Haunted Hallways is a custom story for Amnesia loosely based on SCP 087 B. But this custom story differs a bit from SCP 087 B. Your goal is to survive whenever and wherever possible. Death is not an option. Survival... Harder than it sounds like. Could you survive for more than an hour in this building? Impossible. Not with the paranormal forces.

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MrZ699 says

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******* intense. Scared the living hell out of me (:


it resembles SCP-087 very well...it is also ironic of how such little people know about SCP's...but anyways, i thought it was great, because it felt like SCp, and i dont like playing that itself...



short and sweet. it was an entertaining play.


Meki says

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Well, this is scary as hell :) I loved the random sounds, created a really spooky atmosphere.
One thing I didn't like is lack of detail, all the hallways look the same, some dust/blood/whatever could help :)
And there were some overlapping/unaligned models. But that can be forgiven for the experience you created. Keep it up.

I played for MAYBE 5 or 6 minutes up to the point of the first jump-scare after you get the lantern. I screamed, quit the mod, and I refuse to continue playing. It is truly telling when modders can make an already unbearably frightening game even more frightening. As much as I'd like to continue this mod....I simply can't right now. Very good work, sir.


It was ok but needs way more details in the hallways it seemed empty no blood no dirt no dust but if you did not have time thats fine life first.

It's a good idea, but mapping is kind of poor designed, scripts are at some points okay and scary. I can't pass Chapter 1 because it's too confusing I die couple times randomly. :/

It's still good creation, not bad.


I understand what the developer was trying to do with this story and to a certain degree it was effective however after 2 maps of the same stuff, chases, jump scares etc. It got boring and over used making the jump scares in effective and the chase scenes redundant. Harsh words and no offence to the developer as i stated i get what he was trying to do, it just requires some tweaking and it will be a good story well mod as there is not really any story to it.

******* stupid

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