Residual Point is a single player mod for Half-Life.

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playing as a cleam suit scientist is something i've always wanted to do...and now this mod has just been me


wEight says

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This mod is nothing but a true masterpiece! I love everything about the mod, everything! I really really hope to see more work from you in the future, this might be too late but I'd still love to see more. Amazing work. It's really depressing at the end, first knowing that an epic adventure has come to an end and thus our hero disappearing who knows where through that teleporter.


Great mod! excellent graphics, good and varied play/combat. Familiar enemies but new ones too. Kept me occupied for many hours.
One skin was messed up but found the fix on the web and did get stuck (couldn't move) a couple of times and had to kill myself
Overall, great effort, kudos to the design team

The mod begins nicely. It's like "OMG! Perfect mod!" - the level design looks nice, triggers and story are fantastic, there are monsters from OPFOR... But after a while I got frustrated:
1. Repeatative level design. Every few maps the style changes in something different, something that copies style of a chapter of HL, OPFOR or BSHIFT and it's very unusual if the style is own made.
2. Copy->paste. There are some areas looking exactly like in BHIFT and OPFOR. With no reason. For nostalgia? I got tired of them placed here and there and combined in different ways.
3. Nonsence level design - most of the maps looks nice, but there are strange things. What is the best entrance for a part of an underground complex with scientists? A vertical ladder which leads to a fenced transformators yard.
4. Nonsence puzzles. Die 10 times to figure out how you pass a "high voltage" place. Plus you get grenades first time at the same place and there are explosive barrels at some places and you think you have to use the grenades to destroy some stuff like in Surface Tenstion in HL1, but no - you just crouch and the electricity doesn't kill you.
5. Repeatative gameplay. Underground->outside->underground, zombies/islaves->marines->zombies/islaves.
6. Crashed because of lack of a model.


Fun mod.


XEN99 says

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This is easily the best half-Life mod I've played. Everything goes well together. Hope to see more projects from you

good mod


JKRDU says

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From my point of view, this mod had a good start, enemies, weapons, level design, etc. But then it gets very difficult all of sudden to the point i ran out of ammunition and had to attack enemies with crowbar. It's an okay mod only at the beginning. The rest is just impossible to beat it. Hate me all you want, because I don't even care anymore.


very good, from my point of view, a mod longer and more difficult than the own half-life, a little repetitive in the parking lot with the grunt zombies but great.

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This is easily the best half-Life mod I've played. Everything goes well together. Hope to see more projects from you

Feb 9 2012 by m3luck3ycharms