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Special abilities for capital ships of Turanic Raiders (Games : Homeworld 2 : Mods : Homeworld 2 Complex Simple : Forum : Ideas : Special abilities for capital ships of Turanic Raiders) Locked
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Apr 8 2012 Anchor

Experience / Ability
100 Smoke Screen (spawn a couple of smoke grenades which provide cloak effect in small radius)
200 Caffeine (heal the ship and increse its firepower, speed, etc.)
300 Demoralize (disrupt nearby enemy ships)
400 Ambush (spawn a couple of fighters)
500 Let the Dogs out (prevent the ship from being captured)
600 Vampire (fill own health pool by absorbing health from nearby enemy ships)
700 Hijack (claim ownership of enemy fighters and corvettes nearby)
800 Mirage (make a clone of the ship itself, the replica should have very little health all the time and cannot gain any experience)
900 Pirate's Revenge (sacrifice own ship to hijack an enemy capital ship when the carrier ship is almost dead)
999 Black Market Nuke (spawn a nuclear bomb)

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