Claustrophobia is an Action/Adventure/Puzzle type mod in which you play a rebel in the Half-Life 2 universe fighting and solving his way through areas to get to safety.

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News on Claustrophobia V1.1 being released. Also a proper name change, content fixes, and is now free to play with Source SDK Base 2007.

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Greetings modders - I am proud to announce that Claustrophobia V1.1 has been released.

Some of you know the mod by it's old name, The Sewer, and through some thought, I have decided to rename it to something more proper, just like it's Left 4 Dead 2 version counterpart (which name was suggested by a friend), Claustrophobia.

Chapter 1Chapter 2
Chapter 2Chapter 2

But that's not the important part, one of the main reasons I've decided to update the mod after all this time is because Valve apparently broke my mod pretty hard, mainly missing content issues, but I've fixed all that nonsense now. I have also done miscellaneous improvements and additions to most, if not all the maps.

Claustrophobia V1.1
Claustrophobia V1.1

Also the mod is free to play now, all you need is Steam, and Source SDK Base 2007.

Claustrophobia is an Action/Adventure/Puzzle type mod in which you play a rebel in the Half-Life 2 universe fighting and solving his way through areas to get to safety.

Another slow day at work... been slow all week now... so you decided to go home early. But as soon as you start to leave, the combine start to break in. Entering the bosses office, you arm yourself with a pistol, and try to kill every combine you can, but they were coming in overwhelming numbers. You chose to get the hell out of there ASAP, only to be injured during the process and to find yourself hiding in a sewer.

You wake up, wondering what just happened. As you get up from a blood stained mattress, you find more of your friends already dead. Grabbing a crowbar, you work your way through the sewer to find help.


look like cool there any torrent download of this map

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It is by far the most hardest L4D2 Custom Maps that You have ever played the whole time. Hopefully you can clearing off the hardest difficulties alongside with your buddies. Pal. The Best of luck to you.


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Have writen a review about this one in the review section.
I really am sorry but i couldn't give it more then a 5/10.
And that is quit high in fact. There is so much wrong with this mod that it really amazes me to hear you did release this one before and fixed a lot of stuff, to now release it again.
Really does make me wonder how this mod looked when it was first released.
I am sorry, but please do read my review and you will understand why i am saying this,

a fellow mapper/modder,

(i played the HL2 ep2 version by the way)

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