It is well over 40 years since they first entered the "Eye of Aran". All but few Kiith-Somtaaw remain in the home galaxy of Hiigara. The government stands baffled by the decline in the Kiith but refuses to help. They hope that their political problem will vanish. And so it did.

The Pride of Hiigara is in port receiving retrofits and upgrades when a Taiidan carrier hyperspaces into unauthorized region. Fearing and attack, the Pride of Hiigara scrambles its fighters and locks an intercept course. However, the Taiidan carrier quickly establishes communications; "we wish to negotiate".

3years ago, a Taiidan recon group on the outskirts of the galaxy, looking for hospitable worlds found something intriguing. It was a beacon, a steady signal. Faint but steady. After analyzing its content, and deciphering it, they realize they are a hyperspace gate schematic, but not just like any gate. From the schematics, they can see it would dwarf and tower over Balcora. For the first time, they had knowledge on how the gates worked.

The Taiidan came to the Hiigarans in hopes of working together and build the gate. For the Taiidan, or anybody else in the galaxy had the resources or the power to construct such an object. However, once the Hiigarans acquired all of the Taiidan research and all their schematics, they had no more use for them. The Taiidan were prohibited from further involvement and could no longer participate. Any attempt to do so, would result in use of deadly force. Filled with resentment and anger, they Taiidan had no choice but to abandon the project. Never burn your bridges.

PHW2 120
If you looked up from Hiigara, the skyline would be very different from the time of the Vaygr war. No longer did she have one moon, along side the Angel moon, a structure, hollow and unlike anything else seen before floated gently across the sky. Unbeknown to the Hiigaran people, they had constructer a bee hive, and they were the kid poking it with a stick.

First galactic gate powered up, once more, first to go through was a small fleet of research ships. Composing of 2 sensor ships able to detect the faintest signal half a galaxy away, 2 research ships, and 1 large storage ship for artifacts they entered the new galaxy. They would spend 48hours on the other side before the gate was re-activated and they crossed back.


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This is the one and only public release of SoT, all content is released for public use however if you are going to use any content in a mod please inform both whisper2me and moleman2009 to these actions. *read more*

This is the full mod up until our last previous step, there are various ships that are in complete and the new race does not currently function as a fully operational race.

We release these materials under these conditions
~all materials are to be used freely however when being used in a mod that is to be released to the public please notify BOTH of us, poor acredidation is a big downfall of the modding community and leads to a lot of problems.
~DO NOT rip off the models or scripting we can tell what is our's.


Copyright 2010 Moleman2009 & Whisper2me. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, unless permission has been provided by both parties.

Black Horizon

Black Horizon

5 years ago News 3 comments

Homeworld 2 Sands of time has been canceled for an indefinite amount of time.

Private testing preparations

Private testing preparations

6 years ago News 7 comments

Private testing: Begins July 30th until August 25th. Those accepted will keep receiving continual updates throughout the 25day period.

We Want You! now!

We Want You! now!

6 years ago News 0 comments

Recruiting for various jobs, forming new teams. All members are granted full access to the mod after 3days of work(to prove your not in it just to have...



6 years ago News 1 comment

Recruiting staff, coders/hodders, texture artists, 3d artist, scripters, concept artists.

Homeworld 3 The sands of Time May Trinity Unite us All
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Whisper2Me Creator
Whisper2Me Jul 12 2009 says:

I have a few things in mind when it comes to economy and trading within the game. However, we aren't focusing on that right now as you can imagine, we do plan on using automated craft, but using them on larger trade routes, not just between two ships, but between multiple trade stations.

I'm not too keen on using "crew" as the Mother Ship would have more then enough crew in itself to be able to man every ship and vessel produced.

Outposts are definitely going to be implemented, there will be a limit on how many can be built, etc. Stationary with no engines. These out posts will also be trade markers with other trade posts on the map.

Size of maps will vary, ideally bigger maps are better for game play and the true feel of "space" but there is a limit to size I believe.

We are still very early in development, you have to remember all past work has been discarded, and wont be used. In 72 hours we have made tremendous progress, and we cant handle everything at once, as well, with only 1 modeler/texturer(me) and 2 hodders modding, it gets extremely hectic. Its not easy trying to do everything at once, we're taking it at our own pace, which is pretty quick judging by every ones reactions.

At the moment we are hoping to have enough material in game and finished by the end/half of next month that we may select a private testing group.

