The Hazardous-Course 2 is a spoof of the original "Hazard-Course" from Half-Life, which resembles the first player training levels. In contrary to this, the Hazardous-Course, as it's name let's suggest, is much more dangerous. Although it's a mod for a first person shooter, the player can only wield a weapon at the designated target range. So it plays more like an adventure. The difficulty is quite challenging, but the rewards are accordingly. The Basic Training is peppered with hidden Secrets, which reveal tools, shortcuts, control rooms, and other features, to ease almost all challenges. There are two Secret Levels and one Bonus Level to discover, and to complete to access the final part of the Hazardous-Course. Help can be found on the page in form of a FAQ and a complete walkthrough. Unfortunately these are all in german. But to be translated soon. But be aware, that these helps may spoil some surprising Easter eggs, insider gags, and a lot of the actual game play of the HC2!

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cool mod

Meh, just a security open the door, then the other scientist wrote "your dead Freeman", a security eaten by alien, the security who activate the elevator just die, and just die when head to the 4th floor.

7/10. Not bad but weapons animation does not work at all?


Whilt playing this mod, I could not friggin' breathe. It's hilarious, yet very difficult. It takes a really skilled Half-Life player to get through it, but the laughs had along the way make it very much worth it.


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