Hi everyone! In one word, I am a n00b. I don't know how to modify anything except txt, even though I've been playing Homeworld series for so many years...Homeworld 2 is the summit of this series and I love it very much, I've been dreaming to have my own mod for Homeworld 2. However, I am a n00b. A n00b is someone who doesn't know anything about extracting big files or editing models in Maya, or everything else told by other modders which trully puzzled me. I actually thought that maybe there would never be my own mod for Homeworld 2.
Then, many years later, a mod gave me a hope. I downloaded Homeworld 2 Complex 8 beta 0.9, and found it completely decompiled and could be edited in NotePad... I was so excited that I couldn't wait to edit it in my own way.
So, regarding my first attempt to create a mod for Homeworld 2, don't be surprised if you find me ruin the epic Complex mod, which could be the best Homeworld 2 mod ever... (As a n00b, I've played almost every Homeworld 2 mod listed on ModDB.) Just regard this as a n00b's practice (with NotePad), and this is the story of a n00b...
Finally, give all my sincere thanks to the Complex team, maybe I would never know how Homeworld 2 works if I hadn't met this mod, let alone modifying it by myself. For the reason that I must type a name for my mod on ModDB, I decided to call it SIMPLE, because my works are too simple comparing to the source code of COMPLEX...

NOTE: This mod has been permitted by the Complex team! That means I'll keep studying and make this mod better, and sure you can download and play it! Thank Beghins and Baroness1 for their kindness and enthusiasm, thank the Complex team again! You can visit the Complex program at www.homeworld2complex.com and www.Complex.mastertopforum.com

For a long list of all the other contributors I also want to give great thanks to, click here

As a beginner in modding Homeworld 2, I sincerely appreciate all your work; As a player, I feel an even stronger compulsion to thank you for your contribution to the Homeworld game, because it is you who are keeping this game alive, and that's the greatest gift you can give to all the Homeworld lovers like me! Thank you! Thank all of you!

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The first working campaign based on Complex

is now in Complex Simple 2.8!

Although it looks vanilla, playing it is completely a different story!
Just play and you'll see!

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8


New FOV: 35° vertical field of view


Elite Gunship Corvettes (PTV model)


Vanilla Mission 3


Vanilla Mission 4


Vanilla Mission 5


Vanilla Mission 6


Vanilla Mission 7


Vanilla Mission 8


Vanilla Mission 9


Vanilla Mission 10


Vanilla Mission 11


First Complex Campaign


Vanilla Mission 13


Vanilla Mission 14


Vanilla Mission 15


If you have difficulty getting through any particular mission, just reply here (or on the homepage of Complex Simple)! I'll provide a 100% noob-proof walkthrough just for you!

Think you are already an expert?
Welcome to show off your own video of walkthrough!

Need a Mothership for Turanic Raiders

Need a Mothership for Turanic Raiders

News 3 comments

A new gaming concept is ready for Turanic Raiders, featuring multiple generals for the player to choose...But one decent mothership is needed.

Complex Simple Video Quest

Complex Simple Video Quest

News 0 comments

Complex Simple needs some videos from players, share your gaming video and show off your combat skills now!

[Poll] What kind of maps do you want?

[Poll] What kind of maps do you want?

News 13 comments

I want to bring more interactions between players and myself in order to achieve a better democratic design for Complex Simple.

Anniversary of Complex Simple -- Looking Forward To Cooperators

Anniversary of Complex Simple -- Looking Forward To Cooperators

News 11 comments

For so long I've been working by myself. But my ability is not unlimited, anyone who loves the way of Complex Simple and has plenty of time, welcome to...

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 3.0

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 3.0

Full Version 34 comments

The first air combat experience of Homeworld 2 is now in Complex Simple 3.0, together with many other enhancements! Read the pdf manual for installation...

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.9

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.9

Full Version 76 comments

Some hardcore improvements have been made since the last version, in response to players' demand. Read the PDF manual both before and after installation...

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8

Full Version 96 comments

The first Single Player Campaign for Complex is now fully working! To unzip, you need RAR5! Read the instruction manual inside, it can solve a lot of...

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.7

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.7

Full Version 53 comments

Voila! The new crate system will make you laugh out loud from your dream!

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.6

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.6

Full Version 35 comments

Many improvements have been made since the last version. Read the instruction before installation.

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5

Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.5

Full Version 49 comments

Progenitor is now a playable race! The installation instruction in the RAR is wrong, don't read it.

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While playing against Vaygr I found myself playing billiards on a cosmic scale while my super-heavy capships and stations (!) were tossed all around the map to the edges (up to instant death) by some freackin' Uber cannon! WTF is this?

Also is there any FAQ on Hiigarans? I found it difficult to manage all stations and establish a decent resource extraction. And moreover loss of a Crew Station is a critical blow to Hiigarans, cause they can't produce anyhing and lose ALL accumulated military ranks that require A LOT of time and resources to rebuild.

... Sorry for abovesaid, was a little frustrated. But still a quick info, FAQ, tips or tricks on Hiigarans would be appreciated (aiming for campaign, but can't stomp an Easy AI).

Thanks in advance.

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siliconworm Creator

Does the built-in help menu help?
I'm really curious why you can't beat an Easy AI, can you upload a video on that? I can give you all the guidance you need if I can see how you play your game.

