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I'm surprised by all the bad votes here. I loved this mod. The mapping was even better than Valve mapping. I found it odd that there is a lot of stuff (mostly models) still left in there but never used (like the Ngrunt). I'm giving this an 8/10 because of the ending. It just cuts to black in the middle of a sewer. Wtf. Also the mod was pretty short.

Extra: I was given a special thanks :)


I enjoyed this mod. The areas of Black Mesa had a very classic feel to it and every room had a sense of purpose. Even the ending just felt right. No epic boss battle, the player simply slips away through an outlet pipe and vanishes from HL history. Love it.

The Cons:

- Mismatched models. Some were Low-Def, some were High-Definition and some were even Super-Definition. Personally I replaced the low poly models for a more modern look. :)

- Got lost a couple of times when it wasn't obvious that I had to back track.

It's a good half life mod with new maps and monsters, nice mapping and modelling, the puzzle is still tradition. But the ending make me disapointed

Better than average HL mod.

Pros: nice level design, attention to details in the first part of the game. The transit zone in the beginning is stunning to see on this engine.
There are some small gameplay related surprises.

Cons: reused design ideas of HL, OPFOR and BSHIFT. No clear story progression - you just wander around completely pointlessly, and then - sudden ending, as if the mod wasn't finished.

Conclusion: mod without any idea, but with great content. I usually play projects which have somewhat good idea but but execution, here I see good execution but no idea (story-wise) whatsoever. There's literally less story in this mod than in DOOM in 2/3 of the mod.

This is truly an amazing experience to go through. I enjoyed playing the mod from the beginning to the end. The Half-Life universe is perfectly respected.
The overall level design was very good, polished and eye-catching most of the time, therefore showing the effort in the mod. The only complaint I had is the numerous doors, that was too much!
The story was very interesting and well built, great job.

I don't know? there is a certain charm to this mod. I can't really explain why I love it? the quality of the mod is great and has some new surprises and twists on the original Half-Life. great mod.

Thought the mod was nice. A bit shorter than I thought. Also the fade to black ending wasn't what I expected for an ending (I guess that it will continue with Residual Live) :).

Also noticed the 7.x rating, went and saw the only #1 ratings were from ****, and one person that actually gave a semi-decent reason. Oh well, thats the internet today.


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