Hi everyone! In one word, I am a n00b. I don't know how to modify anything except txt, even though I've been playing Homeworld series for so many years...Homeworld 2 is the summit of this series and I love it very much, I've been dreaming to have my own mod for Homeworld 2. However, I am a n00b. A n00b is someone who doesn't know anything about extracting big files or editing models in Maya, or everything else told by other modders which trully puzzled me. I actually thought that maybe there would never be my own mod for Homeworld 2.
Then, many years later, a mod gave me a hope. I downloaded Homeworld 2 Complex 8 beta 0.9, and found it completely decompiled and could be edited in NotePad... I was so excited that I couldn't wait to edit it in my own way.
So, regarding my first attempt to create a mod for Homeworld 2, don't be surprised if you find me ruin the epic Complex mod, which could be the best Homeworld 2 mod ever... (As a n00b, I've played almost every Homeworld 2 mod listed on ModDB.) Just regard this as a n00b's practice (with NotePad), and this is the story of a n00b...
Finally, give all my sincere thanks to the Complex team, maybe I would never know how Homeworld 2 works if I hadn't met this mod, let alone modifying it by myself. For the reason that I must type a name for my mod on ModDB, I decided to call it SIMPLE, because my works are too simple comparing to the source code of COMPLEX...

NOTE: This mod has been permitted by the Complex team! That means I'll keep studying and make this mod better, and sure you can download and play it! Thank Beghins and Baroness1 for their kindness and enthusiasm, thank the Complex team again! You can visit the Complex program at www.homeworld2complex.com and www.Complex.mastertopforum.com

For a long list of all the other contributors I also want to give great thanks to, click here

As a beginner in modding Homeworld 2, I sincerely appreciate all your work; As a player, I feel an even stronger compulsion to thank you for your contribution to the Homeworld game, because it is you who are keeping this game alive, and that's the greatest gift you can give to all the Homeworld lovers like me! Thank you! Thank all of you!

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Ion Cannon Frigate vs. Destroyer (HWAT model) Ion Cannon Frigate vs. Destroyer (HWAT model) New Map
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39 comments by siliconworm on May 29th, 2014

The first working campaign based on Complex  

is now in Complex Simple 2.8!

Although it looks vanilla, playing it is completely a different story!
Just play and you'll see!

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8


New FOV: 35° vertical field of view


Elite Gunship Corvettes (PTV model)


Vanilla Mission 3


Vanilla Mission 4


Vanilla Mission 5


Vanilla Mission 6


Vanilla Mission 7


Vanilla Mission 8


Vanilla Mission 9


Vanilla Mission 10


Vanilla Mission 11


First Complex Campaign


Vanilla Mission 13


Vanilla Mission 14


Vanilla Mission 15


If you have difficulty getting through any particular mission, just reply here (or on the homepage of Complex Simple)! I'll provide a 100% noob-proof walkthrough just for you! 

Think you are already an expert?
Welcome to show off your own video of walkthrough!

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Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8

May 29, 2014 Full Version 70 comments

The first Single Player Campaign for Complex is now fully working! To unzip, you need RAR5! Read the instruction manual inside, it can solve a lot of...

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.7

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.7

Apr 21, 2014 Full Version 52 comments

Voila! The new crate system will make you laugh out loud from your dream!

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.6

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.6

Dec 22, 2013 Full Version 33 comments

Many improvements have been made since the last version. Read the instruction before installation.

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5

Jun 29, 2013 Full Version 49 comments

Progenitor is now a playable race! The installation instruction in the RAR is wrong, don't read it.

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5 Manual (PDF)

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5 Manual (PDF)

Jun 29, 2013 Guides 10 comments

This is a pdf manual for Complex Simple, more details can be added in the future if needed.

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.4

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.4

Apr 13, 2013 Full Version 43 comments

This is the lastest progress of Complex Simple. Don't ask why it's so much bigger than the game itself, because you'll find out when you play it. Orz

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BigFoot1 Aug 4 2011, 12:32pm says:

No that's not what I am talking about...

+1 vote     reply to comment
BigFoot1 Aug 4 2011, 9:57am says:

Have you removed the green and red triangles that locate distant ships? I hope so, they suck!

