Hegemonia City States is a complete modification of Rome: Total War based on BI. The mod is dedicated to Hellenic history and the wars of the Hellenic people from late 6th century to the Peloponnesian Wars.

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CC2224 says

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I'm only giving it a nine because some factions need some polishing (i.e., more building images on the campaign map for the Etruscan League) but anyway this mod is just delightful. Despite the time period and scope of the mod necessitating a limited variety of unit types, the creators found a way to keep hoplites v. hoplites v. hoplites v. hoplites from being boring. There are serious differences between (an obvious example) Spartan hoplites and Athenian hoplites, or Argive hoplites and Boetian hoplites. It's a joy to watch two lines of hoplites, each 4,000 strong, just slam into each other, and that's just in open field. The sieges in this mod are even better. Normally, I find sieges in TW games pretty tedious (mayhaps I've played too much M2TW/vanilla RTW) but the thoroughly redesigned cities make sieges fun in a way they haven't been for me in a long time. Turning the town square into an elevated position and adding structures that units pass through - but which break up their formation - adds a lot of depth to siege battles. Also those cities are downright gorgeous so tactical depth + eye candy = perfect execution. Strategically, it has an AoR recruitment method that allows you to add even more character to your armies as well as giving you your favorite warriors of antiquity (hellooo Samnites!). Additionally, diplomats aren't useless - you actually have a reasonable chance of bribing enemies, getting alliances, and trading map info with a neighbor, a welcome change of pace from, say, EB. I haven't gotten deep into a campaign yet (just been skimming the surface of a bunch of factions so far) but I've yet to experience any CTDs and I thoroughly enjoy this mod. DOWNLOAD IT.



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Looks very nice


just amazing

want to play


Excellent mod, shows a classic can stay relevant.


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