\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ UPDATE October 31, 2010 ////////////////////////

New 'Ultimate' edition out now!. You won't believe your eyes.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ UPDATE October 31, 2010 ////////////////////////

Breathe new life into a classic! Enhanced Shaders for Half-Life: Source. Current release: V1.1
Adaptations for HL2 and HL2 EP2 coming soon...see the screenshots section ;)

Overview: Many of you are already familiar with the AMAZING ENBSeries mods created by Boris Vorontsov (see Enbdev.com). While his HL2 adaptation has garnered much acclaim, an official adaptation has not been released for the original Half-Life. The HL2 adaptation unfortunately has only partial functionality when used with Half-Life: Source....

So, I did a good deal of research and tinkering, and have put together a shader package that is compatible with the Half-Life: Source engine. Much care has been taken with all settings to achieve an attractive and balanced set of effects, with the primary goal of enhancing visual immersion. This package contains a customized configuration of his Vampire Bloodlines adaptation of ENBSeries, and adds a palette texture for additional color correction. Overall the mod adds a moody sort of 'Bioshock-esque' feel to the original Half-Life aesthetic ... great for the scary moments!

NOTE::cannot guarantee that this mod will work with any and all texture packs out there, but it seems to work fine with the original game, and I managed to install a bunch of nice textures without getting any weird artifacts... See the demo videos in the Videos section!

In some of the the videos, the effects from this mod are being enabled and disabled in real-time for comparison (See details on ENBSeries below). The gameplay in the video also uses amazing textures and models from: Facepunch.com
If you accidentally install conflicting texture packs and get 'weird textures', those are NOT being produced by this mod. If this happens, install the 'Resourced HD' texture pack (overwriting any files if asked) and you'll be good to go; get it here: Hds.newmail.ru

Effects included are:

- Adaptive Bloom
- Adaptive Depth of Field
- SSAO - Screenspace ambient occlusion (ambient soft-shadowing)
- Per-pixel lighting or Phong shading (see En.wikipedia.org)
- Color correction



To install, simply extract all enclosed files to your half-life source folder:
i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\YOURNAME\half-life source

As of V1.1, the files included are:
- enbseries.ini
- enbfocusing.txt
- enbpalette.bmp
- d3d9.dll
- enbconvertor.ini //Allows you to use mod while running in DX8 mode, with included DLL
- d3d8.dll

By default the mod will be enabled when the game is started. You will see a red grafitti design in the top left corner of your screen if the mod has loaded correctly. At any time, you can toggle the effects on and off by hitting 'Shift-F12' at any time in the gamr. If your framerate gets hit hard, you can also toggle the SSAO effect by itself by hitting 'Shift-F10'. Alternately, you can manually adjust the SSAO quality settings to improve performance by opening the 'enbseries.ini' file in a text-editor and editing the following lines in the [SSAO] section:

OcclusionQuality=0 <-- Range from 0 to 2, 0 is highest quality, 2 is lowest quality
FilterQuality=0 <-- Range from 0 to 2, 0 is highest quality, 2 is lowest quality

EnableOcclusion=1 <-- setting this to 0 to disable SSAO by default when the mod loads

In fact, all the effect settings are configurable by editing the 'enbseries.ini' document, for details, see Enbdev.com

This mod works with Half-Life: Source from Steam, and NOT the origial. ENBSeries is licensed for redistribution and customization, for details pls see Enbdev.com
All credit due to Boris! ;)

This is my first upload, let me know what you think.! For me, it makes a WORLD of difference, greater immersion when playing the game :)


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October 31, 2010 - New 'Ultimate' edition out now! You won't believe your eyes. Check out the new video and comparison screenshots in the image gallery!

Also, coming Soon: Half-Life 2: Custom ENBseries Shader Package! An ENBseries adaptation for the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 engine (AppId 420). Adds enhanced bloom, SSAO, Depth of Field, color correction and more. Also, works with mods that run on the Episode 2-engine!

Coming Soon: HL2: Ep. 2 Enhanced Shader Package Comparison - HL2: Episode 2 Enhanced Shader Pack HL2 EP2 - HQ Enhanced Shaders - Depth of Field
Click thumbnails for larger view

Demo Video Here
Download Here

Stay tuned, and in the meanwhile, check out the enhanced shader package for Half-Life:
Source and Half-Life Deathmatch: Source here at ModDB: Moddb.com

What?! Only 3 mods for Half-Life Source? Well, here's a good one...

What?! Only 3 mods for Half-Life Source? Well, here's a good one...

News 0 comments

What?! Only 3 mods for Half-Life Source? Well, here's a good one...

HL:S Enhanced Shaders Ultimate 1.0

HL:S Enhanced Shaders Ultimate 1.0

Full Version 28 comments

This version adds advanced post-processing (black diffusion, improved color correction and bloom). You won't believe your eyes. REQUIRES A DECENT COMPUTER...

HL:S - Enhanced Shaders Lite - V1.0

HL:S - Enhanced Shaders Lite - V1.0

Full Version 20 comments

LITE VERSION of the HL:S - Enhanced Shaders 2010 Mod! This is a for those who have trouble running the regular version at playable framerates. NOTE: This...

HL:S - Enhanced Shaders 2010 - V1.1

HL:S - Enhanced Shaders 2010 - V1.1

Full Version 27 comments

FULL VERSION - HL: Source looking a little blah? Breathe new life into a classic! Greatly enhanced graphics for Half-Life Source using a custom ENBSeries...

HL:S - Enhanced Shaders 2010 - V1.0

HL:S - Enhanced Shaders 2010 - V1.0

Full Version 13 comments

Breathe new life into a classic! Greatly enhanced graphics for Half-Life Source using a custom ENBSeries configuration and palette texture!

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where can we download this?

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Tapio Creator

Sorry Trevort! I had the video uploaded by accident! I have now uploaded the correct V1.1 file and it will be available once it is reapproved by ModDB. You can download the v1.0 version in the meanwhile...

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So, this mod using gold-source?
Otherwise, source?

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Tapio Creator

This runs on the 'Half Life: Source' available for download from steam. This uses AppID 240, which is for CounterStrike: Source. I actually don't own Counterstrike, but the mod works fine without it.

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Where did you find those textures? I want them. Also, what's up with the NPC models and the whole splotchy look. Is there a fix?

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Tapio Creator

Ok, so the NPC model issues are not from this mod, they are due to some conflicting NPC textures I loaded. I am using the following texture packs:

1) HL:S:HD (from Facepunch.com)
2) HD Source from Fpsbanana.com
3) Strelok Improvement Packs 4 and 5 from FPS Bananna

But be careful! As you can see in the video, I installed some conflicting textures for Barney and the scientist. As for he 'splotchy' look, I'm not entirely sure what you are referring to...

1) If you mean the 'banding' of colors in dark areas, this is due to the color correction settings, and is a part of the overall effect. You can remove these by adjusting settings in the 'Color Correction' section of the enbseries.ini document.
2) The SSAO also produces some noise artifacts as it calculates the shadowing for each scene. Disabling SSAO will remove this noise entirely, but will also remove the SSAO.

I will continue to do some tinkering and see if I can come up with an alternate or 'lite' configuration of the mod that produces crisper results in a future release.

Personally, I don't mind the artifacts imparted by the color correction and SSAO artifacts, as they add some character and complexity to the relatively simple polygonal world of Half-Life.;)

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Tapio Creator

Licensing details for ENB Series adaptations:

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