+1 vote     reply to comment
siliconworm Aug 4 2011, 10:25am replied:

I think what you're talking about is just Tactical Overlay. You can disable and enable it anytime by pressing "TAB" key. :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chosen-One Jul 31 2011, 3:37pm says:

Dear Pouk, Beghins and all who are concerned bout this Complex-R.E.A.R.M. war. I can understand both positions. First, Pouk's one is to honor someones work, I can understand your view, its like when someone take Mona Lisa as a character to his own piece of art, I cant tolerate this too, but your mistake in your fire upon those who do such thing, communicate in friendly manor is far more productive than telling Beghins that he is thief. Second, Beghins. Liberal one, everything what was created by fans for free is for fans and community without restrictions. Good point I must say, but this rule does not mean that U can take everything without creator's approval. Everything that was made by one man is his work, and only author can decide the fate of his work. (exception is Relic, creator of game or maybe the IP holder). Your mistake in my eyes is that U took and then maybe tell modteam/creator that U used his work, this is wrong, U just could ask for permission, maybe author could give you the green light in all his work, maybe in some but not all, and this not so bad, insulting someone is not honorable at all, while Beghins wages his war against Pouk (some of ships, that in complex without permission) he told us later that in Complex 8 (full one, not beta) there will be only Pouk's Battlecarrier. So what was the reason for hostility is in the end U tell this for your fans? If U were more polity and less arrogant towards Pouk U could receive much more, there is no reason for this. U both are arrogant in your own ways and what is much worse that U both are so stubborn. I respect U both, your visions, but I can't understand the reason to continue this hostility. There is no point in who was started this, the main goal in such conflict is who and how will end this. We just ask that u both to be reasonable.

P.S. Siliconworm, pls forgive me for posting this on your mod page, I did that because I saw them both visiting your page

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pouk Jul 31 2011, 7:09pm replied:

@ lordlandraid:
It wasn't targeted at you, why do you reply. Also by this point you're repeating yourself and I guess Chosen-One already read your statements.

@ Chosen-One:
Well my problem is that I'm basically unable to discuss this in a friendly manner. It upsets me they way that whenever I dive into such discussion, it will always turn into a small war -and I have to say it's not always my fault, in a half of the cases it's about me being roughly insulted for not sharing stuff. But you said there's no point in chasing for who started what and I guess you have a point, it doesn't really matter, all it does is just leading to more fight, I get that.
I have to say I've never tried to be more friendly, something like that never even occured to me, because to me it never seemed such people would deserve any of my respect and honestly I still don't think they do. So it seems the safest way to make me not unfriendly is simply not to let me talk, or stop me before it escalates into something bigger again (because according to the previous experience it always does).
All I can really promise is that I won't be getting into many Complex discussions until I'll see my stuff removed as Beghins promised, but only if it won't take too long. The problem is that it may very well happen to be something between years to never and that I don't considerate being not too long. And it that case you can't expect me to be friendly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lordlandraid Aug 12 2011, 5:12pm replied:

Basically, you painted someone elses car without their permission. The owner didn't care. Someone else comes along and also paints the car, adds some decals, but keeps the coat of paint you put on and some other things you may have added. Are you in the position to complain about this person painting the car after you did? Answer: No. Only the owner is in the position to complain. Frankly, if you complain and claim 'that person didn't ask your permission to do it' when you didn't ask to do it in the first place, you're just a hypocrite.

Whether you accept these facts or not is irrelevant. These are the facts. This is the situation. Ignoring these facts doesn't make them go away and doesn't make your position anymore credible. If you don't like it, then make a personal mod and limit availability to your friends and other chosen people, but do not make it available for the general public. If you REALLY don't like it, then make a game by yourself. Don't use someone elses material and then act as though you are in any position to deny someone elses use of your material. This is exactly why copyright doesn't apply here and any of you would be laughed out of court if any of you tried to make a case out of this. If you think you have a case, then here's a challenge... TRY IT...

