The best game of it's time, Doom, appears on a different engine, highly
modified and enhanced, it has a lot to offer. In the world of Hellduke,
explore hell, explore phobos, explore the past...
Not having a complete story yet (Considering releasing it when the
first version may finally be released) though many new things as to
show what to come. The highlights are;

* New enemies with different behaviour and look.
* New weapons such as the grand favorite, Super Shotgun, Semi-Automatic
Anti personel rifle, Plasma Rifle-Railgun-Photon Blaster$ , Electro
Staff, Neutralizer$ and much more.
* New high quality music (in ogg format), new sounds.
* New map effects such as Doom style key doors (With 12 keys
supported)-, wall/ceiling/floor panning, enemies dropping items, enemy
combinations to unlock doors and more!
* New maps. (Obviously)

$ In the final release
- Only 6 in the beta here.

Currently looking for team mates to help the project. Needed positions :
-Art File Management (Adding textures to ART files)
-Photoshop Artist for Logo, Some other Information Screens (I guess 3) and one credit screen.

*To join, simply PM me at ModDB for further information.

Final Note : The release in here is very old beta, and has pretty much only % 40 of the features of the new release, still good to give you clues.

~ Enjoy! Feedbacks!

Screenshots :

Links for download :

Link to gameplay video : (Again, the old one, I will record a new one when I feel like I have enough to show)

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Latest changes

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January 31 :

- Recoded Revenant + Lizman. Revenant now shoots homing missle. (Still working on that, seems buggy)
- Remade E1M1.
- Added a new enemy, Zombie Enlistee.
- Coded a new effect to simulate the door close/open sounds of doom.
- Reworked the code of Cyber Bulls, Imp Lords and Bulls; they don't have a bug with their melee attack now. (It can reduce health even if you are far far away, for only a second)
- Added a few new textures.

February 1-2 :

Whew, good things take time :p Considering I wasn't working much at Feb 1 because of RL issues, now I can put some good stuff in.

- Detailed E1M1 (Yeah, I keep changing maps)
- Started coding Neutralizer! (Yeee, only part I need to figure out is how to make it "neutralize" :o )
- Done further mapping on E1M5.
- Added 3 more keys; Green, White and Orange skull keys.
- Yellow skull images have been replaced with a better yellow-ish image.
- Started coding the power-up system. (Hopefully, it will turn out well)

* Possibe power-ups for the v1.0 release :

- Doom-Mode (double damage, new hud image)
- Regeneration (duh)
- Rage (Faster attacks)

February 3 :

- Added more sectors/sections to E1M1
- Coded "neutralization" of enemies, it is all up to the weapon's animations now.
- Fixed a small bug with shield's size.
- Fixed a bug with backpack.
- Fixed a MAJOR bug with new lock system. Now it functions perfectly.
- Added an extra functionality to SMARTACTIVATOR, panning walls downwards/upwards.

February 4 :

- Finished coding Neutralizer, expect a screenshot soon.
- Done some more mapping at E1M5.
- Changed the code of Lost Souls, now they teleport you on a fixed distance instead of random.
- Planning to add 2 monsters in, which should be on the features list (I think not, so I'll go add them)

February 5-6-7 :

-Added Bloodseeker, Hell Hunter, Ion Imps and Heavy weapon troopers.
-Loaded a MASSIVE texture pack containing 1507 wall textures and 554 floor textures.
-Added some weakness/strength to monsters versus specific weapons.
-I have yet to code the power-up system.
-I'll code some new switches in.