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Problem is, I don't know how to quickly max resource output in early game by playing Hiigarans. It seems having 2 RCs + 6-8 harvesters (on 2 'fields' of cource) + Harvesting module on the Mothership isn't enough for me. There's bound to be some other trick, isn't it?
For example by playing new factions i've quickly figured them out: Kadesh - simple enough, 12-15 (or maybe more) their fast harvesters on 2 nearby fields with a drop-off on initial Neddleship is enough to maintain small armada or quickly build pod strikeforce; Progenitors - well, classic SupCom mass-energy converting early game is very efficient; as for Raiders - well, their Overseer have only 1 dropoff point, but you always can have more than one ;) and with their capacious Slaves resources are flowing like a charm.
2-nd problem is - crew. Do I have to, just, expand my 'base' (by building light carriers and etc.) to be able to build more crew cells and thus replenishing my crew more quickly?
And one final quiestion. Does reaserch projects give one fixed amount of RPs or some prototypes give more?
In general I understand what's what, but in details I feel something is missing from my eyes, so I came here for advice.

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siliconworm Creator

These questions are generally explained in the built-in help menu. Ingame, you can click the INFO button (on your taskbar), then view each topic (on the left panel of the INFO menu).

1. When I play Hiigaran, I'll get at least 10 resource collectors and 2 controllers in the beginning. As soon as I get the capital ship module, I'll build a scavenger, from which I'll build more collectors. Harvest modules are important, of course, I need them to unlock the harvesting upgrades. Also, drive system modules are very important, in that they give you speed upgrades for your utility class vessels, so you can have collectors flying at a much faster speed.

2. You need to get higher honour points first, then you can unlock higher military ranks on your crew station. Only then, you can build new barracks on the crew station. To increase crew recuiting, you also need to build crew cells from the crew station.

3. Resource point is based on research value, not quantity.

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How could I forget about speed upgrades? My bad :) It's just i preferred Fire control over Drive systems 'cause of early harrasing. Thanks for your advice.
Reaserach value? Like: prototypes - ability upgr. - general upgr.?

As for the crew like I said, Ive figured out the system. It's like: honor points - rank upgrade in Crew station - barracks for crew and officers - crew cells to transport them . It's just to increase recruting RATE (besides upgrade) I need more crew cells, and for that I have to build more 'factory' ships and stations?
Another thing. When starting skirmish with maxed out honour points the Crew station NOT ALWAYS recieve rank upgrades so they have to be attained the usual way.
Sorry if I'm getting annoying, and it seems my English getting only worse in time. Nevertheless thank you for your patience.

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siliconworm Creator

The Crew Cells can be also upgraded, so you can transport more crew every time.

What starting Honour Point setting and what starting fleet are you using? I'll look into that

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Standard fleet (Mothership + 6 collectors) and starting Honour points at MAX (Fleet admiral rank if I remember correctly). Thing is, if the crew station hasn't been built some time after the beginning of skirmish it won't recieve rank upgades. So I usually try to build it ASAP.

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siliconworm Creator

You should to wait for it to build automatically. That doesn't take much time.

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Here is my rig:
- AMD FX 6350
- Sapphire HD 7850 2GB O.C.
- Corsair 16 GB Ram 2133 Mhz
- Win 7 professional 64 bit

Constant stuttring is my problem and my rig runs it very slow even I lower the settings. What would you suggest.

Finally it is really a great mod. You must have put serious effort to put that piece of a artwork together.

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siliconworm Creator

1. Did you use the recommended settings as told by the pdf manual?
2. What is your skirmish settings? (How many players are there? What's the officer/crew limit? What map are you using? What's the starting fleet? etc.)
3. Your hardware is too powerful, it can't be stuttering right from the beginning of the game (the game should be at least very fluent before it goes into the capital ship war phase). If you experience stuttering right from the beginning of the game, send me your Hw2.log and I'll check if something is wrong.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Overall it's a great mod.
HOWEVER I have few complains regarding some things.
1) Destroyers that fly as fast as corvets and have similar behaviour. I.e they don't just stand in place, sniping the enemy from the distance; they rush towards the enemy and fly around just like corvets do. That's ridiculous!
2) Movers move SO DAMN FAST! As a result they fly wherever but the place I want them to be. Same with attacking the enemies. They dive to do some shots and then fly over and beyond the battlefield for whatever reason. That's irritating.
3) On mission 8 my Movers were unable to move 3rd part of the energy device. Hence I couldn't complete the mission and abandoned the campaign.

Custom fights:
1) Kadesh is too overpowered right off the start. Just build 5 Snails ASAP and your enemy has no chance of survival!
2) Progenitor has this silly unit, called 'Fishing boat'. This thing can catch the mothership and launch it to the Neverland at the speed of light! It was so dumb that I decided to drop the mod same minute.
3) Overall, new races have huge advantages over classic Hiigara/Vaygr. They need to be re-balanced.

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I agree with a lot of this. The hyperspeed capital ships gets old; it should be a toggle ability similar to the fighter afterburners, or at the very least much slower. Several of my cap ships kept getting themselves killed by wandering too close to enemies.

Also, this NEEDS multiplayer. Please fix the random damage aspects so it'll work in multi.

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Highest Rated (3 agree) 8/10

This is an awesome mod, specially when all you want is to overkill your enemies with DAKKA and Overpower lol. No really, i like this mod, i love the intensified number of weapons in every ship, however i dont like mods that focus on blowing up everything to the hell using as main feature Overpowered ships and weapons. Since i'm a strategy and tactics lover and i like much more when the battles are prolongued and my units suvirvability depends of the orders that i give them and not by the number…

Jan 28 2012 by Pra3t0r5

Lowest Rated (2 agree) 1/10

The Graphics or this mod are great to look at but when it comes to playing it feels like just a giant troll, with crazy lag, ships "swimming in space and large capital ships moving faster then the small interceptor class ships. If the game breaking lag and troll effects like the "fishes" when taken out or worked on the mod could reach a 5 in my book.

Jul 1 2013 by InForTheQ

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