Feet pounding, heart hammering, you sprint along the corridor, the metal of the bb gun cold against your hand. Welcome to a minute in the life of Kevin McCallister.

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cool mod

IT HAS NOT COME OUT YET! But looks fun as hell!

First of all i think you should of gotten the crowbar somewhere in the mod. If its in the mod i didn't find it. Nice mapping, the start was difficult but it just kept getting easier, which made it seem as if i wasn't even playing the same mod. Also way too short.

Mapping 6/10
Gameplay 7/10
Story 3/10

this mod is so cool, and too short, but i hope you make
a patch to continue it, or a new game.

Marked as released, was never released. Why anyone rated it above 1 is a mystery to me since they didn't get to play ANYTHING.


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