February 8-14
-Added a new monster, Lurker.
-Recoded Rocket Launcher's alternate fire for better functionality.
-Recoded Super Shotgun, now it has a % 50 chance to do reload from the right hand as well as left.
-Increased the power of chaingun and SAAPR a bit, decreased the power of Super Shotgun; however added more speed.
-Remade the spread of shotgun, it is completely (not % 100, but more like % 90) horizontal just as in Doom.
-Added some new musics.
-Edited Pain Elemental and Lost Soul code a little to fix little bugs.
-Fixed a bug with Super Shotgun that made it reload even though there had no ammo left.
-Now whenever you find a secret, it will play a small sound to indicate it.
-Invulnerability works smoothly, and plays a "running out" sound, also plays a sound when you get hit.
-Time Control slows down the time; also giving you an ability of transparency, which makes any projectile and bullet go through you, but beware, you can still get damaged from radius explosion, hazardous material etc.
-I'll replace the Holoduke, but I have no ideas for it yet.
-Whenever you cheat to get all weapons, you now also get the Super Shotgun and SAAPR with you.
-A bug with Backpack has been fixed which allowed you to get ammo over the maximum limit.
-Replaced the sound of switches with the doom one. The custom switches also have the power to use the sound they have been given themselves via extra.
-Lowered the value of strengths of some enemies, and increased some. Removed some ammo on maps and added some treasure.

-I have YET to code the power-up system... been very busy with real life stuff.
June 2 :

Woah, it's been a long time since I last posted news... Sorry for that guys, but my real life stuff are getting on my way. In a few weeks, I'll be set free and keep working on this full-days. As a side note, the new website to check has been moved to Check it out!

What I've done so far...

-Totally changed the way the lost sousl work as well as pain elemental. Pain elementals now need to rest a bit after they have spawned 4 souls, there is also a MAX amount of lost souls they can spawn, just as in doom.
-Removed some bugs with music/sound changes during the game.
-Double Damage powerup has been added and works smoothly.

That's all.

A list of Features both Planned and already in

A list of Features both Planned and already in

Feature 0 comments

In here, I'll put the things the mod includes, mainly being highlights. (There maybe some little stuff I forgot.)



Full Version 3 comments

Duke on Hell is a DOOM based TC which allows many features to player such as environment changes, new art, new levels, new music and many more. (such...

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looks so much like doom

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Heh, in the latest/just released version of Eduke the weapon switch binds are messed up. If you push any of them they switch to the fist 0.o.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
XTHX2 Creator

Yes it is fixed for the next release. You should only use an older eduke for it to work. (I'll give an eduke version that works with it for the next release)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Though after playing this 50 K times I still have to ask, what the hell does this even have to do with Doom?

The only thing that's the same is the doomguy statbar XD

The rest is... well, completely different and irrelivent.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
XTHX2 Creator

Well, since you asked ;)

The first episode, and the one I'm currently trying to finish for the first release, is 178 years after the first accident of UAC's teleportation technology, yet they insist on working on it, till it is ready to be used. They are working secretly, and you are one of the marines that work for them. The player is not happy of the secret and dangerous work going around here, and right when he decides to take action, the same thing happens again; history seems to repeat itself. This time, however, things are different. Everywhere reports strange energy waves all over the place. UAC quickly falls back to one of the few remaining bases far from the labs, and builds a recruitment headquarters. You notice the changes during the gameplay so I won't get into that. As you reach to the end of episode, you'll find out that this is not just hell, there is actually some sort of "magic" and "curses" going on; as future(episode1 and probably 2), today(episode3-4, the doom's timeline) and past (episode 5) has changed with the presence of demons. You will be travelling through time by each episode, also in levels. I've probably provided too much info already so I'll keep it as a secret :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can we expect a release date? I am eager to try this out...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
XTHX2 Creator

I would rather not, but if all goes well, it should be released in a few months. (All it needs is more maps, "original-user made" it's not very satisfying to convert doom maps to duke's) However, it seems we will have to pull episode 1 that way. :)

There are also a few more monsters that need coding/special treatment, such as minibosses and the grand boss !!!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Why haven't ya uploaded the newest version to moddb yet?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
XTHX2 Creator

Because there's no newest version yet. I don't want to upload anything before everything is finished :p Except for the people who are doing tests, which I upload when I complete lots of things. (New maps/weapons/powerups and such)

Besides, singleplayer needs to be finished (First episode before the release) and multiplayer compatibility needs to be tested. (For errors/desync issues)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Oh, so the one on duke4 is the same as this one?
Oh well.

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