Headcrab Hunter 2 is a complete mod for Counter-Strike: Source. While it is similar to most zombie-based mods out there, it's also different in many ways. With this mod, you're dealing with something never seen before; headcrabs. They've invaded, and depending on the map you're playing on, you must either survive their attack or destroy them all before time runs out. This mod will work with nearly all maps. Default maps have been tested the most, but the main script has been designed to change based upon the map. Any map it doesn't recognize it will automatically adjust to the optimal values. ZM, ZH, and ZE maps should all work under this mod. Customization galore for server operators, and its sure to please the smallest of audiences, and the largest. If it's original and would make a hell of a good time... It's Headcrab Hunter 2.

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Mar 27th, 2008

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Mar 9th, 2008

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cookiesrgood says
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Feb 25th, 2008

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Jan 2nd, 2008

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