Complex is a free advanced game modification based on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 game engine, free of any business directive, developed with passion and hard work, for experienced RTS players only. In a world of simplified games often under pressure to do well commercially, our challenge has been to create this ambitious project, for those who want more from a modern videogame. Complex series, actually counts more then 5.000.000 downloads and up to 3000 contacts per days. Read More...

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Complex 9.1

1 year ago News 5 comments

Many additions to the game, new units, new features and better graphical aspect, but the more important improvements have been done on stability, gameplay and performance.
Every duplicate ship/subsystem have been removed, redundant functions cleaned, lagging scripts revisited, a lot of bugs fixed.

The game has been balanced to reach the better space battle experience.
I hope you enjoy all this work!

Complex 9.1
Complex 9.0.1
Full LOG here.

About the future of Complex, considering that Gearbox is working on the new Homeworld, this release is the last one for Homeworld 2, not the last one for Complex.
If the new engine will be great the new Complex will be on the way.

Thanks to everyone who's following Complex for so long time, Beghins.

Complex 9.0.1

Complex 9.0.1

2 years ago News 14 comments

This is the first release of the 9 series, and the decade for the Complex Mod.

Complex 8.4.3

Complex 8.4.3

2 years ago News 9 comments

Complex 8.4.3 released, further tuning and many improvements on the 8 series.

Complex 8.3.3

Complex 8.3.3

3 years ago News 4 comments

11/28/2012 Complex 8.3.3 released, more then an update of the 8.3

Complex 8.3

Complex 8.3

3 years ago News 1 comment

Complex 8.3 The new version of Complex. Thanks to the community and team for the huge work and affection, I hope you enjoy, Beghins.

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Complex 9.1

Complex 9.1

2 years ago Full Version 51 comments

This is the first update of the 9 series, and the decade for the Complex Mod.

Complex 8.4.3

Complex 8.4.3

2 years ago Full Version 37 comments

Complex 8.4.3 released, a new massive update for the project Complex, a lot of new features and improvements in this release.

Homeworld 2 Complex 7.4.4

Homeworld 2 Complex 7.4.4

6 years ago Full Version 17 comments

Complex is a free advanced game modification based on Relic Entertainment's Homeworld 2 game engine, free of any business directive, developed with passion...

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MorpheusKajiir Jan 18 2015 says:

This is probably the most re-playable mod for Homeworld 2 and I enjoy it a lot. There are two issues I have with the mod with constructive advice to address those issues.

Issue #1
The Excessive Research Tree

Redundancies in the list of tech to research.

Firepower, Armour, Speed, and Drive upgrades for every ship class and double redundancy for Capital class (Capital Production Class and Capital Battle Class.

Researching an armour level upgrade should apply to all ships as a multiplier effect. Same thing with firepower and speed. Removing these redundancies will speed up game play as well as encourage more frequent encounters.

What's the difference between ship drive and ship speed?

Homeworld Cataclysm

(To Be Continued)

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QuoNiam Feb 25 2015 replied:

I used to think the same way at the beginning, but on the long run, I came to understand why this tree is good. Is implies to make real strategic choices... Do I improve one thing on all ships for a time or do I Improve everything on a few ships or type of ships before improving the other ones ?
Do I go for Capital ships straight away, or Do I prefer to have a massive fighter/corvette fleet to repel ennemy invaders that harass my resource collectors ?

Indeed, rsearching all the tech tree takes a LOT of time and usually, the game is over long before you haved researched even the half of it (I once controlled a game by letting my ennemy barely alive but sufficiently crippled not to annoy me just to see how much time it would take to research the hole tree... It took at almost four hours !), but still it is a great thing to have a big tech tree.
Look at Star Trek Continuum Mod for HW2, the work on it is marvellousn yet the tech tree is minimalistic, so small that it is barely useful, you have from four to fifteen techs to research... this is ridiculous, just the other way round !
I always thought that the original HW2 game had a tech tree that lacked of possibilities, directly raken from the campaign where you are given only tow or three techs to research per mission, and compare that to Age of Empires tech tree...
So it is a good thing to have a real descent and complex tech tree in the Complex Mod !

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Schuchart Jan 26 2015 replied:

The "ship drive" determines the turn rate and acceleration, the "ship speed" the top speed of said vessel.

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MorpheusKajiir Jan 30 2015 replied:

Ah ok thanks for that piece of info.

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MorpheusKajiir Jan 18 2015 replied:


Issue #2
The Power Management System

An unrealistic limit/bonus system that escapes fundamental environmental protective requirements of space travel. The exception to environmental hazards in space are solar radiation from direct blasts of solar flares, positioning oneself within the a star's corona, massive electromagnetic storms caused by solar winds, and gravimetric sheer of intense gravity.
The bonus to excessive energy production can realistically decrease production time and increase firepower of energy based weapons but unrealistically increases firepower of munitions based weapons as well.

Penalty - Excessive energy consumption in Cold temperatures that has a secondary effect of causing physical damage to the Power Management Ship, and heat damage effects in hot temperatures.
Bonus - Excessive energy production decreases production time and increases firepower regardless of type.

Replace the Power management system and ship with a Munitions Management System and Munitions Manufacturing Ship (MMS) with Munitions Transport Ships (MTS) and Resource Transport Ships (RTS).

Frigates and lower class ships that require munitions would dock with Production Capital Ships to rearm. Capital ships that require munitions have MTS deliver munitions to them. Manufacturing munitions requires raw materials delivered to the MMS via RTS from any ship with resource storage. Mixed weaponry ships (munitions and energy based weapons) are limited to energy based weapons only, if their munitions run out. MTS are especially venerable to damage or theft, and highly explosive (long trips without escorts not advised).

This introduces a new layer of strategy, however, munitions on ordinance type ships should not run out too soon as this would quickly become an annoyance. Munitions system could be accomplished using the same style as the crew transports.

That's it in a nutshell. Awesome mod regardless.

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QuoNiam Feb 25 2015 replied:

It would rapidly become a nightmare to cope with... every battle would end quickly and every remaining ship would have to wait until being rearmed... The player who does not play that well would lose instantaneously.
But on the other hand, putting a rearming ship with an area of effect radius as for the Vaygr Command corvette would be have been a good compromise for sure.

Complex is a Homeworld like it would have been, not a real tactical simulator !

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Guest Dec 4 2014 says:

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machida1000 Oct 23 2014 says:

I have some fps drops when there is too many ships. It seems that its coming from the hiigara ships and factions. Example (Battleships, Orbital stations, Etc.) the following ships doesen't have LOD (level of detail), if may, can you fix this? This problem can decrease the fps and may lead to a halt.. Vaygr vs. Vaygr don't cause fps drops.. Hiigara vs. Vaygr it cause a very high fps drop even on high specs pc. I am not the only one who has the problem. I am looking forward in fixing the problem. Thanks in advance. this makes the game unplayable,

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Skylar15 Oct 8 2014 says:

This mod may take a long time to get updates, but damn! It is worth the wait. Amazing mod.

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xbreed666 Sep 14 2014 says:

Why were fighter/corvette squad size upgrades removed? and why not give the VGR something similar?

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QuoNiam Apr 15 2015 replied:

The ugrade has been removed surely because of the amount of pilots that it costed, between 6 and 10 pilots per squadron, and frankly I found that amount needed a little too much to cope with in late game... So I am glad woth its removal !

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Guest Jul 20 2014 says:

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