This mod brings together content from the cancelled Half-Life 2: Episode 3, with more updates to come.

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It's a five, and I only give it five because people took time to organise leaked content. But then, it's not even coherently organised. First of all, level selection is backwards, because leaked/cut Ep2 maps are called 'Half-Life 3' but proto maps with cut Ep3 content are titled 'Aftermath'. Should be flipped. Anyway, besides that, I want to say 'what's the point of this', but I don't want people to assume that I didn't get this mod. I understand what it is: a compilation of all recently (and not as recently...) leaked content, for easy access and convinience. But it's not really easily accesible. I don't know what to do on half of those maps. What's the point of 'clean' maps? That's like launching usual Ep2, impulse 203'ing all the entities, and uploading that save file. What is the point? And then some other ones aren't even maps but just prefabs. Again, why? And lastly, we all know why it was put together and released, it's because of Marc Laidlaw's fanfic. But if you're gonna attempt rebuilding Ep3 and such, you should take a lot more time and care, or not try and call it Aftermath or HL3 content or whatnot.

Most of the levels aren't exciting in the slightest, unlike what HL2 2003 leak was to a lot of people, and myself. Instead it's something mostly meaningless.

Oh, and there're some technical issues. Mod doesn't include AI graphs and it takes its sweet time rebuilding the graphs. The second map has an invisible wall blocking the car. And backwards menu titles.

A five out of ten for effort, minus five for lack of point.

P. S. It can't be a 9 or 10 or even 8. It probably will be 9 because people are gonna flock in and press 9 or 10, like automatons. I'd like to give it 1 just to offset it from the claimed 'perfect' position, but it's kinda evil, so straight 5 it is.

Update: changed it to 1 because it's an overhyped fake mod and it deserves negative points.

It should not be that high score

Having combed through the files personally and talked to some of the project members, I can tell a lot of effort was put into this. There are, of course, minor errors with things like categories for maps, bugs on some maps, and a general sense that there is content left unfinished...but this *is* a collection of leaked content which otherwise would not have been made available to the public. The amount of time that goes into fixing up and resolving issues in leaked, unfinished maps is staggering, and considering the team members were put into overtime in order to release the mod in good time from Marc Laidlaw's post, I think the team, and their efforts, deserve to be commended.

Would be a 10 if they were not forced to release early, leaving a few things unfinished.


The best part for me was the level that was one large puzzle, the one where you have to free dog, it actually felt kinda fresh.

I'll see what they come up with in the future and change my score accordingly :)


For the moment it's a bit messy and short but it's The best available and, more important, playable, in-game information about Episode 3.


Includes some interesting ideas that modders could try and use in future Half-Life 3 fan made creations, however at this point it contains too many empty maps that don't seem to serve much purpose.
Still a good play for 20 minutes.


Good mod.

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This is only a temporary review due to there currently being only one release. Lever Softworks is planning on adding the rest of the Episodic Maps that were leaked back in March. But even in its current state, Half-Life 2: Aftermath is awesome. It does a great job showcasing and fixing some maps leaked from EP3/HL3 and I'm looking forward to the mod's upcoming future releases.

Best. Playable. Archive. Ever.

P.S. This mod will most probs get 10/10 once the rest of the content is finished.

Aug 27 2017 by Gamer#1