Pouk, whether I curse or not is irrelevant since I generally use them for emphasizing other words... You toss around thief and communist and openly insult people... If you want to speak more intelligently, then don't insult people and limit what you say to the facts (as long as it's factual, curse all you want). Again, you are the last person to give me any advice on conversing whatsoever since you like to engage in Ad Hominem.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lordlandraid Aug 12 2011, 5:10pm replied:

It seems to me you guys have way too many problems looking straight forward and lack the ability to look down... let me help with that.

You made models and made code. Good for you. How did that come about? Well, let's see, relic made a game, made code, made models, and implemented everything that allows the models that you made to be used. Relic provided modding tools for the modding community to assist in these endeavors. Everything that you have been able to do is based around what it is you have problems with. Sharing with no questions asked. If relic had decided to take the same approach with keeping what they made to themselves (like you guys want to do) then we wouldn't even be having this conversation (especially since they have the legal rights to shut you down).

You consider taking models from you without permission dishonerable/being a thief/communist. I'm sorry, but wouldn't it also being considered honorable to support the method in which you were allowed to do what you do in the first place (I.E. support sharing with no questions). The honor system can be easily twisted, as I just demonstrated. It's irrelevant by default. I never 'missed the point' in any argument any of you have made... It was just never relevant to begin with.

I don't need to have made anything to see your position. I'm a third party. I'm in the best position to consider what is right or wrong in this situation. Would a judge need to have 'made something' in order to rule on a copyright case? No, so why the hell should I have to? it's not necessary.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lordlandraid Jul 31 2011, 6:41pm replied:

Except for one major point... what is the point of modding?... To improve the game that is being modded. Modding is not a place for the 'honor' system, it's a place for the 'we want to make this game BETTER' system. If you have some sort of honor issues with what you create, fine, but then why the heck are you 1. putting it on the internet, and 2. joining a community in which sharing material is a cornerstone. If you don't want people using something you make, then why the hell would you put it in the ultimate arena of sharing information?

If someone else uses material that you created the most you can ask for is being credited so that people know who to look for when it comes to coding or making models. You have absolutely no control over what someone else does in this arena and you should be walking in expecting this. Anyone who mods has no standing, legal or otherwise, over any of their work. You have the rights of a fan artist, in which anyone can take something you make and put it somewhere else to attempt to make something better. If it makes it better, then you have accomplished what you set out to do in the first place as a modder.

There is no issue other than people playing the 'no, this is mine' game in the worst possible arena for that to be played under the worst circumstances. If you wanna play that game, then you make something wholly original, not based off of something else (it's not original under these conditions). Don't want people using your material, then don't put it in the general public, least of which on the feckin' internet. Sharing stuff comes with the territory.

+1 vote     reply to comment
IPS Aug 1 2011, 5:08am replied:

Could you please just shut up...
You totally miss the point in EVERY comment you write.
You just don't get it. Agin and again.

Besides, have you ever, in your whole life created somethig like we did?
A project where you put a considerable part of your life in?
If yes, I want to see you tolerating it when some random guy comes along and shows it to the whole world claiming it for himself.
You got my respect if that's the case.

If you haven't created anything like it, please stay out of that conversation bcause you just have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

Thank you in advance.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Chosen-One Aug 1 2011, 7:04am replied:

Agreed with U IPS.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Highest Rated (3 agree) 8/10

This is an awesome mod, specially when all you want is to overkill your enemies with DAKKA and Overpower lol. No really, i like this mod, i love the intensified number of weapons in every ship, however i dont like mods that focus on blowing up everything to the hell using as main feature Overpowered ships and weapons. Since i'm a strategy and tactics lover and i like much more when the battles are prolongued and my units suvirvability depends of the orders that i give them and not by the number…

Jan 28 2012, 5:36pm by Pra3t0r5

Lowest Rated (2 agree) 1/10

The Graphics or this mod are great to look at but when it comes to playing it feels like just a giant troll, with crazy lag, ships "swimming in space and large capital ships moving faster then the small interceptor class ships. If the game breaking lag and troll effects like the "fishes" when taken out or worked on the mod could reach a 5 in my book.

Jul 1 2013, 4:07pm by InForTheQ

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