Complex is a free advanced game modification based on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 game engine, free of any business directive, developed with passion and hard work, for experienced RTS players only. In a world of simplified games often under pressure to do well commercially, our challenge has been to create this ambitious project, for those who want more from a modern videogame. Complex series, actually counts more then 5.000.000 downloads and up to 3000 contacts per days.

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This is boring as hell, it slows down the original gameplay, it takes to long to build a unit and really slows down everything, i really have tried to be patient and enjoy it but i just cant, sorry but this is not hw2 ......

For what it's worth, Complex is a really innovative and amazing mod for HW2. It brings a lot to the table and expands on things that needed to be in the vanilla, such as diplomacy and resourcing.

However, the game at times can become too complex, and beginners will have a hard time with even the normal AI settings.

i download it ween its done i click it game wont work

And this is For Halo Homefront, much better mod.

Stupid and useless. It isn't anything like Homeworld.


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