Residual Point is a single player mod for Half-Life.

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playing as a cleam suit scientist is something i've always wanted to do...and now this mod has just been me

This is easily the best half-Life mod I've played. Everything goes well together. Hope to see more projects from you

This is just one of the best half life mod I have ever play! The mapping is just excellent, the difficulty is good (exept in Xen, it's a bit too hard), the new NPC are awesome!

10/10, this mod will stay in my memory!

Great mod! excellent graphics, good and varied play/combat. Familiar enemies but new ones too. Kept me occupied for many hours.
One skin was messed up but found the fix on the web and did get stuck (couldn't move) a couple of times and had to kill myself
Overall, great effort, kudos to the design team

Fun mod.



good mod


beyond_ltd says

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Half-Life: Residual Point is Expansion Pack type of mod, where you play as one of "Clean Suit" scientists. Once you start it up, you get begin the game either by choosing Training or choosing the difficulty setting. Both modes has different storylines and gameplay.

The "Training" mode plays in the very similar way to the original game - you start in the tram, then you get in your suit and procceed to the experiment, which involves you pushing the sample. This part is what makes it a non-canon mod, because we all know what caused the Ressonance Cascade. After the experiment fails, you have to take one of the two portals, offering you different paths to complete the game.

The "Classic" mode is a bit different and more lore friendly. After getting in the suit, you are about to be teleported to the location where your work has to begin, but things goes wrong and Xen creatures starts teleporting into facility. Your goal is to escape the facility while also solving various puzzles and choosing different patches to complete the game.
The level design is great, but not everywhere. Quite alot of places are copies of the existing levels from Half-Life, Blue Shift and Opposing Force, which can be really irritating at times. The custom made areas are alot better! While it does not give you any new weapons, it features a few new enemies - Fast Headcrabs, Stronger Vortigaunts, Baby Ichthyosaurs, zombified, but still capable of using weapons, H.E.C.U. soldiers and a new models of Black Ops. Each of the modes takes 3-7 hours to complete depending on difficuty, style of playing and the paths you'd taken. It is a must play for any Half-Life fan!


Wortherax says

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Residual Point is, for much, the best Half-Life mod to play. It's a bit longer than Half-Life. It has large maps, some with epic battles between aliens of Xen, Black Operations and HECU grunts. First, you can be for the first time a new character, the Cleansuit Scientist (your name is W. Jack Sohn). It has also some new enemies, like the infected grunt (without crab), Elite Vortigaunt, Adult Headcrab, Zombie Barney and Soldier, Black Operations, Gonome, Pit Drone (these last five from Opposing Force) and Baby Ichtyosaur, and also, two types of Female Black Operations. Also, you can interact with Opposing Force NPCs, like Otis and other Cleansuit Scientists and see Opfor Grunts and Engineers (from other mods like Azure Sheep, Point of View, Cleaner's Adventures, Todesangst and the Xeno Project II) and Blue Shift NPCs, like the Civilian Scientist and Barney without kevlar. This mod is also a bit like Sweet Half-Life in one aspect (in the chapter Bombing Surface, after the crab fields). You can take two different paths (both lead you into the last part of the parking lot). Returning to the epic battles, if you take the path to the parking lot (full), you'll see areas filled with grunts, Black Ops and Xen Aliens. In some, they'll fight against each other. Xen Aliens also have the help of Infected Grunts. The worst part is when you have to rescue, protect and lead the scientists to open the blocked doors (Infected Grunts can teleport and Black Ops also appear). If you choose the other path, you'll find first large open areas with tentacles and crabs and too much satellite bombing (it's very dangerous and difficult). You have to protect the Cleansuit Scientist (he will help you to unlock some doors). Then, you'll go to the BM sewer system. Some Black Ops will stop your getaway (one female will be eaten by ickys if you make her jump into the pool) (also, a healthy dosage of Infected Grunts and Alien Grunts teleporting). And next, for the first time you'll see fun ( :') ) with turrets firing to some zombies and ickys into a giant pool, if you activate them without destroy (if you get close to the second truck and activate the turret to fire to the ickys on the left side, it will kill the sniper black op :) , you'll also see a bullsquid in the pool). You have to get inside and activate a valve to pass to the sencond part of the pool (kill two zombies). And in the second part of the pool you will see for the first time tentacles into the water (wtf!) and two Gonomes inside a submerged cabin (you kill them with crossbow and you activate the fan). No more details. I give this mod a 9/10 points, because one detail, you don't fight against Opposing Force Grunts, you don't have new weapons (yes, there is a hidden Desert Eagle, but it's impossible to take it), I would want to have the sniper rifle from Opposing Force and Otis' Desert Eagle (if you kill Otis you won't get this weapon). Also, it would appear the other aliens of Race X (Shock Trooper, Shock Roach and Voltigore). Togranigdo is a great modder. Good work!


ilovenailguns says

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Excelent mod! Excelent mod! Excelent mod! Excelent mod! Excelent mod! Excelent mod! Excelent mod! Excelent mod!

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