The story of Hjermskiir

In ancient times, when Ysgramor set over to Tamriel, the big freeze conquered all of Atmora. Struggling, three Atmorans, all contributing part of their name to the island they saw in the distance from Atmora, decided to take refuge on the huge, icy rock. They gathered an entire city of Atmorans, and set off on longboats to the island today known as Hjermskiir.
When they arrive, they discover a unique Elven race, similar to that of the Chimer, possibly also blessed by Azura, but in a different way. These feral mer lived isolated on this island for eras until the Atmoran tribe, who named themselves 'The Hjern' arrived on the island.
The effects of the cold only partially affected Hjermskiir over time, and along with the climate changes of the island, the Atmorans changed. First it was Hjer, one of the three Atmoran leaders. He grew horns, unlike what any Atmoran had ever seen. Then Skiir did. Then everyone else did. Over time and time of adaption, these changes occured, forming what could be named a new race.
A direct descendant of Skiir, known as Yngvil, is now the chairman of a new order over the island, the Miphorchatzin. For a modest sum of money, his strong, advanced warriors protect each city and village from the tradgic adaptions of some of the Hjern males, known as the Hjern Kings. These Hjern Kings are huge, feral creatures, shaped like man, yet much larger. This uprising of the Miphorchatzin has helped lead a civilized, regular economy, and the island of Hjermskiir is born.

What is Hjermskiir?

Hjermskiir is an island, shortly off the coast of Atmora. Currently holding only two races, the Hjern and the Orphic Elf, the Dragonborn will have yet another island to spread his name on, and vanquish evil from. Currently the size of Solstheim, the island of Hjermskiir will be a fun and entertaining island for the player to explore.

What new content will be included in the island?

  • An entire new worldspace for the player to explore.
  • New creatures unique to the island, as well as island variants of previous creatures.
  • A huge city and various villages for the player to explore.
  • Many new voice acted NPCs.
  • A main quest and many side quests.
  • Custom public-domain music fitting to the island.
  • Many interiors and cells for the player to explore.

Credits (So far)

  • Jack "The Coffee Guy" Crawley (Creator of Hjermskiir)
  • Alex Cain (Orphic Elf voice acting)
  • Cassandra Wladyslava (Hjern voice acting
  • Noah Egges (Hjern voice acting)
  • Evan Smith (Hjern voice acting)

Various questions

Q. What is Hjermskiir?
A. Read the top of the page all the way down, and you will get the answer.

Q. Do I need DLC to use Hjermskiir?
A. No, Hjermskiir will remain completely independent of DLCs.

Q. How stable is the mod as of today? (27th of May, 2014)
A. Not stable at all. The quests aren't ready, and many glitches still persist and are being worked on.

Q. When will this mod be released?
A. I honestly have no idea. I expect an alpha release to be done around August time, but the full mod will not be done for a while, due to other things getting in the way.

Q. Can I contribute?
A. Yes! If you feel like you may be of use to the development of this mod, email me at:

Why is this mod being made?

Well, I (The Coffee Guy) have just finished my secondary education, and now I have spare time, I decided to start really prioritizing a small side-project into a full-sized DLC mod. Hopefully this mod will be successful, and I further look forward to continually developing it. I am making this for my own entertainment, and (hopefully) the entertainment of others.

Mod Deleted

The mod you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occured at the developers request because it is no longer active and was not released, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Service. If this is a mistake and you are a member of this mods team and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

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