Thanks for your questions, much appreciate and i hope i have been able to answer some of your questions


+1 vote   reply to comment
Audiopulse Jul 13 2009 replied:

I think you got me a little wrong, Whisper. I never asked for crew to be implemented - that was just the thing the Complex-crew used those shuttle-exchange for. To be honest - the crewsystem was something I felt a little uneasy with: Complicated (at least to me) and not really a necessity for the gameplay. As said - I feel those shuttles dont even really need to serve a purpose - save looking nice maybe. Thats why I called it a "fake economy".

There could be a research-platform for highly advanced research for example, that has some kind of tanker and/or transporter going to and fro the Mothership or various outposts - not sticking to the routes other shuttles take. There would be so many possibilities.

Of course - I had realised that you discarded quite a sum of your work - and as always: It is an elemental thing for a Moddingcrew to concentrate on the small steps instead of planning too far ahead. Thing is - I cant always be there introducing my visions bit by bit.

Ive seen your progress. Amazing. Dont underestimate the tiny size of your team though. I know a very certain C&C:TS-mod that suffers from having too many people. It makes organising staff almost impossible when every now and then people got to leave, enter or even return. Value your organisation.

Felt very relieved about Moleman talking about keeping the Performance green by the way. My Lap isnt that highend anymore either and Complex - as entertaining the beginning of every match felt - became quite ghastly due to heavy/unbearable lag and some ugly designs and/or recycled material. (Whats with people recycling that darn Vaygr-outpost anyways? Its not that impressive...!?)

Glad youre doing your thing. Keep it comin' :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DJZ4K Jul 12 2009 replied:

like in ur "latest vid" not the youtube ones in the summary the ones on the moddb video page :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DJZ4K Jul 12 2009 replied:

u said all past models have been discarded, r they gone forever or just going to be redone because those big cap ships were intense i was looking forward to that

+1 vote     reply to comment
Whisper2Me Creator
Whisper2Me Jul 12 2009 replied:

Sajuk-Ka is staying, so is the Agamemnon and the Kun-Laan ascendant. All else is discarded.

Agamemnon i need to re texture

+1 vote   reply to comment
Audiopulse Jul 12 2009 says:

Part 2/2 of my post - exceeded 2000-characters-limit

The Models itself were really small and therefor consisted of very little amounts of polys. They shouldnt draw too much of the processor or GRAKA - they shouldnt even be hard to make - the only thing that could be "complex" (pun intended) is the coding I guess. Tho they dont even need to serve an actual purpose.

A question in-between. What about the Size of the Maps? Ive always been wondering: Why limiting the maps? Basically theyre Boxes full of nothing except for some dust and a few floating rocks. It shouldnt matter in any way how big they are. I just think it would be fun to chase your enemy around one of thes huge Megaliths - or if theyd draw too much processorpower: Simply chase them for some really long distances that could give Outposts actually a sense.

Thinking of that - the Shuttle-idea would even benefit from that. Id imagine some kind of a port- or haven-structure that would send a bigger shuttle to every other haven existing on the map. The smaller shuttles could travel to the nearest havens to unload there. That would solve in a fake economy: infrastructure in space that you can defend - or not.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Audiopulse Jul 12 2009 says:

Part1/2 of my post - exceeded 2000-characters-limit:

Im wondering. A long time ago when I stumbled upon this mod I asked whether this would have stationary "buildings" or Crafts - however youd like to call it - would be implemented. Seeing those "Cannons", I guess there will: Now - what Id really really love to see are those small Ships that the Complex-mod featured.

There you had to build Quarters for your Officers and Crewmen. They were quite like small floating cities I guess. They had the look of a Platform where you had to build plugins on to house more people - and every now and then a small shuttle flew out of those Quarter-platforms and automatically set course for your Mothership to dock with it - unload people - and fly back to your quarters. As soon as you had some of those Base-like buildings up and running, you had something quite much like a steady traffic of small shuttles going on. Id really love to see that implemented and working.

+1 vote     reply to comment
B()nes Jul 10 2009 says:

wow! Go away for five days and so much new stuff! Awesome!

+1 vote     reply to comment
droideka95 Jul 9 2009 says:

Given the Awesome Models, Interesting story, and overall quality I have seen this mod will definately be one of if not the best Homeworld 2 Mods ever. This may just get me back into Homeworld 2. Since we are working on seperate games there isn't much help you could give me other than the Moddeling and since i am a complete Noob to that i may need help from time to time. Thanks for the Offer and i can't wait to see this mod in action. O yea and if you merge with moleman This Mod will be the God of all Mods.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Moleman2009 Jul 9 2009 replied:

unsure if we are merging however we are definitly working together on this, we've settled on several details that we can agree on and we want to see this one through.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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